Pretty Little Liars Playlist: Songs from Episode 2.05, “The Devil You Know”


Pretty Little Liars episode 2.05 featured many OMG moments, including A getting Spencer in major trouble with Melissa and Emily running into Logan Reed. Intense moments such as these are worthy of a memorable soundtrack, and episode 2.05 delivered the the right amount of exhilirating tunes.

Check out this week’s Pretty Little Playlist and start your Monday off with unforgettable music from”The Devil You Know”:

  1. Follow Suit” by Trent Dabbs: Plays while Spencer is on her computer trying to find ways to replace Melissa’s wedding ring (which she “borrowed” to pay for Toby’s used pickup truck).
  2. Turn Our Eyes Away” by Trent Dabbs: Plays when Ezra shows up to Ian’s funeral, goes to approach Aria but then sees Ella and ends up backing away.
  3. Running Wild” by Jules Larson: Plays when Caleb checks up on Hanna after the funeral to thank her for telling his foster mom off and to bring her “bling bling” (aka ice).

Which track from “The Devil You Know” did you absolutely love? Recommend a new song (doesn’t have to be from ep 2.05) you just can’t stop playing!


  1. BrainyChild=ME! Said:


  2. BrainyChild=ME! Said:


  3. BrainyChild=ME! Said:

    They should TOTALLY use good girls go bad & hot mess in this show. its perfect! Like good girls go bad when either Spencer or Emily do something bad. xD and totally use hot mess when Hanna is like strutting down the run way tomorrow night, or hanna at the mall or at school idk haha ;D

    So yeap. Hot mess and Good Girls Go bad ft. Leaighton M. ( total spelling fail on the name :/) by cobra starship (FTW!) :D

  4. BrainyChild=ME! Said:

    & if i had to choose from those three.. id say either turn our eyes away or follow suit ;) js

  5. Betty Said:

    Turn Our Eyes Away…. Amazingg songg seriously!!
    Made me cry. & it was perfect for Ians funeral :D

  6. Nikki McCurry Said:

    All the songs are really good. :)

  7. Immadancer Said:

    @BrainyChild=ME! I think it’s spelled Leighton. But, yeah good songs. And since you were the only person who commented before me does that mean I am 2nd comment? Or no… From those songs I liked Follow Suit. Perfect for the moment!!! It was kind of mischevious! Just like Spencer! And Running Wild because Caleb!!!!!!!!!!! CALEB!

  8. daizyann Said:

    i love them all haha

  9. Taylor Said:

    they should use moves like jagger by maroon 5 in the next episode on the runway
    they could of used the song monster by meg & dia when they were at the cemetary
    awesome songs!!!!

  10. Xoxo!Xoxo Said:

    @theo I think u should make a site like this for the secret life of the American teenager! I would tottaly go on it every day right after I check this site! Just a suggestion!

  11. Theo Said:

    @Betty Ahh! Made us tear up as well! :*(

  12. Theo Said:

    @Taylor What songs do you think they will use on the runway? I like the Maroon 5 suggestion btw! Do you think they are going to play any Tiesto or Katy Perry?

  13. Theo Said:

    @Xoxo!Xoxo Hey! :) That is definitely a great suggestion. This site is the official PLL site though which is why we always have such great scoop. Also, I’m a huge PLL fan! (Yea…I sometimes try to figure out who A is to fall asleep…sort of like counting sheep ;)) . However, constantly blogs about Secret Life — every time I visit their site to get the latest entertainment news I spot something on Secret Life. Is there anything you’d like to see more of on here? We’ll be doing posts for The Lying Game book/show as well each week so check back! :)

  14. Theo Said:

    @BrainyChild=ME! That would be so hot for the runway!

  15. Theo Said:

    @Immadancer <3 Caleb :)

  16. Xoxo!Xoxo Said:

    Thx for letting me no about! And this is my fav site ever!!thx agian

  17. ME Said:

    Ok sadly i dnt remember any of those songs (and im 2 lazy to check iTunes) but i have a recommendation:
    Next time Aria and Ezra get into a fite (wich they will) they should use the song “You Stupid Girl” by Framing Hanley. Look it up its so worth it!!!

  18. ME Said:

    I dnt think Aria is stupid and i REALLY hate Ezra but the song wood so go with the mood.

