Pretty Little Liars: Meet Emily Fields

Emily in the Books

Name: Emily Fields
Hair Color: Strawberry Blonde (tinted green from chlorine)
Eyes: Green
Nickname: Em, Killer

Defining characteristics:

-Swims competitively
-Is bisexual
-Prefers casual, comfortable clothing
-Loves friendship bracelets 

Emily is an amazing swimmer and works diligently at improving her time. However, when she’s not busy perfecting her stroke or keeping up with her schoolwork, Em’s trying to come to terms with her sexuality (she likes boys AND girls). Overall, she a casual girl who prefers swimming t-shirts to couture outfits, and she’s very superstitious. (Can’t blame the girl though – A’s a whackjob and really has it in for her).


  1. Jane Said:

    i love emily!!! but maya is totally the one for her

  2. Mackenzie Said:

    i think that emily is too vulnerable. i get that she was in love with ali, but cmon. grow a backbone.

  3. adreonna Said:

    emily is my favorite pretty little liar of all

  4. Brooke Said:

    Emily seems like the less dramatic one which I love. She is probably the nicest liar!!!! :p

  5. Bergen Said:

    She seems to be the target a lot but personally she’s my favorite of the 4. She’s kind and open-minded. Friendship and family is number one for her and she thinks about others before herself.

  6. Brigit Welsh Said:

    Emily is cool its to bad she gets pregnant with that guy, Maya was the one for her

  7. Mary Said:

    i love emily! the other’s are just so dramatic and self-centered, and emily is the only realy athlete out of all of them, and she always trys to do what is best

  8. Rosie Said:

    @Mary: Totally agree! She’s just really kind and that’s her strength and weakness. Totally miss Maya though. Definitely wish she would come back in the books to be with Emily…

  9. Elizabeth96 Said:

    Emily and I have a lot of commons except one…I’m not bisexual..!!she’s one of my favorite liars!! ^_^ :)

  10. dolphin18 Said:

    emily is the her much

  11. spence12345678910 Said:

    Emily your like totaly the best and of course spence also why are you with maya your body is perfect for a totaly sexy guy. You shouldnt be afraid of showing yout body off ur sooooo hot

  12. mitchiemi929 Said:

    she’s really amazing.. <3

  13. Gaëlle Roy Said:

    Oh i love her she’s amazing and so talented

  14. carly Said:

    emily is hot

  15. 56e464e6ce6 Said:

    was up my friends hacking frm school

  16. EMELY LOTER Said:


  17. I Luv PLL Said:

    Emily was perfect for Maya and in the show when she was killed I felt so sad and bad. When Nate kidnapped Paige and Emily I was so scared. I think she’s the weakest link though … but Ali used her so badly that I wanted to punch her >:( But I’m glad their personalities are similar I hate it when it’s different <3

  18. Jewel Said:

    this doesnt even really look like her . But this girl is pretty too , i love all the books . Keep up all the good Work ^_^

  19. Erica Said:

    Emily,Emily,Emily! In the books I think she goes after SO many girls! She needs to calm down and date one person for awhile… :o In the show I love her.Amazing. her and paige are Amazing, but i think they’re going back and forth right now but….Blah.. Who cares? they Have to stay together!!1

  20. Rose Colmann Said:

    I know that this girl is a lesbian…but where are the pictures of the girl on girl action? Like for real? I am too a lesbian and I feel like Emily and myself should get married so we can be lesbians together. MAN OH MAN HOW I WISH I HAD ME SOME EMILY RIGHT NOW.

  21. Ruby Said:

    I love Emily the most. She is so pretty in the show. I’m not lesbian I just love her she’s amazing and beautiful!! <3

  22. arianna Said:

    i think emily is a cool character but she needs to let go of maya n b with paige

  23. A Said:

    Poor Emily, you think i can be replaced! 1st maya now paige? watch your back before both of them dissapear….

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  25. lilit Said:

    mano nos livros é tão diferente da serie *–*

  26. Keke Said:

    I love Emily and she makes a good couple with Maya but tbh with you i think she had more feeling with Ail then Maya cuz Emily keep saying in some of the books that she remember the kiss she had with Ail in the treehouse plus she keeps thinking of her too so. Emily is pretty.

  27. Jennifer ferrer Said:

    I love Emily fields she my favorite character in pll

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