Ravenswood Music Playlist: Songs from Season 1 Episode 4, “The Devil Has a Face”

Remy, Caleb, Olivia, and Luke in Ravenswood Season 1 Episode 4: The Devil Has A FaceIt’s no secret that ABC Family’s Ravenswood is full of ghosts, ghouls, and death. So, it’s kind of ironic that the show’s constant stream of amazing songs makes us feel oh-so-alive. From heart-pounding tracks with a rock edge to poignant, atmospheric tunes, this spooky series provides us with worthy new soundtracks to listen to week after week. And the Ravenswood music playlist for Season 1 Episode 4: “The Devil Has a Face” was no different! It was pure indie bliss.

Now what are you waiting for? Tune in below to hear some amazing songs from Ravenswood episode 1×04!

1. “All I Want” by Perrin Lamb: Plays when Miranda writes an email to Hanna on Caleb’s behalf and starts crying as she reads it over.

2. “Fire Between” by Grapell

Which song from the Ravenswood music playlist for Season 1 Episode 4 is your favorite by far? Cast your vote in the comments!


  1. Becky Said:

    I love “All I want” by Perrin Lamb. It’s such an amazing song that makes you feel the emotions. Absolutely love it.

  2. Theo Said:

    @Becky We agree. So glad to see his music making its way to TV shows. He’s so talented!

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