  19. ME Said:

    Ok i looked them up and their not really my thing but I COULDNT FIND #2!!! So ill never hear it…

  20. ME Said:

    I clicked the link for #2. Its ok but not as good as i thought itd b…

  21. Theo Said:

    @ME Lol! We take it then you’re rooting for Jason DiLaurentis?

  22. Poop Said:


    I am a bigger fan of The City is at War.

    I think the perfect theme song, other then the one they already have, for this show is 2RAK005 by Bracket. Heres some lyrics:

    I hide my identity, the truth is my worst enemy.
    And I’m confused, about all the things I do,
    Cuz nothing that I say is true.
    And if I tell a lie, please be my alibi.
    I wanna make believe its real, thats just the way I feel
    Theres nothing left to fabricate.

    If that’s not the PERFECT A song, I don’t know what is.

  23. Poop Said:

    PLL Playlist:

    2RAK005 by Bracket
    Mr. Brightside by the Killers
    Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri
    Alison by Elvis Costello
    Don’t Wanna Think About You by Simple Plan
    If Everyone Cared by Nickelback
    If Today Was Your Last Day by Nickelback
    Keep Holding On by Avril Lavigne
    My Own Worst Enemy by Lit
    Move Along by The All American Rejects
    Dirty Little Secret by The All American Rejects
    The Show Goes On by Lupe Fiasco (Hate this song because they stole its from Modest Mouses Float On)

  24. pllobsessed Said:

    I don’t listen to the music… I just watch the show

  25. Naomi Said:

    I like all of them, but the “Turn Our Eyes Away” song is my favorite.

  26. BrainyChild=ME! Said:

    Yup. @Poop

    I like ATLEAST 1.5/3 of the songs you listed for sure. Rest I’m sure are great! I’ll check em out! ;D

  27. Lola Said:

    i dont care about the songs, but i did like the one they were playing at the funeral. but ezra is being a jerk to aria! he needs to suck it up and tell everyone

  28. Theo Said:

    @Lola We so agree. Do you think it’s time for Aria to move on?

  29. mackenzie Said:

    i love the shows and i love the books:D

  30. Stephanie .K Said:

    They should play Justin Bieber in the show :) <3

  31. Poop Said:

    Ew. No.

  32. Immadancer Said:

    @Poop I agree. He’s everywhere. Prettly Little Liars is my get away!

  33. BrainyChild=ME! Said:

    Justin Bieber knows who A is, ya know ;) he watches PLL too. Sasha says she doesnt know HOW he knows, but he does, and supposedly Ashley and Sasha confirmed it for him ;) based on future scripts, but nobody can be sure, of course. yet they admit that their “A” is probs right cuz all the scripts point that way.. haha xD

  34. Amanda Said:

    i am in love with the new Selena Gomez song “Love You Like A Love Song”! I can’t stop playing the song on my ipod. I Hope that maybe they can use it in an episode in the near future.

  35. Theo Said:

    @Amanda It’s really good. Have you heard her whole album yet?

  36. fuzzy_d Said:

    Turn our eyes away was totally awesum! i cried during Ian’s funeral…perfect song!

  37. BrainyChild=ME! Said:

    @Amanda… SAME! haha

  38. ME Said:

    @Poop, the song u put up sounds pretty good!
    @Theo, Nope i hate Jason 2! Too creepy!
    @Immadancer, I NO I HATE JUSTIN BIEBER 2! PLL is the one place where he isnt at. Did u hear that he was on CSI? Good thing he DIED in the ep. (I dont watch CSI I just heard about it.)

  39. ME Said:

    Stupid Girl by Framing Hanley:
    You are my world, my everything,
    U stupid girl, uhh something something,
    So let me gooo,
    just let me be,
    u stupid girl, love the way youre killing me!!!

  40. Theo Said:

    @ME Going to check this one out! Thanks for the suggestion :)

  41. LoveMyHorse Said:

    Love Turn Our Eyes Away… They should do Only Hope by Mandy Moore at a super sweet moment between Spencer/Toby or Aria/ Ezra!

  42. Theo Said:

    @LoveMyHorse Aww that song is sweet :)

  43. Pll Said:

    Ok so can someone help me? I love this one song in the devil you know. It is when jason brings back mike and talks with aria. That is when it starts. But it continues when emily is writing and glueing some papers and taking notes. It was really cool and I loved the melody but I can’t find the song. Sorry if this is so long. I would love if someone knew what it was called. It is in 02 x 05 – devil you know. Thanks

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