Pretty Little Look: Fashion Haiku Recaps for Episode 2.06,”Never Letting Go”

Why do we get gaga about Pretty Little Liars? Well, here are some reason to start off with: delicious secrets, steamy romances and, of course, all those luxurious garments! (Let’s face it–they may be Liars but they’ve got wicked style!) And during this week’s va-va-vroom runway ep, “Never Letting Go,” we totally applauded Aria, Hanna, Spencer and Emily‘s keen fashion sense.

Recap the looks your favorite Liars wore on episode 2.06 with this week’s Fashion Review Haikus:


  • Hanna told off Tom
    and then rocked a flower child
    look in Haute Hippie.
  • Aria accused
    J and worked a maxi by
    D.von Furstenberg!


  • Em made Pam happy,
    and ruled the runway in a
    purple DVF dress!
  • Spencer, in a Bird
    by Juicy Jacket, looked chic.
    Bet Toby would agree!

Whose fierce runway look in “Never Letting Go” did you absolutely love? Cast your vote in the comments!

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  1. izzi Said:

    My favorite was hanna, very chic and summer

  2. Immadancer Said:

    2nd Comment!

  3. izzi Said:

    saying comment doesn’t really count….shouldn’t you be commenting….on the topic =)

  4. GreenDay's#1 Fan Said:

    Hmm… Tough one… Hanna or Aria…. I’d go with…. Hanna. :)

  5. Immadancer Said:

    I liked Hanna’s Hippie dress! It was so cute and it looked really good on her. Also I liked Emily’s carnival outfit. The one with the mesh-y top. ADORABLE! I wonder who designed those clothes and how much they paid to have their outfits on Pretty Little Liars!

  6. Immadancer Said:

    @Izzi Everyone does it and it’s not that big a deal. It doesn’t matter.

  7. izzi Said:

    never said it was…i will say this though, its inmature
    7th comment

  8. Julia Said:

    i thoguht it was funny how the shortest girl wore a maxi dress, i thought Emily would.
    i liked all their outfits, but i thought spencer thought she was the thing walking down the runway, same with hanna, which i expected. emily reminded me of daphne from scooby doo in her outfit, but she still looked cute

  9. BrainyChild=ME! Said:

    Hanna or spence. Spence #1 Hanna #2 aria #3 Emily sucked horribly !

  10. Julia Said:

    damn thats rude

  11. nikki Said:

    just saying but some of these aren’t even haiku’s it need the syllables 575 for it to be one

  12. Theo Said:

    @Julia Ha! Poor Aria – “Are your longs always that short?” haha. It’s okay though – she looked fantastic!

  13. BrainyChild=ME! Said:

    I’m rude….?

  14. Immadancer Said:

    @BrainyChild=ME! I don’t think you’re rude. I think you’re honest!!! ;)

  15. Naomi Said:

    I like Hanna’s hippie dress and I also like the color.

  16. Julia Said:

    n no ur not rude, never mind

  17. Cheer Rocks Said:

    mine would be emily’s or spencer’s. I think Hanna’s is to hippie for me and aria’s is just not the right thing for me. Work it girls on the runwy. Hopefully they dont get hurt by A. Or i will get really mad.:o

  18. Cheer Rocks Said:

    sorry wrong emotion:(

  19. BrainyChild=ME! Said:

    <3 thannks you too……………………………………………………….. ;]

  20. Immadancer Said:

    ^ Thanks!

  21. BrainyChild=ME! Said:


  22. Hannah Said:

    Hannah Is Aweesomee! Her & Aria are My Favs!

  23. ME Said:

    @izzi lol 7th comment. 23rd Comment!
    @nikki, I was gonna point that out 2!!!
    Sorry but i hate dresses pll actresses…

  24. Mei Said:

    WOW none of the outfits are chic! When i was in the “Fall couture” magazine we totally had better outfits.

  25. Mei Said:

    too bad no one is on to be jealous…

  26. Pretty Little Spongebob Said:

    @ Theo


    i looooved hoe Spence told Toby, “Mona is 5 feet of insidious snark with a side ponytail and i want to yank on it sooo hard.” :D:D:D

    @ brainychild

    you? rude? thats is an oxymoron… :)

    i loved all of them and @ Julia hahaaa yeaa Spencer thought she was ‘the thing’ but Mona… wow she was over workin it ;)


  27. BrainyChild=ME! Said:

    @ PLS
    LMFAO Thanksss <3 ;) buty i can be when the person deserves it, but lol it was pree-random up there ^^^^^^ i was like, "huh?"

  28. Theo Said:

    @Pretty Little Spongebob Mona versus Spencer = priceless. I hope for more tense interactions between the two of them!

  29. stickey bunns Said:

    i like all butt emilys outfit

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