Pretty Little Liars’ A is one of the Top 50 TV Characters of 2011!

Pretty Little Liars A

Photo Credit: A's Note / ABC Family

Television is full of crazy, lively personalities but let’s be real — Pretty Little Liars‘ A is seriously one of the best characters ever. We’re not alone in our A-ppreciation either– MTV News agrees that Rosewood’s mysterious creeper is a force to be reckoned with, and that’s why they listed A as one of the Top 50 TV Characters of 2011!

So how did A claim the #31 hot spot on such an exclusive list of colorful characters? According to MTV News, A was chosen for the following reasons:

“Never has a text message been so ominous than at the thumbs of A on Pretty Little Liars. The mystery of the unseen menace is the central plotline of ABC Family’s frothy series, and theories abound as to his/her identity — from murderer to dead teen come back to life. It’s likely we’ve already met the treacherous texter, but producers have been clear that we won’t know A’s true identity for a while (perhaps series’ end) — even more reason to keep tuning in week after week.”

“Treacherous texter”? Let’s not omit frightening, over-the-top, stalkerish…and so full of delicious, dark humor. Yep, it’s official — A rocks! Do you agree as well or does another Pretty Little Liars character deserve to be on the list? Vote below and/or list your top pick in the comments!

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And get excited — because new episodes of Pretty Little Liars return on January 2nd on ABC Family!


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  2. Kitkat Said:

    Can’t wait until they come back!!! Omgg I think a is a stalkler sometimes lol

  3. Naomi Said:

    I voted for Hanna, but all the other characters are awsome, and I soo can’t wait for the show to come back on!

  4. ChrisTopherB15 Said:

    I vote Alison. <3

  5. 16kelsey Said:

    I vote spencer she is absolutly halarious and she is my number one most favorite charector in this show spencer rocks!!!!!!!!

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