Pretty Little Liars: Meet Spencer Hastings

Spencer in the Books

Name: Spencer Hastings
Hair Color: Dirty Blonde
Eyes: Emerald Green
Nickname: Spence

Defining characteristics:

-She’s the academic type
-Plays field hockey
-Prefers a preppy style
-Would do anything to please her parents

Spencer strives to be perfect at whatever she does, and is always trying to outshine her older sister Melissa. Whether she’s stealing her sister’s boyfriends or acing her tests, Spencer thrives off competition. However, she does have a vulnerable side too and desperately seeks approval from her parents in whatever she does. (Totally random fact about Spencer? She used to be a chronic sleepwalker and doctors from the University of Pennsylvania’s Sleep Evaluation Clinic blamed it on stress.)


  1. A Said:


  2. Maggie Said:

    ommggg i lovee spencerr<333

  3. nikkiii Said:

    spencer is so different in the show! but spencer and toby would be adorable in the book (if toby was still alive) just like they look cute together in the show. but in twisted when spencer crushes on her soon to be step brother that is just nasty. and plus mr pennythistle is dispicible. especially for trying to punch him in the face for thinking he is gay (when spencer was caught sleeping in the same bed as him). naughty naughty. spencer hastings sound so much better than spencer pennythistle anyway..

  4. rebeccah Said:

    spencer is boss in the books and show!!! shes my fave pretty little liar!!


    spencer and aria are my favourites liars, hanna is just boring and emily annoys me. i feel sorry for her

  6. Brianna Said:

    I only found her interesting when she was with Wren. And, in the books she’s the prettiest of all the Pretty Little Liars. Other than that, they’re all ugly compared to themselves on the show. :)

  7. Mackenzie Said:

    in the book, spencer is the prettiest. in the show, hanna is the prettiest.

  8. Emma Said:

    WHen i found i found out toby was dead i didn’t read the book for weeks beause i was so angry i love toby he’s awesome he should come back!

  9. erin Said:

    i love spence! she is so pretty and i think she was the closest with ali, the fight, the constest (who could hook up with the most OLDER guys) and how she shared her secret with her about kissing ian

    my fav boy characters in the book in order are ian, NOEL KANH all the way! and also, mike montgomery. but in the show mike is really hott but SO different from the books.

  10. Hannah Said:

    I wonder who A is? I’ve only read 3 of the books. I think it might be Ian.

  11. Brigit Welsh Said:

    A kills ian and tries to do the same to melissa

  12. addicted2PLLS Said:

    omg mike in the show mike is sooooooooooooooooo HOT so is noel thought too! i love them so much ;)

  13. Elizabeth96 Said:

    Mmmmm I’m not so sure…I like her personality but some times she’s get on my nerve!!

  14. dolphin18 Said:

    a very clever one..tsk idol

  15. spencaa2014 Said:

    so random but my name is Spencer and ppl call me Spence all the time and now when i introduce myself ppl are always like “ohmigosh like from the show? Thats so cool.” Which is weird to me…

  16. EncALoverMD Said:

    I’m agree Spence is the most interesting of the liars, Emily is sooo annoying and Hanna seems boring to me without mike

  17. spence12345678910 Said:

    Spence is the most hot ,SEXY!!!!! One of. Them i love the part when wren rubbs icey hot on her ass they look soooo good together although i hat her sister mellisa. Thanks spence for having sex with wren!!! Lov ya <3 your the most interesting

  18. maddiethecupcake Said:

    How much do you think the Hastings’ make?

  19. Gabby Said:

    spencer is my fav, my i like her in the show, i’m going to start reading the series so don’t worry! i’ll catch up! waiting for season 3 to come out on dvd, gonna finish it as fast as i can when season 4 comes out in june 11th! anyways GO SPENCER

  20. Abigail Said:

    the old A IS Mona but i don’t who is the new one i’m on the book 6 and it dosen’t show

  21. Sara George Said:

    I love SPENCER!!! she is my favourite character on PLL! I am on Team Spoby!!! :)

  22. 56e464e6ce6 Said:

    when ur ready come and get it na na na na ana nanananananan

    yes im awesome and ur jelly bro !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Allison Said:

    Spencer is my favorite pll. She’s definitely the prettiest liar and so smart!! Hoping her and Toby stay together in the show

  24. I Luv PLL Said:

    Man Spencer scares me!!! She is smart and pretty and I want to act like her but can’t. In the book she is like the mini Ali but not as manipulative. In the T.V. show she is such a human bulldozer like seriously. But I am still a fan! I love all the characters on both books and T.V. shows!!!!!!!!! <3

  25. Regina Said:

    I love spencer a lot

  26. CupcakesYAY!! Said:

    Is ali alive in the books????????

