Why Does Paige McCullers Hate Emily?

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We warned you there would be some new faces in Rosewood this season. So what do you think of Paige McCullers so far?

Tightly wound? Check.

Ultra-competitive? Oh, yeah.

Crazy enough to threaten our dear, sweet Emily? Absolutely.

So far, she’s only appeared on PLL Ep 115: “If At First You Don’t Succeed, Lie, Lie Again,” but Paige caused so much trouble, we love to hate her already! First she accused Emily of sucking up to be swim team captain. Then she made a snide comment about Em being gay. But her scariest, A-like move so far was keeping Emily’s head submerged in the pool until she was gasping for breath.

Do you think Paige McCullers is just trying to intimidate Emily because she’s the competition? Or is there something much more sinister going on?


  1. Mikaylajohnson Said:

    She is completely insane!!!She needs a social worker and a counselor..………………….….…….. with eight buckets of hot water and eight of ice water!!!!!!!!!!

  2. LaLa Said:

    I don’t think she’s involved in anything, but if A did show up, then Paige would like to make herself a part of it. She’s way way creepy

  3. Bobbi-Jean Said:

    She is a freaking crazy phsyco Bitch! I mean who does those things with like no motive……………unless she is involned with A, but I dont see it.

  4. Allison D Said:

    uh paige is insane.

  5. Stephiwuzhere Said:

    Paige is insane and crazy!!!!!!!!!!! she needs like serious help i mean even if ur competive u dont try to drown someone maybe she should hang with jenna or something paige is mental!!! haha lol ;)

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  7. Allison D Said:

    Uh what needs to be mentioned is why doesn’t Emily turn Paige in when she has the chance? Spence ratted on Paige and Emily got angry at Spence. Then Paige tried to drown Emily n Emily still won’t turn her in. Uh what is wrong with Emily … does she have a crush on Paige now that Maya is n juvie?

  8. Leslie Said:

    page is definetl hiddin something

  9. Mike n Jason=hotties:) Said:

    Agreeing with the insanity comments. Deffs needs helpp;) and I think there’s a reason. Maybe even a connection cuz Spencer said that Paige even bullied ppl on the field hockey team. ALSO. IMPORTANT. THAT BEAD LADY SEEMED SUSPICIOUSLY LIKE MONA???!!!!???!!!?

  10. AHHIanHarding Said:

    I think Paige has a crush on emily honestly lol and for the book readers i think shes going to be like the trista girl

  11. Britney Said:

    CRAZY!! :O I don’t like her ;)

  12. Marly Said:

    Paige is an insane evil crazy person!!! I can’t believe she pushed emilys head underwater like that. I mean come on that’s just plain mean

  13. Mason Said:

    Page is mental! I think she’s at least involved with A because she got the bracelets that she gave to the swim team from the exact same place that the two copies of Alison’s bracelets came from. I also think Jason’s involved with A because of the whole ‘he was high most of the summer’ thing and the fact that the picture of Spencer’s yard was taken from Ali’s house. I think maybe Paige and Jason figured out that Ian killed Ali, so Ian’s threatening them or something to keep it a secret, but now Paige is going crazy not being able to tell anyone, so she’s trying to kill off the people that want to know. And the fact that the old lady’s records say Spencer bought the Alison bracelets? I have no idea.

  14. PrettyLittleLiar Said:

    Wow she’s crazy she just came out of now where I bet her and ian now each other an was
    emily really doing drugs

  15. JLO Said:

    Paige either likes Emily (as more than a friend) or turns out to be someone who almost commited suicide or something like that.

  16. Lo Said:

    We’ve only seen Paige in one episode so far so we don’t know what her real story is.
    I think that the show is just trying to throw us off by putting psycho girl in the show, ya know?
    If you read the books you know who the first A is, that person was my favorite A. I didnt like the second A. I agree with some of the previous posts that maybe she has a crush on emily and is just reacting to it in a psycho competitve way. Which is not a way to tell someone that you like them btw. either that she has some huge insecurities and is just a wack job.
    hmmm maybe she might find out something about A and she will get killed off. In the books other people are dead besides Ali…. maybe the show is putting Paige in it so we thinl that shes involved but then they end up killing her off which throws us off.
    -sigh- if they are using the same first A in the show they need to put that person more in the show :D.
    hopefully we’ll find out psycho Paige’s deal soon enough

  17. Air Said:

    Agreeing With Lo
    They Do that y’know. :)

  18. Amina Said:

    come on she has nothing to do with anything look closer you will see A omg you guys are really stupid-A

  19. girliemom Said:

    I really think that Paige is attracted to Emily but she is trying to hide the fact that she is also a lesbian.

  20. iamabeast! Said:

    Paige did something wrong and she is trying 2 fix it but doing that stuff 2 Emily won’t make it any bettter!!!!!!!!!!!! :-O

  21. Mike n Jason= hotties:) Said:


  22. jellybeansssies Said:

    it sounds like paige has a crush or something on emily…she sounds like my ex gf..

