Pretty Little Liars Fan Predictions for Who is ‘A’!

The big ‘A’ reveal is five days away and, until then, we’re counting down to the highly anticiapted Pretty Little Liars season 2 finale with more clues, new case files, and discussions as to which Rosewood resident has the wit and skills to pull of the crazy ‘A’ persona. So when the treacherous texter is ultimately unmasked, which pair of pretty eyes will the Liars find themselves staring into? Take a look at what viewers predicted in the gallery below!

Brown Hair, Pretty Eyes, Smile Like The Sunrise

Officer Two-Faced

The Pregnant Lady

Totally Ezria?

The Lacrosse Team Serial Dater

A Doppelganger

Hint: She likes to shop...A LOT

Hot Teacher Caught Red-Handed?

Everyone Ever

Bonnie and Clyde

Spencer Calls Her 'Mom,' This Girl Calls Her 'A'!

The Jealous Bestie

The Not-So-Blind Gal

She Sees Everything

Sister from The Same Mister

'A' stands for...

Not sure but will the real killer please send up?

Mona Bo Dona Fee Fi Fo Ho Ma...Mona!

Big Sister's Watching

The Other Sister

Two's Company, Three's A Crowd

The Case of The Ex

Aria's Bugaboo


The Bitch is Back

Blondie Bear

Double Trouble

Caleb's Secret Admirer

A is A

It's Not Who You Think

The Trickster

Totally the Wrenster?

In The Name of Love

So, who’s YOUR number one suspect? Name your top culprit in the comments below and be sure to tune in for the most suspenseful episode of  Pretty Little Liars season 2 this Monday on ABC Family at 8/7c!


  1. rondo Said:

    My top A- guess is aly and shes not really dead

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