Pretty Little Liars Author Sara Shepard Reveals Details About Her New PLL Book, Twisted

“There are some unanswered questions from Wanted that need to be sorted out. Plus, I’ve let some time go by–Twisted starts a year later, and the girls have gotten into some really scary trouble. So this new A has major dirt on them.”

Sara Shepard, the New York Times Best-selling author of Pretty Little Liars

If you’re anything like us, you’re so excited for the release of Twisted on Tuesday, 7/5, that you can’t sleep. And when you do close your eyes, you’re jolted awake by vivid dreams about creepy texts from A. (Damn. Don’t you hate when that happens?)

Still, let’s stop for a moment and savor the next few days. These are the last lingering moments of anticipation. We don’t know what happens next . . . but we’re so freakin’ excited to find out, it’s like our birthday, prom, and college orientation all wrapped into one.

On Tuesday night, July 5th, we’ll stay up all night reading Twisted and enjoy every nail-biting, pulse-quickening second of it. Until then, we’ve got questions for Sara Shepard about what’s sure to be her next best-seller–and she’s got answers!

Check out Sara’s responses to fan questions about Twisted on ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars Facebook page. Then tell us: what are you most looking forward to about the arrival of a brand new Pretty Little Liars book?


  1. prettylittlelover Said:


  2. Immadancer Said:


  3. Immadancer Said:

    This book sounds beyond amazing! Sara is basically another J.K Rowling!

  4. gigi Said:

    @ theo what you said about having dreams about A’s messages thats really happening to me two nights ago whenevr i tried to go to sleep i would have dreams about the liars and A so when i opened my eyes i thought i saw A in the darkness icouldnt sleep at all that night cuz i just watched PLL

  5. gigi Said:

    @ theo what u said about having dreams about A thats happening to me after i watched PLL on tuesday i couldnt go to sleep and when i did i had dreams of the liars and A

  6. gigi Said:

    opps i thought my 1st comment didnt work so i wrote another sorry

  7. gracie Said:


  8. gigi Said:

    aww ur so lucky @ gracie my mom wouldnt waste her money for me just to get some books and the library i go to only has old books so i hav to wait for school to start again to get them

  9. BrainyChild=ME! Said:

    YAY! Ima stand in line @ 9:30 in fromt of indigo, and when it opens, i’ll be like,”YAY! :D”

  10. gigi Said:

    it seems like evry1 is getting this book but me
    sad face i dont kno how to make a sad face so i wrote sad face

  11. Theo Said:

    @BrainyChild=ME! Yay! :)

  12. HannahJane Said:

    excited much?! umm YESSS! i think ive read every book in one day, when i just read the whole 7th book yesterday and im getting the 8th one today, then im gonna biting my nails till Twisted comes out!!! AHH! so excited (:

  13. Pretty Little Spongebob Said:


    lol yay! ;)


  14. lili Said:

    i am sooooo excited!!! nut im only on UNBELIEVABLE!!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME???? my parents dont drive me to borders often. i gotta get some $$$$ too!!

  15. ME Said:

    I cant wait!!! I want to know who the newest A is cuz they seemed to rap everything up nicely at the end of Wanted. SO nicely that I cant think of any suspects… Hmmm… ???

  16. pllobsessed Said:

    OH MY GOD! I can’t wait for Twisted to come out! I’m gonna get up at midnight and read it on my Kindle! I pre-ordered it in January! I couldn’t wait!

  17. -A Said:

    I can’t wait…you want to know who I am? You may never know……

  18. Callie Said:

    I already have the book. It was in our bookstores days ago. Its so amazing and just as secretive as the other books :)

  19. Ilovetobyc. Said:

    Im gonna order it on my ipad so i can read every where i go

  20. Sasha Golde Said:

    I love this book series, and Twisted was definitely one of my favorites out of all of the sixteen (16!!) that I’ve read! It was completely, totally addictive, and I could NOT put it down:):):):)

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