Ravenswood Recap: Season 1 Episode 8, “I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead”

“Promises were made. Debts are owed.”

Please note that this Ravenswood recap for Season 1 Episode 8, which aired on ABC Family on Tuesday (January 21, 2014), contains spoilers and specific scene descriptions. Do not read any further until you have watched “I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead.”

Ravenswood recap for Season 1 Episode 8: "I'll Sleep When I'm Dead"

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The episode opens with Miranda (Nicole Gale Anderson) staring at the jar containing a strand of her hair. Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) walks in on her and asks if she’s planning on opening. Boy, is she ever! (Except, it’s a really, REALLY bad idea.) Caleb, who thinks the whole situation is just too creepy for words, confronts Miranda’s taciturn uncle — Raymond Collins (Steve Cabral) — with the jar and basically tells him that he’ll be sorry if one more thing happens to someone Caleb loves. Collins immediately snaps back, “I don’t respond to idle threats!” As Miranda watches the entire exchange, she fills up with fury and smashes a glass vase (with her mind) as a consequence. And Caleb, feeling terrible for his ghost friend who is trapped at the Collins estate, ends up opening the jar and Miranda is able to walk freely around town. However, the instant he does, the ravens assemble to the cemetery and begin cawing in menacing tones, as though to warn the gang that something evil lurks nearby. Major gulp!

While those three try to sort out their differences, Remy (Britne Oldford) checks into a sleep clinic so that they can monitor her much-too-terrifying habits (such as sleepwalking and slashing people in the arm), and her father Simon (Henry Simmons) and boyfriend Luke (Brett Dier) accompany her.

As for Olivia (Merritt Patterson), she meets up with her once-again BFF, Tess (Haley Lu Richardson), to discuss what happened to Zack Springer (Brock Kelly), the guy that was chasing Olivia and shouting cryptic nonsense…right before Tess ran him over that is. Liv has a feeling he knows something but wasn’t very forthcoming with the details. She also tries to reach out to Dillon (Luke Benward) but homeboy isn’t answering his cell. What a jerk. A creepy, sinister, child-ghost-talking jerk!

Later on that day, the sleep doctor then meets with Remy and her dad and offers her professional opinion: she thinks Remy’s sleep-hobbies are related to the night terrors and sleepwalking she experienced as kid. (Wow. Ya think?) Apparently Remy had to visit a therapist when she was 7-years-old because she kept dreaming about a dark spirit and a three-sided blade. Yikes! And then to make matters even stranger, Remy falls sound asleep, and in her dream, watches her younger self sleep. (Honestly, Christopher Nolan’s Inception is fun and light-hearted compared to what happens in Remy’s mind.) It’s all cute and cuddly and Remy feels nostalgia wash over her…until, that is, a shadowy figure bursts onto the scene and tries to attack the adorable child. Freddy Kreuger?! Nope, just the scary preacher who started this whole damn pact that’s been trying to claim their lives one by one. Older Remy shouts, “Get away from her!” and the preacher disappears, but immediately returns and grabs Remy by the neck as though to choke the hell out of her. Luckily, a male nurse walks in at that exact moment and wakes Remy up from her crazy “nightmare.”

Poor Luke. Not only did he recently just spend a day locked up next to a complete weirdo at the local precinct, but his girlfriend is going bananas and his sister is gung-ho about figuring out what Springer wanted to tell her. Luke tells her to just stay away but Olivia pays her brother no mind. She and Tess then visit Springer (who’s lying in a coma in the hospital, but whatever), but his mother, who is standing watch outside his door like a presidential bodyguard, shrieks at them and orders them to stay far away from her son. Specifically, she tells Liv that the Mathesons are the worst family ever and nothing but bad things happen whenever they’re around. Later on, Remy’s father confides to Olivia that her father, before becoming the mayor of Ravenswood, was a defense attorney and threw Springer’s dad in prison: “You don’t become a politician without making enemies along the way.” Olivia mulls over Mr. Beaumont’s words carefully and decides it is now more important than ever to get sneak into Springer’s room and rifle through his bag. Does she find anything of use? Um, YEA! Specifically speaking, she gets her hands on an audio file on which Springer is heard saying, “I did it. I planted the knife. Isn’t that enough?” Olivia quickly races out of the room and meets up with Caleb who places it on a flashdrive for safekeeping.

While she’s gone, Creepy Collins drops by the hospital and pays his dear old graveyard digger, Springer, a visit. Tess and Liv see him leaving the room, and just as he does, Springer goes into cardiac arrest. OMG!!!!

Speaking of nightmares, Miranda relives their car crash a.k.a. the night she died and that is not a good omen at all. She freaks out and knows that whatever killed her is back to claim another life. As all this is happening, Remy fills Luke in on her nightmare and the “boogeyman.” Worried, her baby boo — sounding like Mad Eye Moody — tells her to practice constant vigilance 24/7. (But no pressure, girl.)

