Music from Pretty Little Liars Halloween Episode, “The First Secret”

Spencer and Emily about to uncover some first secrets in the Pretty Little Liars Halloween episode.


The Pretty Little Liars Halloween episode was full of shockers. From seeing Spencer Hastings in total geek mode to witnessing a frosty showdown between Jenna and Alison, the Pretty Little Liars spooktacular special quickly became one of the most talked about Halloween party of the season. (And let’s not forget about that creepy twin murder story Alison told at the beginning of episode…very suspicious!) Unforgettable moments such as these are worthy of crazy good beats, and episode 2.13 delivered just the right amount:

Check out our top favorite tunes from this week’s Pretty Little Liars Playlist and start your Monday off with unforgettable music from PLL episode 213:

  1. Just Dance (feat. Colby O’Donis)” by Lady GaGa: Plays during the Halloween party scene.
  2. Cordial Invitation” by Giant Drag: Plays while Jenna is dancing by herself on the dance floor and Emily is eying her.
  3. Pretty Little Neighbor” by Giant Drag: Plays when Noel tells Alison that he wasn’t the one who attacked her in the haunted house.
  4. “What You Want” by Band of Thieves: Plays when Noel invites Alison and her friends to his Halloween party.

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Which track from “The First Secret” did you absolutely love? Tell us in the comments or in the Pretty Little Liars viewers lounge.


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