Which Pretty Little Liars Character Would Win The Hunger Games?

Pretty Little Liars snooping - season 2Gripping drama. A kick-ass heroine. Nail-biting suspense. These are just three of the reasons why we are obsessed with The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins and are oh-so-excited to see the big-screen adaptation of Catching Fire. We seriously cannot wait to watch Katniss Everdeen, Peeta Mellark, Johanna Mason, Finnick Odair, Mags, Beetee and the other brave victors join forces against the Capitol and stand up for what is morally right during the Quarter Quell. Suck on that, President Snow!

In fact, we heart The Hunger Games series so much we decided to host our own version — one filled with our favorite fashion-forward characters from Pretty Little Liars of course! So which feisty Rosewood resident would rise above the rest if plopped into the arena? Take a look at the Gamemakers’ talent assessments of the PLL tributes and cast your vote!

Emily Fields

Emily has a lot going for her: She's a champion swimmer. She doesn't back down easily. And she's compassionate. People love a great underdog story and no doubt sponsors will be lining up for her once they find out how strong she is -- in and out of the water!

Photo Credit: Pretty Little Liars / ABC Family

Alison DiLaurentis

Confidence is this queen bee's power. Alison's all about visualization; if she wants something badly enough, she's going to get it. She's also quite the manipulative biotch which will prove useful in an arena full of backstabbers (literally). Plus, either she owns an Invisibility Cloak or this chica has the ability to vanish at will. She faked her own death and then rose from the ashes a.k.a. the gazebo dirt. If that doesn't scream "VICTOR!" we don't know what does.

Photo Credit: Pretty Little Liars / ABC Family

Ezra Fitz

Knowledge of literature is a not a physical weapon persay but handsome little Fitzy can definitely make great use of his skills. He can read long passages to the other tributes until, one by one, they die from boredom. Moreover, when you look this good the rich sponsors in the Capitol are bound to send some precious necessities your way! He can also spin the whole "but I'm a dad" angle. (All he has to do is show Caesar Flickerman photos of his beloved fake-son Malcolm, and the audience members will be swooning left and right.) Oh, and how about the whole "A" scandal? Looks like dangerous ol' Fitz might have a shot in the arena after all....

Photo Credit: Pretty Little Liars / ABC Family

Hanna Marin

Hanna has survived a hit-and-run, a crazy boat ride, and a lot of bullying in her time, yet she remains as sassy and fierce as ever. If she was forced to fight off the other characters, she'd turn her killer fashion instinct into a super power. (Her pointy, strappy Jimmy Choos would serve as weapons, and she'd figure out how to flawlessly incorporate camouflage into her outfit!) Another benefit? After all those summers at fat camp, she knows a thing or two about camping. Bugs be damned!

Photo Credit: Pretty Little Liars / ABC Family

Jason DiLaurentis

Why would Jason win? Because he's got some super awesome night vision (he's always lurking in the dark) and can dig himself a nice, cozy hiding spot slash trap. Also, he's great at tracking down people and breaking down even the toughest of cases, so he'll definitely use his proactive personality and knowledge about others to cut them down!

Photo Credit: Pretty Little Liars / ABC Family

Jenna Marshall

Jenna would initiate the same plan of attack as Johanna Mason from Catching Fire. She'd pretend to be scared little blind girl to claim the sympathy vote and mess with everyone's emotions. Then, using her walking stick as a sword, she'd swoop in and take down the other participants one by one!

Photo Credit: Pretty Little Liars / ABC Family

Lucas Gottesman

Don't disregard Lucas as a serious contender just because he loves comic books, bunk beds, and superhero figurines. As he proved by taking Hanna on a creepy boat ride, he packs quite a lot of rage (and really good rowing form). Careful...because once his tolerance evaporates, there's no telling what he might do!

Photo Credit: Pretty Little Liars / ABC Family

Lucy Hale

So small. So cute. So delightful. Beware though because sometimes what you see is a far cry from what you get and, as Aria proved upon blackmailing Byron, she's not afraid to get her hands dirty. (And, if all else fails, she'll sing a lullaby, put everyone to sleep, and then tiptoe away to hide in the trees like Rue!)

