Pretty Little Liars: Meet Aria Montgomery

Aria in the Books

Name: Aria Montgomery
Hair Color: Jet Black
Eyes: Ice Blue
Nickname: Finland

Defining characteristics:

-Is very artistic
-Used to live in Iceland
-Enjoys knitting
-Embraces a hipster style

Some would say that Aria Montgomery is the most unique Pretty Little Liar. She knits mohair bras. She enjoys making short films. She has a pig puppet named Pigtunia. And she’s immune to the charms of typical Rosewood boys. After returning to Rosewood from Iceland, Aria learns that dark secrets are hard to hide—especially when crazy A’s around!


  1. Dani Said:

    I’ve never liked Aria…she was just to boring. I love her strangeness, but really, she’s like the least interesting one!

  2. Jane Said:

    really? i always thought spencer was the least interesting! at most points in the first few books its like “okay, we get it about wren! now shut up about him and find something else to get in trouble about!” you know?

  3. Mel Said:

    she really pretty and I like her personalitly :)

  4. Arianna Said:

    I luv aria think she’s the best liar! I luv her oddness

  5. Andrea Said:

    Arua is the smart one of the liars, she was the only one who didn’t jump at the chance to be courtney’s friend because she knew her story didn’t seem right.


    aria and spencer are my favourites liars

  7. Brianna Said:

    What’s her style? Like what’s it called?

  8. Mila Said:

    Aria is my favourite liar

  9. Aria Said:

    Shes my fav caz she has the same name as me!

  10. Bekah Said:

    Aria is my fave liar she is so killer

  11. Brooke Said:

    I like the way that Aria is the one who gets into more drama but not as much as other girls. She also has a way of confusing people into giving her answers without giving a direct question. :)

  12. Midhat Said:

    aria is an interesting character. i dont rlly like her in the books cuz shes looks odd. but in the show, she is gorgeous!!

  13. Iyanna Said:

    Aria is very boring. All she did was have a short lived affair with her teacher and they are dragging that out in the books, too. Give her an interesting storyline please

  14. Aryana Said:

    Aria’s personality is so different then others. her situations are so boing. they need to make a little more drama cuz you neer noe wat she will do because of her odness. so spice it up!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Anita Said:

    OMG i LOVE Aria ! she is my FAVE pretty little liar ! she is beautiful and creative <3

  16. kittycocoalove Said:

    I agree with #Andrea. The others, especially Emily, nearly grabbed to the chance of knowing and friending Courtney (Ali, technically) but Aria didn’t want her, and was smart enough to let it slide. (Except that Courtney was flirting with Noel, that made her jealous)

  17. Elizabeth96 Said:

    i like aria,she is really pretty and sweet but not very interesting!!!!!!!!!!! :/

  18. kjangel10 Said:

    Aria is very interesting. In the beginning of the series Aria seems to have a real connection with Mr.Fitz. They are a great couple .

  19. lisa1111 Said:

    I like Aria because she is a liar that will tell what she knows about someone or something to her friends

  20. cfeely Said:

    Aria and Hanna are my favorites. Spencer is a doo-doo head and I do not agree with Emily because she swims too much. Pigs are stupid.

  21. aria2369 Said:

    Aria is the best liar she’s my fav!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. stephlovespll Said:

    i love her relationship with ezra:)

  23. Lexi Simpson Said:

    I saw this picture of Lucy Hale in a blue spiked dress, but she was with the rest of the Lairs. I was wondering where I could find a picture of just Lucy in the dress. Could someone maybe help me?

  24. Theo Said:

    @Lexi Simpson Hi! Do you when this photo was released? We might have the gallery up on! :)

  25. celine Said:

    She is my step sister

  26. Sammi Said:

    Where do they live because i am doing a report for english and i need to know where the pretty little liars live!! Aria is my idle she’s always acting different and she doesn’t jump at the chance to be someone’s friend especially when their story doesn’t sound right.

  27. Theo Said:

    @Sammi Rosewood, Pennsylvania. Good luck on your report, Sammi!

