Music from Pretty Little Liars Episode 2.12, “Over My Dead Body”

Photo Credit: Lucy Hale as Aria Montgomery / ABC Family

The Pretty Little Liars midseason finale was full of shockers. From an unexpected kiss between Spencer and Wren to Ella confronting Ezra as the police station, the scandals grew even more intense. Oh! And let’s not forget about that super sinister exchange between Jenna and Garrett! Unforgettable moments such as these are worthy of crazy good beats, and episode 2.12 delivered just the right amount:

Check out our top five favorite tunes from this week’s Pretty Little Playlist and start your Monday off with unforgettable music from PLL episode 212:

  1. With Wings” by Amy Stroup: Plays when Hanna asks her dad if he’s sure that he’s making the right decision by marrying Isabel.
  2. Too Pretty To Say Please”  by The Wooden Birds: Plays while Maya chats about True North.
  3. Give It All” by The Right Stars: Plays when Caleb stops by Hanna’s house before the wedding.

Which track from “Over My Dead Body” did you absolutely love? Recommend a new song you just can’t stop listening to!


  1. Naomi Said:

    I absolutely loved “Give It All” by The Right Stars. :)

  2. Theo Said:

    @Naomi That’s my favorite one out of the three! Such a good song!

  3. Amanda Said:

    I love the show pretty little liers is my favorite series, and voceis are amazing, I love all the actors and actresses kisses and hugs

  4. Paula Said:

    i just want to know who A is. And speners dad hooked up with allisons dad years ago so speners dad is also jasons dad ! they are related ! thats why he changed the will…

  5. Essence Said:

    ohh i know who A is i read some spoilers A is Mona Hanna’s friend then she dies and Allies twin sister Cortney becomes A

  6. ME Said:

    Never heard of these. Its strange how pll always does songs no ones ever heard or use bands that arent that popular…

  7. ! Said:

    Essence: If you are going to put in spoilers, at least get them right.

  8. Monty Berry Said:

    You should play something by Adele!

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