Pretty Little Liars: Texts from A (So Far) in Season 2

Photo Credit: Lucy Hale as Aria, Shay Mitchell as Emily, Troian Bellisario as Spencer, and Ashley Benson as Hanna / ABC Family

As the summer mid-season finale of Pretty Little Liars draws near, we thought it’d be a good idea to compile all of A’s nasty little texts into one place. This way, we can dissect and analyze each to our heart’s delight (just like Detective Emily Fields) and try to figure out who the demented sicko behind each electronic message and lip-stick smeared not is.

Season 2 Texts from A (episodes 1 through 10):

Episode 2.01:

LOOK FAMILIAR? WHAT’S MISSING? – A” (upon sending Aria a picture of Ezra Fitz’s apartment)

Episode 2.02:

LOOK AT YOU–ALL ALONE IN A CROWD. I WIN! XOXO – A” (after successfully separating the Liars)

Episode 2.03:

YOU CAN’T PLAY CAT AND MOUSE IF THE MOUSE MOVES TO TEXAS. I NEED YOU HERE, EM. CONGRATS! -A” (after mailing in Emily’s forged scholarship letter from Danby)

Episode 2.04:

JUST MY LUCK. DIAMONDS ARE A GIRL’S BEST FRIEND. – A” (after Spencer discovers that Melissa’s ring is missing from the pawn shop)

“SO HAPPY TO HAVE YOU ON OUR A-TEAM!!!” (upon mailing Emily a box full of Danby goodies)

NOSY BITCHES DIE!” (the note A smears on the wall after vandalizing Dr. Sullivan’s office)

Episode 2.05:


WOULD MOMMY HUG A THIEF? TELL THE TRUTH, SPENCE, OR YOU’LL GET THAT RING WHEN YOU LEAST EXPECT IT.- A” (after Mrs. Hastings apologizes to Spencer about not believing her about Ian Thomas)

SOMETIMES THE SHORTEST DISTANCE FROM PLOT A TO PLOT BE IS THE LONG WAY AROUND. – A” (a clue that leads Emily and friends to Alison’s headstone)

Episode 2.06:

MY DRESSES. MY GAME. MY RULES. – A” (after Alison’s fashion show slideshow is destroyed)

Episode 2.07:


Episode 2.08:

HEY EM: SOME CREAM WITH YOUR COFFEE? – A” (a note that accompanies a fresh tube of Counter Pain cream)

Episode 2.09:

IF ZOEY LEAVES WITHOUT YOUR DIGITS, YOUR LAB RESULTS GO VIRAL. – A” (during Emily and Samara’s group poker game date)

TICK-TOCK, EM. – A” (A sends this to Emily to remind her to give Zoey her number.)

Episode 2:10:

THE WEAK LINK IS THE EASIEST TO BREAK. SNAPPING YET? – A” (Em finds this note after realizing that A took over her Alphabits and and replace all the letters with “A”.)

SEE HOW EASY IT IS FOR ME TO GET MY HANDS AROUND YOUR NECK! – A” (sends this when Emily makes an appointment with Dr. Sullivan)

Seriously. A is either the sketchiest son of a gun who’s ever existed or one bored bitch with a lot of time on his/her (apparently well moisturized) hands. And, if Spencer and Toby are onto something with this whole N.A.T. conspiracy,  A is actually a group of creepsters who have a knack for crafting the most eerie messages.

So, after reviewing these texts from A, tell us if you spot any clues you didn’t notice before. Leave your theories or discoveries in the comments and we’ll begin building from there! (Psst. Is A a girl? Because she referred to her new diamond, aka Melissa Hastings‘ ring, as a “girl’s best friend. Hmm.”


  1. Sara Said:

    I don’t know or have any clue to knowing who A is. Which makes the show awesome! :) you people need to stop trying to figure it out and just watch. Because you all are wrong. ;)

  2. Sara Said:

    @kelly…1994 was the year they were born

  3. bear Said:

    okay so A was born in 1994..and has killed a few people..and maybe a girl that age wouldn’t be able to do it alone? unless her anger management took over and made her do it?? haha or she has a partner?

  4. bear Said:

    if A was actually born in 1994 instead of starting therapy that year*

  5. Kealey Said:

    It can not be Toby because he went to jail the night they got the text in season 1

    But in season 1 Jenna was talking to someone about spencer so she is probably working with the person in the black coat

    The killer and ~A are two different people and there is a good chance there is two As too because one is slightly nicer then the other

  6. Abby Said:

    I am going to look over all of the comments watch all of the episodes and look at all of the A messages and then i will try to narrow it down to 3 people or groups or less (hopefully). I hope to have my research completed by tuesdays episode witch btw i am so excited for!!!!!!!!
    I recomend do the same as I if you really want to find out or at least narrow narrow it down to a couple of people who could be A
    NOW WHO IS WITH ME!!!?!!?!?!!?!!?

  7. -A Said:

    Isn’t it obvious, Girls? It’s me!

  8. confused. Said:

    @KBrooke :) Alison can’t be still alive even if it says she was buried alive because they had to examine her in a morgue when she was DEAD to figure out how she died.

  9. cheyanne Said:

    i just wanna know who a is tee hee!

  10. Sara Said:

    Well on the psychiatric report that dr. Sullivan looks at the year of birth of A is 1994. And the notes say that the person believes it is their job to “police” and monitor the neighborhood. This person has anger management issues and only wants to harm others not themselves.

