Pretty Little Liars Books: A’s Deadliest Deeds Countdown, #23

A messes with Hanna's birthday present for Mona in no. 23 on our list of A's deadliest deeds.

We’re counting down A’s top 25 most vicious, brilliant, oh-no-you-didn’t deeds to celebrate the release of Deadly–the Pretty Little Liars book that brings readers face-to-face with A. Yep. Deadly, by Sara Shepard, is out right now and it answers the ultimate question: Who is A? GO GET IT!

A’s Deadliest Deed – #23

In Pretty Little Liars: Perfect (Book 3), Hanna plans an uber-expensive stunt to impress her best friend Mona: She hires a skywriter to fly over Rosewood Day and post the message “Get ready to party with Mona!” among the clouds. It’s the perfect plan to patch things up with Mona and get everyone buzzing about her birthday bash. Perfect . . . until A changes the message to “Get ready to fart with Mona!” Um, maybe Hanna should have booked a cool band to play at Mona’s party instead?!? Ohhh, the wicked ways of A!

Where does this rank on your list of A’s most deadly, wicked, sadistically brilliant deeds? Tell us in the comments.

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