Pretty Little Liars Questions for Sara Shepard

Pretty Little Liars Book #10: Ruthless is arriving December 6 and the fabulous Sara Shepard is celebrating by answering all your juicy questions!

Are you craving more updates on your favorite Liar? Do you want to know who the top A suspects are? Do you find yourself wondering which Rosewood couples are still going strong and which have entered Splitsville?

Leave your OMG questions on this PLL Facebook post and see if Sara will choose yours for her exclusive Q&A video!

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  1. Deana Said:

    I love the series! I’m dying to know… What did Aria do in Iceland? There’s so many hints as to the unforgivable thing she did that only Hanna witnessed, but when will we find out? In Stunning?

  2. Mallory Kelly Said:

    Hi, I’m SUCH a huge fan of your books!! My best friend and I are doing a project together, and we have to make a magazine with a subject of our choice, so we decided to do PLL. We have some questions that we’d love if you answered (about the book, being an author, anything and everything) If you replied, I would be able to give you them, as we dont have them all written out yet. It would mean a lot, getting an answer from a great author like you! Thanks so much! :)

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