Meet Sasha Pieterse’s Hollywood Crew

Sasha Pieterse with her Pretty Little Liars costars

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The fabulous Sasha Pieterse may play a formidable mean girl on Pretty Little Liars but she’s practically a Hollywood sweetheart! With a bunch of eclectic roles under her fashionable belt, this PLL star has graced many a movie and TV show with her talent…as well as charmed her co-stars with her easy going and down-to-earth personality!

And anyone with a resume as long and impressive as Sasha’s definitely has a couple of celebrity pals on speed dial! From Breaking Dawn’s Taylor Lautner to Pretty Little Liars’ Ashley Benson, see who Sasha hangs out with in the 90210!

Pretty Little Friends

Awesome hair, dazzling fashion and fierce photo shoots with Lucy Hale and Shay Mitchell...Sasha is seriously living the dream on the Pretty Little Liars set!

Blonde Power

Sasha and co-star Ashley Benson are pretty in pink in their candy striper uniforms. (They totally look like twinsies in this pic!)

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The Adventures of Sasha P.

Throwback time! Sasha spends some quality moments with her awesome "Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl" pals Taylor Lautner, Alyson Stoner and Taylor Dooley!

Dark Beauties

Sasha and Miss Behave star Jillian Clare rock little black dresses and keep it classy on the red carpet!

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Little Sasha

Aww! Sasha, with a head full of beautiful curls, hangs with Caitlin Wachs, who co-starred with PLL's Julian Morris in the drama . Talk about a small world!

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Black and White

Who says opposites don't attract? Sasha and Spencer Locke (Bling Ring, Cougar Town, and Big Time Rush disprove the theory by joining forces on the red carpet and flashing their prettiest smiles for the cameras!

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Which of the Liars would you love to hang out with? Tell us below and chat about all things Rosewood related in the Pretty Little Liars lounge!


  1. polarbear27 Said:

    I would definitely love to hang out with Sasha! she’s so sweet and down to earth :) shes my main inspiration <3

  2. Mysterio2 Said:

    On the PLL’s episode CRAZY, Hanna saw an image of Alison, who was killed on the very first episode of the show, but there’s just one thing WRONG with this picture. There’s someone by the name of “A” trying to frame Hanna for Alison’s death.

    I know something about this. The “A” stands for Alison because you don’t see a guy eating sherbert while reading a newspaper ona previous episode before that. ALISON IS ALIVE!

  3. amandapanda21 Said:

    Alison is locked up in inseane mantel place
    Courtney is out so who is really a is

  4. Mysterio2 Said:

    Amandapanda21 may have hit the nail in the hole despite a few typos. Mona, Toby, Angie, NOR Aria is “A”, the UNKNOWN twin MIGHT be the REAL “A” scaring the PLL’s to the BRINK of insanity.

  5. paola Said:

    wow…!!!! yo amo mucho ver lindas pequeñas mentirosas es lo maximo, ademas el personaje que amo de lindas pequeñas mentirosas es a Sasha (Alisson) amo todo sobre ella, me encanta, sasha si estas leendo esto, pues te mando saludos, mi prima Daniela; Vicky y yo te mandamos muchos besos y abrasos.!

    Att: tus fans Numero 1 :D

    PD: Daniela es como la niña que mato a su hermana gemela, da miedo, Adios

  6. alison delirintues Said:

    i think it would be cool to hang out with the whole cast alison hannah emily spencer and aria. – A

  7. spencer penn Said:

    Alison is not A

  8. nelcious Said:


  9. SexyGodessMikayla Said:

    Alison is my FAv PLL I love U Sasha

  10. Hailey Said:

    Read the books Alison is alive she has a twin they switched her twin died Ali comes back and is red coat tries to kill them cause she believes they helped her sister take over her life. God!

  11. Cecil E Geron (CHIP) Said:

    Ali is a question mark. I don’t know if she’s dead or if she’s alive but what I’ve seen of her she’s just as a big of a bitch as Jenna and Melissa are. Don’t call the Pretty Little Liars, call them Pretty Little Bitches…..

  12. Todimu O.E. Akindude Said:

    I love you Sasha. You’re very beautiful and young. PLL is the best.

  13. Todimu O.E. Akindude Said:

    Ali is not A. She is a huge question. I hope she has a twin in the show like in the book. They give hints in the show. Look up PLL Ali in her room and a picture with Ali, Jason, and another Ali???

  14. jojofan Said:

    Ali is alive I have read all the books!!!!!!! <3

  15. Mekoia Said:

    PLL is my favorite show. I even rush home on Tuesdays just o watch it I just love it and it very interesting I cant wait for the last episode of PLL so I can figure out who is the one sending all the text messages

  16. sanjanam Said:

    Ali is still alive

  17. brook Said:

    hello people didn’t you watch the finale ezra is a

  18. ALISON Said:

    i lyk u v v much n pll (retty littie liars)is very nice

  19. ALISON Said:

    and i lyk alison hanna aria emily n spencerand who is A

  20. Anonymous147 Said:

    Hi, I live in Sweden… So I was wondering how I can see the knew episodes online?

  21. Keke Said:

    Wow she is very very pretty and gorgeous. but Ail is definitely A its so obvious first of all i knew she faked her death the whole time since they said she died plus i found out that the Book “Ails Pretty Little Lies” tht at the end it said tht she was going to get revenage on the girls cuz they sent her to the metal hospital cuz no one believe she was ail but she was courtney her twin sister but people believe she was courtney the whole time. so she A. If yall dont believe me than search or read Ails Pretty Little Lies. Yall see wht im talkin bout!!!!

  22. shukri Said:

    i would talk right now but i have als to do so have the best day

  23. lynn♡♡ Said:

    I love pretty little liars so much. My friends are mad at me when I’m talking about pll. because I have always about pll. you are for me all inspiration. but I love sasha she is wonderful. I would definitely love to hang out what everybody because I can’t make a chose
    I love you all ♡♡♡ I hoop to see you soon but I can’t I live in the Netherlands.

    pll chance my livexxxxx

  24. emily borrett Said:

    My FAVORITES actor is Sasha PIETERSE because she is really nice and loving and also she the young out of all of them and she does a great job I love YOU SASHA PIETERSE as a friend.

  25. sasha borrett Said:

    My favorite actor out of pll is Spencer Hastings because she is beautiful and kind and smart and i a part serbian and Italian I love you trioan as a friend and i hope next time for my sisters,b’day u will send her you and sasha pieterse autographe for her birthday thanks

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