Pretty Little Liars Interview: Torrey DeVitto Talks Melissa’s Involvement with N.A.T.

Pretty Little Liars episode 21 - Melissa HastingsTorrey DeVitto is probably one of the sweetest people in real life. She’s avid volunteer and she always look so happy and sweet. However, in the land of television, she’s a completely different person — as in a raving lunatic. For whatever reason, she constantly gets cast as crazy characters. From playing Nanny Carrie on One Tree Hill to gun-happy Meredith Fell on The Vampire Diaries and of course conniving Melissa Hastings on Pretty Little Liars, Torrey has officially claimed the throne of television’s most beautiful yet unstable madwoman!

So what’s next for her in terms of Pretty Little Liars — especially after the huge reveal that Melissa had visited Alison DiLaurentis the night she disappeared and that she had been sending her threatening text messages?! Check out what the amazing Torrey DeVitto told Jarrett over at The Insider!

Insider: Let’s start with Melissa — what are you excited for fans to see in these final episodes?
Torrey: She’s got a lot of exciting things coming up. Like I’ve always said, her relationship with Spencer is interesting on its own, but after they saw her on that videotape, things go in a direction that I think people will like. Things will keep unfolding and there are some more shocks coming with her. There’s so much there you haven’t seen. Plus, it’ll be interesting to see how Melissa and Spencer handle things that are coming up — we’ll find out if there is more to this sisterly rivalry than previously thought.

Insider: What was it like when they told you that Melissa would get involved in the Alison murder mystery?
Torrey: I don’t know anything until the script is literally in my hands. I ask all the time and no one tells me anything. So I was just as surprised when Melissa showed up in the video. But I love it. As an actor, it’s so much fun to play a character with some kind of mystery. You never want to play the boring person – and in real life, I’m not a murder suspect, so it’s fun to do something totally opposite. For Melissa’s sake, I just want to know what’s going on with her because there have been so many ups and downs since the show started.

Insider: That said, did learning of her NAT involvement make you look back on any acting choices you’d previously made with regret?
Torrey: I say that all the time. When I get scripts I’ll go up to Marlene [King, creator] and say, “I wish I knew…” But she’s very clear that they don’t tell us this stuff because they don’t want us to play it like that. We’re told what we need to know per scene and that makes sense. If I knew that Melissa would be on that videotape, I would have probably played into that. They’re very smart with how they hand information out.

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Ahh! Imagine how creepy it’d be if it turned out that Melissa Hastings was a member of the sinister N.A.T. club!

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Which moment on Pretty Little Liars made you suspicious of Melissa? What would YOU ask Torrey DeVitto? Tell us in the comments below and post your Pretty Little Liars season 2 theories in the viewers lounge!


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