Pretty Little Secrets Now Available! Plus, find out all the Pretty Little Liars Trivia Answers!

Prett Little Secrets by Sara Shepard

Four pretty little liars. Four stories they don’t want told. “A” spills every dirty, little detail in Pretty Little Secrets.

Today is a fabulous day for fans of Sara Shepard and her #1 bestselling Pretty Little Liars book series! Why? The eagerly awaited, special edition treat, Pretty Little Secrets, is now available wherever books are sold. And it delivers four, juicy, never-before-told stories about Aria, Spencer, Hanna, and Emily…all told from snarky little A‘s perspective, of course!

Who’s excited?! Get cracking on a fresh set of Rosewood secrets! Order your very own copy of Pretty Little Secrets, or download the ebook edition.

But — wait — there’s more!  For all of you who participated in our Pretty Little Liars trivia extravaganza on twitter January 2nd (@littleliars), here are all the correct answers!

  1. In what state is Sara Shepard’s Rosewood located? Answer: Pennsylvania
  2. In Pretty Little Liars episode 1.09, what does Hanna tell Mona to ask the Wizard of Oz for? Answer: a heart
  3. In PLL Book 4: Unbelievable, what’s the name of the Hollis class Aria enrolls in? Answer: Mindless Art Class
  4. Where do Emily and Maya go on their first official date in Pretty Little Liars episode 1.08? Answer: the Rosewood movie theater
  5. Which Liar in the book series is a “size two with size 12 insecurities”? Answer: Hanna
  6. What did the doctor diagnose Emily with in Pretty Little Liars ep 2.08? Answer: an ulcer
  7. In the book series, what does Aria love to knit? Answer: mohair bras
  8. How much were the boots that ‘A’ ordered on PLL ep 2.06? Answer: $549
  9. InPLL Book 3: Perfect, what prestigious award does Spencer win? Answer: Golden Orchid
  10. Who rescues Emily from Ben in PLL ep 1.03? Answer: Toby
  11. In PLL Book 7: Heartless, which Liar visits a girl named Lucy Zook? Answer: Emily
  12. Where did A make Hanna go for cupcakes in Pretty Little Liars episode 1.13? Answer: Lucky Leon’s
  13. What is Hanna Marin’s dog’s name? Answer: Dot
  14. What song was playing when Aria bumped into Jason on the bball court in “Blind Dates”? Answer: “Hawk Eyes” by The Kicks
  15. What song was Hanna listening to when she crashed Sean’s car in the book series? Answer: “Baby Got Back” by Sir Mix-a-Lot
  16. Which Liar was the first to receive a text message from A in PLL Book 1? Answer: Aria
  17. True or false? Toby gets fired after 1 day of work in PLL ep 2.02. Answer: true
  18. What did Ian and Melissa decide to name the baby inPLL ep 2.01? Answer: Taylor
  19. In PLL Book 7: Heartless, what alias does Emily use when she ran away? Answer: Emily Stoltzfus
  20. Who shows up at Emily’s house and apologizes for bullying her in PLL episode 1.16? Answer: Paige
  21. How is Hanna described when she calls Mike “Skidz” in PLL Book 8: Wanted? Answer: Ghost of Bitchiness Past
  22. Which Liar rocked aHaute Hippie look during the Pretty Little Liars fashion show? Answer: Hanna
  23. True or false? Rosewood Day’s acapella group is called the Brass Keys. Answer: false
  24. What was the name of the school play in PLL episode 1.18? Answer: The Bad Seed
  25. True or false? Emily told Garrett about Logan in “The Devil You Know.” Answer: true
  26. Who gets arrested for Alison’s murder in PLL Book 8: Wanted? Answer: Billy Ford
  27. What is Emily Field’s nickname? Answer: Killer
  28. True or false? The Liars spotted Jenna digging around her yard at night in “The Goodbye Look.” Answer: false
  29. What is the name of Aria’s pig puppet? Answer: Pigtunia
  30. Name one Pretty Little Liars season 2 episode directed by Chad Lowe! Answer: episode 2.22 or “Touched by An A-ngel” (aka episode 2.10)
  31. True or false? Hanna’s step-sister Kate is from Boston. Answer: false 
  32. What song was playing during Alison’s funeral in the Pretty Little Liars series premiere? Answer: “Begin Again” by Measure
  33. What is Ian’s middle name? Answer: Elizabeth
  34. What did Spencer and Emily find in Jason’s shed on PLL episode 2.09? Answer: photos of Aria
  35. Who is Emily’s “Foxy” date in PLL Book 2: Flawless? Answer: Toby
  36. From whose garage does Mike claim he stole a votive? Answer: Officer Garrett’s (‘Officer McFriendly’ is acceptable too since that’s Mike’s nickname for him.)
  37. In PLL Book 6: Killer, what word does someone spray paint onto Spencer’s windmill? Answer: liar
  38. Tweet the last line from Ian’s creepy note in “Blind Dates”! Answer: Come and find me.
  39. Which of the Liars used to be a chronic sleepwalker? Answer: Spencer
  40. What does the acronym N.A.T. stand for on PLL? Answer: Nos Animadverto Totus

So, how many did you get right? Don’t you just love testing your Pretty Little Liars IQ? Thank you to all who joined us for a fun PLL-themed day, and don’t forget to check out Pretty Little Secrets by Sara Shepard! You can read a few sample chapters here.


  1. Claudia Przybylski Said:

    In total I got 39 right but missed number 39.
    I really am a HUGE Pretty Little Liars fane and i have watched it from the beginning! Love you guys!

  2. 0rebecki Said:

    Missed 21! So 39 out of 40:) I really hope I won, I lovee the show and books. Pretty little liars allllllll theeeeeee wayyyyyyyy<333

  3. Megan Said:

    Did they message the winners yet??

  4. ! Said:

    Wahoo! I didn’t compete, but I played just now anyways buy looking away and I knew them all!

  5. Claudia Przybylski Said:

    I already got the book so no need for me to be the winner!! <3 Love Pretty Little Liars

  6. addicted2PLLS Said:

    i got like every single on right lol

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