  11. Secrets&Liars Said:


    Good pick up! Isn’t it weird how that when you see the number 32, it’s at 32 minutes in the show as well! But no, it’s a random. At 17:30 you see the girls lining up for their numbers and to check their coats, and the guy behind Hanna and Spencer in the line is number 32, and he’s someone we’ve never seen before. Just some random dude with glasses! Keep the conspiracies going though!!

  12. MG Said:

    I think its Mona because in the fashion show episode, she gave Spencer the cd for the slideshow.

  13. PLL FAN Said:

    Alison has a twin sister. it’s the twin sister just wait and see . i never miss a episode of PLL. and im sure she has a twin thats following them around all day………… :P

  14. Rachel Said:

    i have never seen this show before…. I haven’t even seen the first episode and i’m hooked…. This is an amazing show!!!!

  15. Felicia Said:

    I’ve read people accuse A of being Ian, Jason, Garret, or Jenna. Isn’t that obvious. A is someone unexpected who we’ve barely see. Do you remember Officer Wilden? only appeared in season 1 and was dating Hanna’s mom. Don’t forget about Ben. Emily’s ex boyfriend who assaulted her. Then there’s meredith Byron’s mistress split Aria’s family apart. We should think of the forgotten ones. Who else have they left behind?

  16. lul Said:

    i think A is one of the girls cuz thats totally unexpected!!! DONT YOU THINK THAT????

  17. Sara Said:

    @MG….no Mona didn’t give Spencer the cd, she told Spencer to “locate it”. And the dj asked her if she wanted to take a last look at it before the show and she said “no I’m sure its fine”. Should have checked it!

  18. Sara Said:

    Soooo excited for the summer finale! It’s gonna be good! I just hope they give us a major clue for who A is. Bc of course they’re not gonna reveal it :p

  19. Sara Said:

    Well Alison is still alive. She drug Emily out of the barn. You can see her lace-up boots and jean jacket when she is dragging her out. Then you can see them again when Emily is laying her head on her lap. We know that Garret and Jenna think they killed Alison but they really killed her twin Courtney. Still a little confused on a few things. Can’t wait til October!

  20. Liar Said:

    I read the book and know what happened but I think the series might end up different. Mabey just mabey:[?

  21. Sara Said:

    Ya I hope! Everyone has already said what happens in the books that I haven’t read! Hope they didn’t spoil everything for me! :/

  22. Zoe Said:

    *******Spoiler alert******** bc A was born in 1994 that makes her 16, the same age as all of the girls. it cant be toby bc he is a guy. And it can be Melissa because she is older. so i think it is Ali. *********spoiler over*******

  23. Zoe Said:

    And for all you Jenna haters out there, she can’t be A, because at the end of the episode the waitress says, “hey there pretty eyes.” Jenna’s eyes are nasty and red bc of the Jenna Thing. so HAHAHA to all those who hate Jenna.

  24. -A Said:

    Oh my god, everybody can’t u see? It’s Ali!!! Could that be ANY more obvious, because she’s the same age as the girls, DUH!!! Can’t believe u people didn’t figure that out, WOW.

  25. anamarhur Said:

    Hi! I’m from spain and I’m totally hooked to pretty little liars. Could you tell me how many espisodes season 2 has?? thanks and sorry for my bad english.

  26. PLL lover Said:

    Okay here is my theory

    A is Jenna and garret a knows who killed the girls and we no a killed Ian. Sone people will say no but why would Ian just kill himself and Garrett and Jenna wanted to kill him so every thing would be “solved”. Jenna was blinded because the girl were spying on her that’s why itvsaid mosey b****** die. A also has to bee more than 1person cuz they can’t bein two places at once. They aren’t gonna do the courtney thing because they wouldn’t make it the same as the book andnin the book courtney killed ali because she was taking her place and then she was a but ther is no reason for Courtney to b a. And if u watch the lying game it is too much like that where one girl takes the other girls place yards yards yadda

  27. PLL4LIFE Said:

    i think Spencer killed Allison because in the first episode she was the one walking back to the barn after ali went missing and i think she got jealous because ali was with Ian at the kissing rock and so she killed her….. yaaahh..Also spencer wud know how to cover up the evidence of ali being dead because her mom is like a lawyer and deals with those things all the time….. Like seriously… she tots killed her… lol

  28. anamarhur Said:

    please!!! answer me!! I’m very hooked and here in spain there are hardly episodes. thank you!!

  29. A Said:

    You girls are as close to figuring out who I am as the Pretty Little Liars are.

    Kiss Kiss,

  30. pll lover!! Said:

    oh FAIL u r pretending 2 be A hahahaha

  31. A Said:

    I don’t have supper powers but i do have a partner though! Figure it out soon bitches before its to late! Good luck! (You will need it!)

  32. Felicia Said:

    god who is A this is driving me crazy! A is such a bitch but A has to have a partner their is no way he/she can watch jenna, emily, spencer, hanna, aria and toby!

  33. #1 of -A Said:

    I’m like the 1# fan of the -A team but Italy kinda obvious
    -A= Alison
    T= Toby
    E= Ezra/ Emily
    M =Mona

  34. Emily Said:

    I know who A is!!!!!!!

  35. Aria Said:

    Omg I reAlly hAve no clue who A is do you?

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