  28. Mackenzi Said:

    I like her in the program Lucy hale plays her and I love her movies and I also love privileged.

  29. Ashley Said:

    I’ve only read the first four books so far, but Aria is definitely my favorite. She is artistic, unique, and honest. She seems down to earth and seems like someone I would hang out with. I couldn’t see myself going out with Hannah (too snobby) or Spencer (something about her sketches me out, I mean who treats their sister like that?)and the rest, well they are ok. But Aria, she is the one that stands out and for that I give her tons of credit. She doesn’t care what everyone else thinks.

  30. I Luv PLL Said:

    Aria is like a creative writer that has different personalities (until Iceland at least) and in the T.V. shows it’s pretty similar expect like Noel. I’m glad that the characters are similar! :) <3

  31. magic empress22 Said:

    Aria’s storyline is not as interesting as any others. She just does things with her teacer, but nothing too drama-filled. Her life is actually CALM compared with the other liars’ lives. But I still love her a lot

  32. Nicole Said:

    I think Aria is very unpredictable like Spencer. The thing about Aria is that she is the one who is
    Very cautious. I like how she thinks about her brother, though she can think about him too much.

  33. sierra Said:

    Aria is my fav liar she is unique and that’s what I like about her! She’s just like me!

  34. Erica Said:

    I Love Naria!! (Noel and Aria) I read crushed and im sad that they broke up… hopefully they’ll get back together (AGAIN!) in deadly :)

  35. Taylor Said:

    I’m on the 7th book and Aria and Ezra better get back together….. Forget about Jason !!!!!!!

  36. arianna Said:

    sorry to all u ezria fans but aria needs to leave ezra before something bad happenes to her n her friends

  37. Anita Said:

    I love Aria she is so gorgeous and she is different her personality really stands out to me

  38. Georgia Said:

    I didn’t like the books at all and there girls in it weren’t very pretty at all but i absolutely love the show its so much better!

  39. A Said:

    Aria get ahold of yourself! You are acting like an idiot! Why would choose Ezra crazy ass over Jake??? I don’t aria, maybe you should go back to Finland, because the fun is just starting! Don’t say i didn’t warn you…..

  40. myah Said:

    I love aria she’s my favorite but I don’t really like her an Ezra together

  41. Sally Said:

    Aria is very kind~~~

  42. rhianna Said:

    I liked her.

  43. Casey Said:

    Aria is so awesome… Just love her but spencer is way better..
    Aria is so emotional!!!':-)

  44. tercia Said:


  45. emma Said:

    i love the way aria does her hair!

  46. Keke Said:

    I love Aria plus i think her and Ezra make a good couple than her other boyfriends. She pretty and i like her personality most of all!!!!!

  47. jade Said:

    I like aria shes a very cool person

  48. Amy Said:

    She’s really cool. I find she gets into a lot of trouble though, but that makes her more interesting. And @Keke, how did you like Ezria in the books? Do you mean the show? Bc I love them in the show but in the books I just think it’s not really anything. But I did love them for like books 1-2 I guess, so can’t blame you. I like her and Noel together compared to her and Ezra bc they’re honest and date till the end of the series. I know they get into a lot of fights but that just makes them stronger. My comments for PLL are always SOOO long, lol, but still. Omg I just read about Hanna and Mike for the 2nd time through and they’re AWESOME! I reset my iPod background to them like 5 mins ago lol. Those are truly the best 2 couples in all of the PLL BOOKS, maybe even all of PLL existence, and they’re just awesome. They’re the longest lasting couples from 10 books and 9. Haha me and my PLL couples.

  49. kirsty Said:

    Aria is my favorite as she is mysterious and is smarter than she looks and acts and I think that she should’ve ended up with Jason as they are cute together and they both have that weird dark side to them plus they work well as a team but I find it weird that they haven’t really been in the same room much ever since the episode where he kissed her but she was with Ezra so they should have another scene in season 6 where they are reunited after so long and it is awkward at first.

  50. nansy Said:

    i guess aria likes older boys in there 30-40.

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