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The Moms of Rosewood - Pretty Little Liars

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Behind every frightened little liar, stands a woman whose encouragement and love turns a terrifying bad day into a bearable on! Yep. No matter what dark drama crazy ‘A’ stirs up, Hanna Marin, Aria Montgomery, Emily Fields, and Spencer Hastings know that their strong and fierce moms will be there to soothe their worries and concerns. Moreover, despite some slight personal vices, the moms of Rosewood are to be praised for rising to the occasion during tough times and for defending their daughters against (known) bullies and harsh accusations. So in honor of all the wonderful mothers on ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars, and in celebration of Mother’s Day, we present to you this year’s “Best Rosewood Mom” nominees!

Ella Montgomery

Although Ella moved out of her house upon discovering that her husband Byron had cheated on her with his grad student Meredith, she's a great mom to Mike and Aria. She's concerned their being and tries to be as compassionate and understanding as possible. With Mike's kleptomaniac delinquent behavior and Aria's taboo romance with her English teacher, Ella has had her hands full on this season of Pretty Little Liars but she's handled her maternal stress gracefully! Moreover, she's open-minded and encourages her kids to explore travel, art, literature and different cultures!

Jessica DiLaurentis

We don't see much of Jessica DiLaurentis but we do know that she's a strong and dominant force in the Rosewood community. Sure, she suffered from the "loss" of her beloved daughter (and might actually be dead by way of rock to the head) but she doesn't take her anger and upset on anyone else, and still keeps in touch with the Liars. As Alison and Jason's mom, she's endured many hardships these past few seasons but, as she's proven during the fashion show which she organized in memory of Alison on PLL Season 2, and the charity bridal show in PLL Season 4, she's still a caring and thoughtful mom.

Pam Fields

Pam may have temporarily relocated to Texas to be closer to her husband but, prior to leaving, she made sure that Emily was left in good hands (with Hanna's family). Moreover, despite her initial difficulty with accepting Emily's sexual orientation, Pam has come a long way in terms of marching in the gay pride parade. These last two seasons alone, she's invited Emily's crush Samara over for dinner, taken the time to get to know Maya St. Germain (and give her a second chance), apologized for her hurtful past actions, and even defended Emily against Paige McCullers' irate and homophobic dad. Pam who always carves out time in her busy schedule for Em and is the kinda of Rosewood mom who supports her kid through thick and thin -- especially during those intense Sharks swim meets!

Veronica Hastings

Spencer and Melissa's mom Veronica may be a tough critic when it comes to her daughters' academic successes and athletic accomplishments, but all she desires is to see her girls take full of advantage of the opportunities that come their way. Moreover, this strong woman has proven more than enough times that she can handle any obstacles thrown her way! Not only did she brave through a cancer scare without burdening her .and legally advised Spencer when she was being investigated as a suspect in Alison's murder, but she also came to the Liars' rescue when Wilden cornered them and proved that she's a cool mom when she approved of Spencer's relationship with Toby (despite his pariah status in Rosewood). Plus, when Spencer spiraled out of control due to a pill addiction, her mom provided with the necessary care to get well. Hooray!

Ashley Marin

Yes, she stole money from an old lady. Yes, she hooked up with her engaged ex-husband. Yes, she seduced a cop. Yes, she was arrested and tossed in jail for a crime she didn't commit. Despite some of her shortcomings, Ashley Marin is a wonderful single parent and pretty much the rock in Hanna's life. She listens to her woes, consoles her when she's down, and goes through extraordinary lengths to make all her dreams come true. She stole the money to help pay the mortgage. She had a brief affair with Wilden to keep Hanna from getting a criminal record for shoplifting. Best of all? Ashley understands that Hanna suffers from self-esteem issues and always manages to bolster her spirits. She provides her with trips to the salon, gorgeous clothes, and lots of tender care and affection. Plus, she defended Hanna against Tom's new family, Isabel and Kate, gave Caleb a home when he was in desperate need of one, masterminded a plan to find out who was bullying Hannakins, and was even sweet to Mona (who turned out to be crazy 'A')! And when Hanna was sad after breaking up with Caleb? Mama Marin took her daughter to smash plates!

Which Pretty Little Liars mom deserves the distinction of being crowned the “Best Rosewood Mom”? Cast you vote in the poll below, and tell us why in the comments!

Who's the best mom in Rosewood?

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  1. Juliana Said:

    Ashley Marin <3

  2. Singer Said:


  3. Olivia322 Said:

    Hanna has the best mom!!!I wish she was mine!!!

  4. Aria Said:

    ashley is like my mom <333333 and i love her

  5. Aria Said:

    and aria is my real name

  6. Naomi Said:

    Ashley Marin is a great mom! She’s very cool, helps Hanna with problems, very trustworthy, and very protective! :)

  7. Kevin Said:

    Ashley Marin wins out for running down corrupt cops to protect her daughter.

  8. roda Said:

    i think all their moms are the best for them it’s that we people have different opinion of different things but when it comes to choosing a mother i think all their mothers are really good specially for their children and they all try to solve the problem that they have and eventually they will solve everything and they will be happy ever after

  9. Nina Said:

    Ashley may be “cool”, but the best mom (I say) would be Mrs. Hastings. She’s the most mother-like. I didn’t like her before because she cared more about Melissa than Spencer, but lately she’s been taking good care of Spencer. She’s actually a good mother.

  10. shihu Said:

    Ella Montgomery And Ashley Marin <3 <3

  11. misha fitt Said:

    people actually voted for mrs DiLaurentis? wow.

  12. ashley Said:

    i believe ashley is the best rosewood mom because of the relationship she has with hannah. throughout the whole show their relationship reminds me of me and my mom. we are bffs and some of the greatest life lessons my mom has taught me by being a best friend and my mother. and i love it when ashley tells hannah that they dont lie to eachother…great relationship they have!!

  13. Delesha Said:

    I LOVE Ella Montgomery she is definitely my favorite mom in the whole show with Ashley Marin close behind ! These two moms LOVE their kids and would do any and everything for them. They trust their kids more than anything, and just want to be the moms that the girls can come to for anything. The others love their daughters in some ways, but they parenting styles (Jessica – psycho, Veronica – favoritism, and Pam – strict/ was homophobic)are questionable and annoying.

  14. Theo Said:

    @Misha Fitt Your comment made me crack up so much!

  15. Devika Said:

    i love ella montgomery because she trusts aria and mike a lot and has a very calm way of dealing with their problems (when they share them). ashley marin comes next, because she has an amazing bond with hanna. ’nuff said

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