Photo Credit: Pretty Little Liars / ABC Family

Cece Drake

What does this chick do when she sees a venomous snake? Recoil in horror? No way! She grabs a mannequin leg and gives it a good whack on the head. That's how crazy and quick she is in a dangerous situation. Clearly, her reflexes are quick! Also, she'd be a pro at teaming up with other tributes and gaining their trust. And if she falls? Don't sweat it. She won't be a crack a bone. She's pretty much invincible at this point.

Melissa Hastings

Melissa faked a pregnancy. She did it once, she can do it again. Melissa also dressed up as the Black Swan so you know there's some darkness in her heart. And, if there are no feathers and prosthetic baby bumps to found in the cornucopia, Melissa can still win this thing on sheer cunning and wit alone. She's not afraid of a challenge and has an uncanny ability of teaming up with the right people at the right time. Her tact and diplomacy (which hide her twisted nature) will certainly get her far in this life or death competition! You remember the way she smashed all those masks of Alison's face one by one? That's what she'll do to yours if you get in her way.

Photo Credit: Pretty Little Liars / ABC Family

Mona Vanderwaal

As PLL's 'A', Mona has shown us time and time again that she's capable of pulling of a lot of intense and complicated stunts. She's adept at hunting, striking fear in her opponents' hearts, going incognito, and sniffing out liars. Moreover as an A team member , she's psycho, over-the-top, and not afraid of embarking on a good ol' fashioned killing spree. Watch out, because this twisted sister will not only use her fancy words to wear you down but she'll run you over too. And, when that's all said and done, she'll whip out a knitting needle and poke it right where it hurts.

Photo Credit: Pretty Little Liars / ABC Family

Noel Kahn

The face of an angel with the spirit of a devil. Oh la la! Such a handsome, conniving boy will surely rack up his fair share of sponsors! He's also brawny and athletic which come in handy when facing his opponents in a physical showdown.

Photo Credit: Pretty Little Liars / ABC Family

Paige McCullers

Paige is a changed woman -- and a wonderful one at that -- but we still haven't forgotten how she tried to drown Emily in PLL season 1! She sometimes gets consumed by dark and twisted urges (like taking out her anger on nearby trash cans) which will come in handy when she has to choose between claiming a human life or sacrificing her own. Additionally, as a star athlete, Paige is physically strong --- she can run, swim, and bike (really fast. in the rain).

Photo Credit: Pretty Little Liars / ABC Family

Toby Cavanaugh

Have you seen those abs of his?! They could cut steel. Seriously, Toby's 8-pack are a lethal weapon on their own. Plus, add Toby's unreadable expressions, ability to carry heavy loads and construction skills to the mix and you've got yourself a worthy Hunger Games contender! He'll build a love shack for himself and Spencer and they'll enjoy a sweet getaway....and hopefully the rules will change and they'll both be allowed to live.

Photo Credit: Pretty Little Liars / ABC Family

Spencer Hastings

Spencer is smart, witty, and resourceful. So far on Pretty Little Liars, she's come up face-to-face against two killers (first with Ian Thomas in the bell tower and then with Mona Vanderwaal), and escaped twice. What does this prove? That she thinks quickly on her feet and she isn't scared to fight for her life! Also, she'll be in caffeine withdrawal and we all know how Spence gets without her daily cup of java...totally cray cray. And when Spencer gets her Radley on, you better run for cover, y'all!

Photo Credit: Pretty Little Liars / ABC Family

Caleb Rivers

Although there aren't any computers to hack into in the arena, we have a feeling Caleb will turn the smallest, most inconspicuous of objects into a weapon. Just like the District 3 male tribute who knew all about explosives, Caleb knows technology and he'll shock everyone with a deadly contraption.

Photo Credit: Pretty Little Liars / ABC Family

Holden Strauss

Super ninja powers anyone? As someone who round-house kicked Noel Kahn right where it hurts, Holden showed exactly how much punch he packs. How much exactly? Let's just say if Chuck Norris and Jackie Chan ever fused their bad-ass moves, Holden would be their thrill-seeking love child.

Photo Credit: Pretty Little Liars / ABC Family

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