Ashley Benson Counts Down Scariest Moments on Pretty Little Liars (VIDEO)

A in Pretty Little Liars Season 4There’s no doubt that Pretty Little Liars provides us with laughs aplenty. Between all the sassy quotes (Um, ever heard Hanna Marin contemplate whether harvarti cheese melts? It’s downright comedic gold!) and amateur stakeouts (We can see your heads poking over those lockers, ladies!), the show often leaves us in a heap of giggles. However, fun times aside, our beloved ABC Family series has also left many of us sleeping with one eye open, as well as with a night-light and stuffed animal named Pigtunia clutched to our chest!

Anyway, we’re not ashamed to admit that PLL scares us sometimes. Despite all its hilarious and romantic scenes, the show is chock-full of harrowing footage that has us and our friends screaming our heads right off (figuratively speaking, of course). Mrs. DiLaurentis creeping around Spencer’s room in the dark? Check. Crates filled with creepy Chucky dolls? Check. “A” stalking poor Em through the halls of Rosewood High — to the point where she nearly jumps out the window? Check. A snake slithering around the dressing room of a high end boutique? Check. Dead bodies in the backyard? Just another day in this darn forsaken town where no resident is safe from the wrath of black-hoodied sociopaths! Honestly, we wouldn’t be surprised if PLL’s intense drama and heart-pounding reveals have caused fans enough grief to justify enrolling in therapy sessions.

That said, in the spirit of Pretty Little Liars causing us to tremble with fear week after week, join actress Ashley Benson as she introduces a montage of the show’s scariest moments from the past four seasons. And if you’re feeling extra dare-devilish, feel free to share your favorite moments, in the comments below!

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