So what are Caleb and Miranda up to? Well thanks to a Google search and a hint from Miranda’s ghost pal Bea — who literally burned the words “UNSEEN FORCES” onto Caleb’s walls — they’re at the local library in search of a book called The Unseen Forces, which was written by H.A. Armitage (the man the Ravenswood High School was named after). Apparently this book contains the answers to all their burning questions about the town’s paranormal activity and the deadly pact. Thus, desperate to get their hands on it, Caleb and Miranda sneak into Mr. Price’s office (he’s the local history teacher) and get caught red-handed. Quite hilariously, Caleb excuses his actions by saying he’s starting school the next day (LOL. Caleb attends classes?) and wanted to know more about the town. Mr. Price isn’t buying this terrible story because let’s be real: who in their right mind breaks into a teacher’s office to find a book about ghost…just to feel more at ease about starting classes at a new school? Yea, nice try homie. However, Mr. Price is kind of sketchy and Miranda and Caleb sense that he knows more than he’s letting on about the town’s dark past.

Afterward, the ghost and her pal wander back to Caleb’s room at the Collins estate and Miranda confesses something heartbreaking: she’s worried she’s going to spend the rest of her ghostly existence being a pathetic spirit who keeps people from dying. She hasn’t taken well to the outside world and freaks out because she knows there more to the afterlife than this! She also randomly gets mad at Caleb and points out that he “doesn’t have to continue playing house” with her. He’s all like, ‘Girl, you need to chill ASAP’ and their convo is interrupted by a phone call from Luke. While the two guys chat about something important, the teapot on the stove starts whistling frantically and Miranda saunters over and stares at it. Suddenly, she spies Remy’s reflection, and in a panic, tells Caleb they have to find Remy…and quickly!

Unfortunately for them, Remy is preparing for another sleep study. This time around, the doctor medicates her to help her sleep better because “what good is sleep without dream.” Remy glares at the doc as though to say “fool, you don’t know me!” but then drifts into La La Land. She awakens in a dark room with a smirking clown town in the middle of it. The boogeyman overdid it and Remy points out she’s missing the “scared of clowns” gene so he go ahead and suck it! (#BadassRemyFTW.) He then crashes onto her like a freaking evil Batman, and back in reality, Remy flails around, clearly in distress. Her dad, Luke, and the doc all rush to her side and try to shake her awake but to no avail. Just then, Miranda and Caleb enter the hospital and Liv rushes over to them to inform them that Springer suffered a blood-clot and Remy has entered a super deep sleep stage. (Oh gee thanks, Gossip Girl.) Miranda touches the cameo Remy is clutching in her hand and slips into her fellow pact member’s dream.

While everyone is panicking about Remy and how she’s not waking up, Remy is having tea with the devil aka the preacher man. She demands to know how each generation of five teens are chosen, and the holy man reveals, ‘Yo. It isn’t random — it ain’t the Hunger Games.’ He points out the town does its part in the horrific process, that the curse wasn’t broken by the four of them surviving, and that all that matters to him is collecting his debt. Suddenly, he gets super cruel and states the obvious — that her mom would have been blown to bits at war had it not been for his interference. He wants to know how she witness the pact taking place and who helped her get a glimpse — and then tries to kill Remy in her dreams but Miranda comes to rescue and whacks him in the head with a lamp. WOOHOO! They race through a never-ending, Narnia-inspired closet full of clothes (evil guy aside, this is an amazing wardrobe. just saying.) as he chases them. Taking a leap of faith, the two gals jump into a black abyss and Remy wakes up. The sketchy preacher grabs Miranda but she glares at him right in the eye and utters, “I might not understand how all this dream hacking works, but it’s time you get out of my friend’s head.” She shrieks even louder, “Get out of my friend’s head, you son of a bitch!!!” and promptly shoves him into the pit and they fall away.

Phew. Close call! Remy is up and well and Luke tells her that “no knife” is worth dying for. Miranda and Caleb return home where he passes down an adorable piece of advice about current circumstance: “There’s a lot of books out there, but this story isn’t written yet.” Then, he asks her to wake him up for school and Miranda sighs. Sometimes a ghost has to save lives and serve as an alarm clock. It comes with the territory. Anyway, all that matters is that they’re safe and the gang now knows that the three-sided knife is what is used to make all the deals. And that Spring buried the knife — OH WAIT! The file Caleb saved on his flashdrive is corrupted. NOOOOOOO!!!!!!

A grief-stricken Olivia returns to the hospital to drop off Springer’s phone, and just her luck, the creepster is awake. It’s awkward at first but he fills her in on a terrible secret he’s been hiding: “You need to know. He made me do it. He made me do it. All of it.” WHO, DAMN YOU, WHO? “DILLON.” WTF?!!!

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    This is probably the best show i’ve ever seen please keep it going.

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