Music from Pretty Little Liars Episode 2.11, “I Must Confess”


Pretty Little Liars episode 2.11 was full of mindboggling scares including A abducting Dr. Sullivan, Kate Randall tricking Hanna Marin into drinking, and Mike Montgomery aggressively shoving his mom Ella into a night table. Unforgettable moments such as these are worthy of crazy good beats, and episode 2.11 delivered just the right amount:

Check out our top five favorite tunes from this week’s Pretty Little Playlist and start your Monday off with unforgettable music from “I Must Confess”:

  1. No More Wishing” by Hayley Taylor: Plays while Emily and Maya catch up over dinner.
  2. Best Day Of Your Life” by Katie Herzig: Plays while Kate and Hanna talk at their parents’ rehearsal dinner.
  3. Truth Be Told” by Band of Thieves: Plays when Toby, while working, spots Jenna waiting for Garrett.
  4. Wrap My Mind Around You by Trent Dabbs: Plays when Toby drops Spencer off at school and tells his his game plan.
  5. Where the Lonely Ones Roam” by Digital Daggers: Plays when Emily, Spencer, Hanna and Aria convene in the Dr. Sullivan’s office late at night.
  6. Poison & Wine” by The Civil Wars: Plays when we learn that Maya is back and that she’s having dinner with Emily.

Which track from “I Must Confess” did you absolutely love? Recommend a new song you just can’t stop listening to and don’t forget to tune in for the midseason finale of Pretty Little Liars tomorrow night at 8/7 c.

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  1. Naomi Said:

    I love all of these songs, but I absolutely loved “No More Wishing” by Hayley Taylor, “Truth Be Told” by Band of Thieves, “Where the Lonely Ones Roam” by Digital Daggers, and “Poison and Wine” by The Civil Wars. :)

  2. Theo Said:

    @Naomi I love the first one by H.Taylor too! :)

  3. ME Said:

    I dont remember these but i listened to Where the Lonely Ones Roam cuz i thought it sounded familiar but actually ive never heard it before. Oops! Haha. Its pretty good.

  4. PLLluver Said:

    i love the best day one

  5. Ashley Said:

    What’s the song that plays after Dr. Sullivan calls Emily ?!

  6. TomBombaDIll Said:

    there was one song that I cant seem to find, it was the dude with the longish dark hair showed up at the door, and the only part i can remember was a male singer and the liyrics went ” i give it all for you” or soemthing like that….I MUST know what this song is!!

  7. Sammy Said:

    @TomBombaDill That’s Caleb….. If you don’t know that…..

  8. Destini Said:

    How or where can i watch episode ”I Must Confess” 2.11 because i missed it :(

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