Pretty Little Liars Actor, Tyler Blackburn, Stars in New Wendy Series

Many Haleb fans were left heartbroken when Caleb Rivers traded in Rosewood, PA for California in episode 2.09. We were saddened too because he and Hanna has just gotten back together, but Caleb’s leaving for a good reason—to reunite with his long-lost mother. (We’re happy for him but talk about bittersweet tears!)

However, the man behind Caleb aka Tyler Blackburn hasn’t disappeared! He’s still here and rocking it out in a mysterious, new role. Prepare to be absolutely floored—Tyler’s playing Pete (a darker, hipper version of Peter Pan) in an exciting web series (brought to you by the producers of The Vampire Diaries) called WENDY.

Here’s a first glimpse:

The show is phenomenal—the perfect blend of seduction, romance and fantasy. Tyler even sings in it! (Be still our hearts.) WENDY will air in September but the music video is actually premiering on Monday, August 15th at Be sure to check it out!

Can you picture Tyler as a darker version of Peter Pan? What other roles could he pull off? Tell us in the comments!


  1. ME Said:

    1st Comment!!!!!!

  2. ME Said:

    The show seems kinda cheesy. Idk if ill watch it. He could pull off multiple parts if he wanted.

  3. Lina Said:

    Can’t wait to see it!!

  4. Theo Said:

    @Lina It has a really nice vibe to it!

  5. Ruby Said:

    ME it does seem cheesy. I am NOT watching it. And also, Now I’m sad because we now know for sure that Caleb’s never gonna come back. So sad for poor little Hannakins…. but yeah I’m sooo not watching the show.

  6. ME Said:

    @Ruby. Ya im sure the show wont be bad but it just seems a little too corny for my taste. (Actually because of that commecial i have NO idea wat its about! :) )

  7. Madison Said:

    @Ruby.Tyler is coming back fear not.People on twitter have posted several recent pictures of him on set while filming season 2.Don’t worry about that.

  8. Jaelle Turner Said:

    omg tyler is sooo hot i like hys character in pll n maybe in the new series coming up that he’s in. i cant wait for the lying game another mystery!hmmmmmmm lol anyways I LOVE YOU TYLER WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

  9. Josée Said:

    Miss Caleb on PLL.

  10. maria Said:

    I’m sure it will be great :) but i still want him to be Caleb :D

  11. Naomi Said:

    I miss him as Caleb, but I can’t wait to see him as Peter Pan in Wendy, I’m gonna watch it. I LOVE YOU TYLER!!!!!! :D

  12. Naomi Said:

    Oh and by the way, he sings really good :D

  13. Lola Said:

    It looks kinda cheap and cheesy. Why would he leave pll for this??? sooo not worth it! Come back to pll Tyler!

  14. iBerry Said:

    cannot see anything

  15. Alexis Said:

    wow um first off i hope he wont be leaving pretty little liars and also i hate that actress they could of chosen someone way better

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