Pretty Little Look: Hanna Marin’s Wicked New Dress

Hanna Marin’s been through an ugly time: She was run over by A in Unbelievable, she has to make nice with a stepsister she doesn’t trust, and she has a Z-shaped scar on her chin that refuses to 100% fade. But in Pretty Little Liars Book #5: Wicked, Hanna is ready to slip into something trendy and reclaim her crown as the queen of the Rosewood  social scene.

Here’s the look we chose for Hanna’s triumphant comeback:

1. A printed mini-dress. Nothing says fierce like bold splashes of color.

Abstract Print Summertime Dress from Forever 21

2. A pair of hot black heels.

Smoke Heels from Forever 21

3. Bangles–because every high school socialite knows that accessorizing goes beyond a tiara and scepter.

Hermatite Interlocking Bangles from Claire's

Rate this pretty little look for Hanna in the comments, then tell us where you shop when you’re looking for trendy clothes.


  1. LoveToby Said:


  2. toshiwoshi Said:

    it should have been strapless -__-

  3. LoveToby Said:

    yes, toshi, it should be:)

  4. PLS Said:

    @ toshi and lovetoby

    yea… or spaghetti straps.. :-D


  5. Melonie Said:

    @ toshi love toby and PLS………..

    yea totes!!!!!! LOLZ.!

  6. PLS Said:

    @ Melonie

    :-P .. yup.. :-P


  7. Naomi Said:

    The look for Hanna is soo cute :)

  8. Lucssshhheeyyy Said:


  9. BrainyChild=ME! Said:

    i dont really like it.. could be MUCH improvedd… -.-

  10. Maddie XOXOXO Said:

    So CUTE!!! I’d wear it ANY day! :):D ;D ;)

  11. PLLfan#1 Said:

    It’s kinda slutty

  12. A Said:

    See you at school, Hannah. Can’t WAIT to see you. (:<


  13. izabella Said:

    luv ur style hannah want ur wardobe so bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  14. NOOR Said:


  15. ! Said:

    I don’t like the dress but the shoes are awesome

  16. Katniss❤ Said:

    Nice dress

  17. Kat Said:

    I want Toby to

  18. Beatrice Idol Said:

    Holy….Hannah’s clothes are sooo expensive looking- but looks so great! Even though they’re a bit mature for her age, she can still rock it. :)

  19. Ilovetobyc. Said:

    I think hanna’s wardrobe is preciouse!! I wish i can have it

  20. A Said:

    Hanna, Hanna, Hanna…
    Always had a trick for fitting in her clothes!
    Tell Mommy about me, and everyone knows!


  21. lucy hale Said:

    love this dress

  22. Shaymlover Said:

    omg love . I want this.

  23. #PLL#Ezria Said:

    Love the dress and the bangles and the shoes. I would totally wear the dress it is something I’d wear. I think Hanna’s wardrobe is really sophisticated and that is the reason why I like it xxx

  24. Sarah Landon Said:

    Hanna I love your style when I grown up to an adult I want to be like you

  25. Sarah Landon Said:

    Hanna, I love your style when I grow up to be an adult I want to be like you

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