Pretty Little Liars Book 12: Burned Cover Unveiled! (Exclusive)

The very next Pretty Little Liars book by Sara Shepard is called Stunning (available June 5th). Sounds like a lovely dream, doesn’t it? Well, the 11th PLL installment is anything but a quaint stroll through Rosewood! Packed with juicier mysteries, darker secrets, and more page-turning suspense, Stunning will leave readers shocked beyond belief. In fact, something absolutely twisted and unbelievable must occur in the next book because the one right after that is titled — wait for it — Burned!

And, because we adore you, here’s an exciting, first look at the official cover for Pretty Little Liars Book 12!

Pretty Little Liars Book 12 - Burned

Photo Credit: Harper Collins

Burned?! O to the MG. We can already hear the Liars’ cell phones buzzing up a storm: “Don’t play with matches if you don’t want to get burned, bitches! – A”

The most important thing to note about the cover (aside from the menacing title) is that the Liar being depicted is Aria Montgomery! Whereas Emily Fields graces PLL Book 11: Stunning, Burned (available Dec 1) is narrowing in on Aria’s most precious secrets and lies. And with the new ‘A’ thirsting away for Liar blood, all we can say is that Aria better watch her back — because Rosewood’s evil new ringleader is going to make her jump through some flaming hot hoops!

What do you think of the Burned cover? Leave your feedback below and chat more about Pretty little Liars book 12 in the readers lounge!


  1. addicted2PLLS Said:

    is book 12 the last one??? because people are saying it is and i really want to know cuz that will be really sad if its true i hope not (fingers crossed!) and if it isnt how many is she going to write then? id love it if somebody would answer these for me thanks!

  2. Theo Said:

    @addicted2PLLS Book 12 is coming out in December 2012 so until then there’ll be more info about any books after that! :)

  3. addicted2PLLS Said:

    thank you soooo much! I cant wait till book 11 and 12 come out and hopefully more!!!!! :)

  4. Christie Said:


    @ADDICTED2plls WELL each book cover theme has four books, with each girl on each cover… let’s see. twisted had spencer, ruthless had hanna, stunning has emily and omg! burned has aria!!! that’s four!!!! let’s hope they have more!!!!!!! cuz this wud be the last of the swirly covers….. let’s hope they have moreeeeeeeee!!!

  5. addicted2PLLS Said:

    yes i know i love pretty little liars WAY to much I’m like obsessed (you can kind of tell by my username!!)thanks by the way and yea i kinda was noticing the pattern four different girls on each book with the design so there would only be four and then “A” would be revealed after the four of the designs! wow i type A LOT! :)

  6. Theo Said:

    @addicted2PLLS There’s no such thing as loving PLL too much! ;)

  7. meggie913 Said:

    Oh, and I love the cover! =) I love the colour!

  8. emma7880luvPLL Said:

    OMG I LOVLOVLOVLOV PLL!!!! IM SO EXCITED TO SEE WHO THE REAL “A” is and if ali is still alive!!!!

  9. emma7880luvPLL Said:

    By the way does anyone know the EXACT date when burned comes out?? I want to save the date!!!!

  10. Ilovecats813 Said:

    soo im really confused! Why is the 11th book not available to buy but the 12th one is?? and why does 12th one go back to junior year when in the 10th one they are seniors???? help please!!

  11. Ilovecats813 Said:

    sorry, by the 11th i meant Burned and the 12th Pretty little secrets, and the 10th stunned

  12. ElleLove Said:

    Burned comes out on December 4, 2012 so get ready to stand in lines ladies!

  13. emma7880luvPLL Said:

    @ElleLove thanks!! Can’t wait!!!! Doesn’t pretty little secrets come in between unbelievable and wicked though? That’s what I read online.

  14. emma7880luvPLL Said:

    I don’t think the show on abc family is the same as any of the books cuz does anyone remember Noel dating Jenna and being all suspicious and stuff? I think him and aria are adorable together!!!!!

  15. letitia Said:

    I love the cover of this book. Aria’s doll looks hottt, & I want to know whaat and who is getting BURNED!!!

  16. VargasH Said:

    addicted2PLLS: ‘The books will stop on book 16

  17. ksm303 Said:

    @addicted2PLL no there is crushed coming out in 2013 and Alis pretty little lies coming out on Janurary 2nd :)

  18. smoffatt287 Said:

    I absolutely love these books but, seriously? Is anyone else pissed that we still have no clue who A is? I’m so used to every 4th book finding out who it is. Anywho I love love loved the book! I WANNA KNOW WHO A IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Kayla Said:

    This isn’t the last book!!!

  20. @ChillingtonDTP$$ Said:

    I love the books more than the show cause the whole Toby and Jenna stuff is confusing after reading the book.

  21. Roxy Said:

    I Love the books, there even better then the show!!!(Which means they must be really good.) I can’t wait for the next book “Crushed” to out!!!!!!!! I really hope pretty little lairs lasts for a long time!!!!

  22. isabella Said:

    all ready read this book it was so amazing now I am reading ali’s pretty little lies :) :o

  23. denise del sol Said:

    book 13 is called Crushed. it will come out on June 4th, 2013 (only a month to go!)and book 14, Deadly, is the confirmed finale. it will be released in December. so fellow liars, there are two books left to go and the Pll series will officially end in 2013.

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