  27. CupcakesYAY!! Said:

    Awesome show! Spence is totally my fav. she is so smart an prety. I haven’t read the books yet, but I really want to. I also like Hanna, cuz she is funny. Go PLL!!!!! Yay!!! I hope it never ends.

  28. magic empress22 Said:

    Great show. I think spencer is my fav. it wold be weird to be her friend though. I would be like “What”???? every time she says something. She is too smart for me. But she is my big idol and role model and anything else possible. I want to pretty and smart like her.

  29. Riley Said:

    OMG What season know s Toby die i need to know

  30. shihu Said:

    i love this <3

  31. Charlotte Said:

    i love spencer she is my favorite character ever!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Delina Said:

    I adore Spencer and Aria. I love how Spencer lives for competitions and is thriving for her parents’ approval and I adore Aria because she is the least bit interested in her Peers and isn’t afraid to show that she’s weird. I love how in those ways they are like me. I don’t like Hanna and Emily. Emily is kind of annoying an Hanna is, well… too much like Alison.

  33. Azure Said:

    I hate that the spencer in the tv show looks so different from the real spencer. TV spencer : brown hair,brown eyes,tan skin. Book spencer:Blonde hair,green eyes,pale skin. Same goes for Emily,Hanna, and Mona. Aria seems like the only one who kinda looks like her book description

  34. Ryan Said:

    Oh my gosh i beg of you yo stop trying to be “A” because it isnt working for you nor is it convincing plus “A” doesnt even say xoxo or use ***

  35. Ashley Said:

    I totally love Spencer! She’s so like me and I just love her style! Spoby forever! If -A tries to break them up again I might die!

  36. A Said:

    *sigh* spencer, spencer, spencer she is sucha mess! she needs to get it together cause’ im coming for her……

  37. Ariana #PLLlover Said:

    I’m OBSESSED with PLL, books and show, but I love the books more than the show. Spencer is my fave PLL and Aria is a close 2nd. Then again, Aria is in my first name too. I relate most to these 2: trying to be a perfectionist, and b/c I don’t fit in all the time. I loved Spence with Wren (and Andrew). And I love her smart sarcastic and sassy personality.

  38. Grace Beth Said:

    I love Spencer Hastings and Troian Bellisario. If I could meet them both (considering Spencer was real that is) I would. I love this show too!!!! Lets try for 10 seasons????!!!


    I am a huge fan of the book series but I am also a huge fan of the characters in the book series such as the girl from finland

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  41. jana Said:

    hey I love the show I love you Emily hanna aria alsoin was one of my favorite to but I cant trust her nomore after she did that to yall eraza to I don’t tust him other or paige I don’t know about hanna she start looking like the a team to me

  42. tessa Said:

    i love lovelove spencer

  43. lilit Said:

    essa mulhe é devastadora gente <3

  44. Keke Said:

    Spencer storys be boring in the books sometimes its not but alot of times it is tbh with you. Spencer sometimes get on my nerves on the how because she dont listen like people be trying to warn her and she goes see’s it or do it anyway……. or if she hears a noise she goes see’s it instead of staying quiet………… even she does these things in the book or on tv. its just comman sense. sometimes i just dont get her…. but i still like her and she very pretty.

  45. Ricardo Said:

    I love Spencer,she`s awesome, plus she`s smart, and beautiful,and rich. Think that`s the girl who has it all…

  46. Darryn Said:

    i love spencer cause i can relate to her and im kinda like her :)

  47. chicken Said:

    is it caldwel or caldwell

  48. V1 Said:

    Spencer and Aria my favourite characters in the book. I wish the series never ends

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