  23. Abby Said:

    I think A has something against paige. When paige came and apologized to emily I think she felt guilty. But then A hurt her while she was riding her bike home. A might have threatened her to try to drown emily and buy the bracelets. But we have to remember the bead lady was definately talking to A in the end because. the lady said that she shouldnt be sczred and did exactly what she wanted her to do. A needs to be more careful because I am beginning to figure out who she is but i wont tell!!!!

  24. Kaley Said:

    You guys are all wrong paige kissed Emily!! I saw the new episode it’s crazy I’s she gay also?? And Hannah and that the other guy living in Hannah house or for rent whaeve and OMG I CAN’T BELIVE IT’S STILL THEY ACTULLE KISSED!!! and scott I’s a f*** indiot (keeping up with the kardashing) and I feel so bad for koutney;( Kim stay in there don’t like Scott back!!!! Well bye

    – selly Gomez
    – Taylor swift
    -Victoria justice
    -miley Cyrus
    -Justin I want to date u Justin Bieber ILOVE u!!!!:(

  25. Kaley Said:

    I mean the kissed part I’s paige and emily kissed sorry did not stay (said in my head)

  26. Emily Said:

    Hey kaley(she’s my sister) I <3 JB Also!!!and ya!! Islets
    Right!! Why did Paige kiss Emily??!! Agh still CNT believe my ne

  27. Kammy Said:

    Gah! I cannot not believe Paige kissed Emily! But I don’t know will Emily dump Maya for Paige? I don’t think so… But in the sneak peak whatever thingy website uhm the author or director WHOEVER I FORGOT! Someone said that Emily kisses more people in this season than anyone! Definitely can’t wait to see next weeks episode!

  28. Air Said:

    She Don’t Hate Her, She Likes Her. But She Is Ugly As Hell…Sorry, But Emily Would Be Stupid. Maya Is Just Pretty.

  29. dradasha Said:

    i think that paige is nice and i really think that she has a crush on emily which is kinda cute. and maybe she’s jealous because she went out with maya instead of her. I think they would make a good couple. Plus did you see that kiss i think emily is crushing on somebody other than maya ( she’s crushing on paige.) but paige is probably just a rebound (pitty date) till maya get’s back.

  30. logan31 Said:

    Ok for one emily is my fav u can agree wid me or not but I would like to c paige an em hook up I think paige likes emily but she has parents like em does so I think paige is scared of wat might happen but to me I really hope they hook and one othere thing I think the reason em didn’t tell on paige is bc emily likes her thoughs r my opinions!!

  31. connie_ Said:

    dude i totally wanna see emily and paige together. its obvious that paige has nothing to do with A. and all that intensity between the two of them??? cmon guys they totally have sexual tension between the two. you never saw that intensity between maya and emily. plus lindsey shaw is just hot.

  32. A Said:

    Well, I made her to destroy Emily’s relationship, and guess what? It’s working….


  33. PLLlover!!!!!!!! Said:

    SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!! anyway i know for a fact that Paige plays a BIG role in the plot but all im gonna say is that she is one of A’s little henchmen but she developes fellings for Emily and now she is trying to get her out of A’s trap!!! Wana no more just read Heartless

  34. Anna Said:

    Okay I mean sure Paige told Emily she was sorry but Emily should NOT forgive her that easily!! Paige tried to drown her for crying out loud! I think Em is just on the rebound cause she thinks maya is over her.

  35. Anna Said:

    Oh and @ PLLlover!!!!!!!!! Paige isn’t even in the books!

  36. PLLlover!!!!!!!! Said:

    This is for Anna. They do have a person that is like page but the call her somthinng different

  37. logan31 Said:

    Well like I said bfore I wana c them hook up lol idk y I just want em to get ova maya I think emily can finally get ova her plus I think paige is pretty also they would make a cute couple in my opinion I’m ready to c more of them in the next few episodes!! :))

  38. Ashley crawford Said:


  39. anabell sawn Said:

    i think she likes emily

  40. heidi corinna Said:

    im agree there is a tension between this to people and emily is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo freaking hot ,I hope we can see more development between this two .

  41. baby Said:

    Hell yeah Emily is hot she’s to pretty for paige

  42. Me xxx Said:

    The tv show is NOT THE SAME AS THE BOOKS!!!
    Im really fed up with everyone saying that A is mona… she isnt A!!!
    The makers of the pretty little liars tv show have said that they have changed it and that A is NOT the same as in the books.
    Anyways, i hate paige, she annoys me… but i like emily though, but i prefer her with maya!!!

  43. ! Said:

    The only character named Paige in Heartless is a girl at the mental hospital. The only thing she does in the book is pick at her nails.

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