Pretty Little Liars Episode 5×08: A Won’t Stop Until They Break (VIDEO)

With each passing week, Pretty Little Liars just keeps getting more and more intense. Last night’s episode “The Silence of E. Lamb” had too many twists and turns to keep track of!

Melissa was found suspiciously with a dead rat. Aria is making enemies at Radley. Bethany Young apparently knew Mrs. DiLaurentis (and maybe even Toby’s mom) much better than we had anticipated. Hanna spilled the beans about the girls being in New York. How does all of this information bode for next week’s episode “Scream for Me”? Dig into the preview clips and find out!

In the official promo video for Season 5 Episode 8, we learn that things for the Little Liars will only get more intense from here. The narrator hauntingly says “A won’t stop until they break” as you see Ashley Marin & Ali walking around the Marin household looking frightened and Aria & Hanna having a blow-out fight. These aren’t the only troubling situations though, as two more of the Little Liars are trapped helplessly in a barn..

Next, we see Emily doing damage control with Sydney. Sydney kisses Emily’s ass by thanking her for improving her swimming technique and Em uses this as an opportunity to thank Sydney for helping Hanna. Emily pretends like Hanna was still super drunk by the time she got home and called her rambling about NYC, even though they’ve never been there together. How crazy, right?! (Since when did Emily learn how to come up with lies like that straight through her teeth?) Watch the video to see how Sydney responded:

Still at Rosewood Day, it looks like Hanna is running a speak-easy at her locker. Spencer, aka Mama Bear, lectures Hanna about inside out bras and Oktoberfest-like smells and tries to convince her to speak with Aria. Hanna claims she reached out, but apparently, that apology wasn’t so sincere. Emily tells Hanna she should also apologize to Alison. Excuse me? Ali lectured Hanna about the love of her life and then went into the Fields’ dinner party spouting lies left and right. I don’t think she deserves an apology. See if Hanna agrees:

Back at Radley, Aria has yet another run in with her favorite patient, Rhonda. Let’s just say Rhonda isn’t too thrilled to find Aria had crept into her room and is fiddling with something under her bed. Aria apologizes and tries to make her way out of the room, but not so fast. Rhonda says she’ll have to pay, wonder what that means..

Lastly, we see Ali genuinely acting like a good friend: she brings Hanna water for her hangover and accepts Hanna apology just like that. So unlike Alison, right? Oh wait, it’s because she wants something. Looks like there will be two blondes living under the Marin roof.

Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 8 “Scream for Me” airs Tuesday, July 29th at 8:00 p.m. ET on ABC Family.


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