Exclusive: Pretty Little Liars Book 16 Cover and Title Are Revealed!

Got a secret, can you keep it? We have an exclusive first look at Pretty Little Liars Book 16, and since you’ve proven yourselves trustworthy, we’re unveiling all the exciting deets!

Titled “Vicious,” the explosive conclusion to Sara Shepard’s #1 New York Times bestselling series is packed with more bittersweet moments, unexpected twists, and jaw-dropping revelations than we thought were even possible. All will be revealed! Farewell mysteries, hello answers! The only question that remains now is: Can you handle the intensity? If so, sneak a peek at the most foreboding and tempestuous PLL cover yet!

Pretty Little Liars Book 16: Vicious


And what’s a cover reveal without a tantalizing overview? Keep on scrolling, dolls, because we have more scoop to spill:

In Rosewood, Pennsylvania, reporters are lined up outside the historic courthouse, typing furiously at their iPhones with freshly manicured nails. Because the trial of the century is happening right here in Rosewood: the four pretty little liars have been accused of killing Alison DiLaurentis. Only Aria, Spencer, Hanna, and Emily know that they’ve been framed. Ali is still out there, laughing as she watches the girls go down for her murder. But when your nickname includes the word “liar,” no one believes you’re telling the truth. . . .

Aria tries to run away from it all but finds that life on the lam is even harder than life as a liar. Spencer gets in touch with someone who can help her disappear—but when a guy from her past reemerges, Spencer no longer knows what she wants. Hanna decides that she’ll hear wedding bells chime before she serves time. And in the face of prison, Emily does something truly drastic—something that will change her friends’ lives forever.

As the trial goes on and the outcome looks grim, the girls are in their darkest hour yet. But maybe they can finally figure out how to beat Ali at her own game. Because once upon a time, she was just a pretty little liar too.

We don’t about you, but we’re already shivering just thinking about A’s final round of wicked deeds…..Ahh! However, it sounds as though the long-awaited finale to our favorite series ever will not disappoint. We can’t wait to get our hands on a copy and savor all the danger and drama lurking within!

So, what do you hope the future ultimately holds for each of our beloved Rosewood girls? Do you want Alison to get a taste of her own medicine once and for all? Will you shed any tears at the very end? Sound off in the comments!

Mark your calendars: “Vicious” goes on sale December 4th. Be sure to add the last Pretty Little Liars book to your collection.


  1. Kevin Said:

    You’d think by now, all they’d have to say is self defense, and that’d be enough. Ali did try and kill them twice already. And with all the murderers she directly or indirectly caused, the Liars should be heroes.

  2. Robert Said:

    It soo better end well. I know that the end of the books is (hopefully) not the end of the series. But yes bad, good, amazing, or absolutely horrible ending or not I will definitely be crying for days after this book. I did the exact same thing with The Lying Game series. LOVE THE COVER!!!

  3. Priscilla Said:

    I’ve been a PLL lover since 2011. :P Lemme just say Shepard really knows her shit; knows how to engage a reader in thriller/mystery and knows how to make her characters likable. I am almost finished reading “Deadly” which is really devestating, in a good way. Girls went from doing stupid things to now facing life in prison, maybe even capital punishment. I would like a happy ending, but the cover of the last book doesn’t look promising. However, PLL is not a fairytale.

  4. Katherine Said:

    I am obsessed with this series! I can’t believe it’s coming to an end already! I can’t wait till December for the last book to come out! That’s too long! I will do anything to get my hands on that book right now! I literally just finished book 15, shocking book! Is there anyone out there who can pull some strings to get me Vicious: book 16? I will pay anything! Email me at katcox2000@gmail.com if u have any connections to Sara Shepard to get me the last book of my favorite series of all time!

  5. Anonymous Said:

    Is this the last book in the series?

  6. Isabel Said:

    Okay, I am terribly anxious, I already finished with toxic. I just think we all need to get to the conclusion, we have been really confused and this is getting a little more twisted. I just hope I read all the books to get to a exciting and shocking conclusion. I want to add, the tv show is nothing like the books. I want to know how will both contrast and get to the same conclusion. Can’t wait for Vicious. I have to say, I love PLL, amazing serie, it keeps you an eye open.

  7. Maddi Said:

    I am debating with myself over whether all the girls will make it to the end – Emily especially as we know has been very unstable!

  8. kristi Said:

    In waiting after reading Toxic the day after it was released I started the Lying Game series. I have to say its so nice reading an actual ending to a series. Loved the lying game ending and cant wait for the pll series to finally end after all these years.

  9. Ariana #PLLlover Said:

    I’m soooooooo OBSESSED with PLL. As much as I love the show, I’ll always love the books more,considering I read up to the 9th book before I even started watched the show & I had over a season to catch up on. But I can’t WAIIIIITT until Vicious. like literally going crazy! I wish it could be released Right Now! Don’t know how Sara’s going to do this crazy twist but I call her the Queen of Cliff-hangers and suspense for a reason.Never want it to end. I’m your biggest fan, Sara Shepard!!

  10. Amelia Said:

    My favourite liar is Spencer. My favourite book from the series is perfect. My favourite guy is Toby.
    My conclusion is
    Sara Shepard is amazing!

  11. Emma Said:

    Finally the last book is coming out. Been waiting forever:)

    Love the cover

  12. Theo Said:

    @Amelia Solid points! :)

  13. -A Said:

    Sleep tight.
    while you still can

  14. amythst amelia kelly Said:

    sarah shepard
    enough said.

  15. Red Coat Said:

    I feel like Ali and one of the Liars are going to die. Emily is kinda on a downhill spiral and almost committed suicide so I don’t think she will die because it will be too obvious. I think one of the other three will die. And I think Andrew Campbell will make a reappearance in Spencer’s life. I can’t wait for Vicious!!!

  16. Chris Said:

    Love PLL, favorite series ever and the cover looks amazing! I HOPE the girls end up all right at the end, wouldn’t be surprised if one liar dies but Sara Shepard is amazing and obviously the ending will one to leave me amazed and crying! I also hope Aria stays with Noel and Hanna stayed with Mike, I love them so much! I hope Ali dies in the hands of Spencer and Emily, and Hanna and Aria can join. Of course even I want to kill Ali and all her Ali Cats. Damn I’m limited, lol PLL FOREVER!

  17. Marie Said:

    I love pretty little liars. It’s an amazing series.

  18. megan oshea Said:

    I thought toxic was the last book and I was so confused and I’m hoping the end is good

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