Speculation: 21 Reasons Ezra Fitz is A from Pretty Little Liars

Warning: This speculation post contains huge spoilers from the Pretty Little Liars Season 4 summer finale (Season 4, Episode 12) concerning the identity of “A”. Please do not scroll down if you have not yet watched “Now You See Me, Now You Don’t!”

Update: After you finish this post, click here to check out Part 2 of why Ezra might be A!

During the Season 4 mid-season finale, Pretty Little Liars dropped a bombshell so explosive and so shocking, we doubt we’ll ever recover from the trauma: namely, that Ezra Fitz is Alison DiLaurentis’s “beach hottie.” However, does this earth-shattering reveal actually mean that he’s “A”? (After all, he wasn’t wearing a black hoodie.) Or, is it simply a mislead – a leger de main if you will? Join us below as we take a stroll down PLL memory lane to search for clues and reevaluate the Rosewood High teacher’s motives and his suspicious behavior!

1. In Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 12, a dark figure enters the creepy lair of photos and high tech gadgets that Aria, Spencer, Hanna, and Emily had discovered early. He slowly spins around as though trying to figure out what the girls saw and took. Suddenly, the camera pans in and OH MY MONTGOMERY it’s Ezra Freaking Fitz. He’s radiates with sheer rage and also angrily slams an armoire door.

Ezra Fitz is A

Photo Credit: Pretty Little Liars

2. He owns a typewriter for all those times he needed to send off life-threatening notes to high school girls. Additionally, A’s letter to Ella in PLL Season 1 informing her of Byron’s affair with Meredith and the note A placed under Byron’s windshield in Season 2B asking, “Do you know where your daughter will be tonight?” were both written on a typewriter. Ezra and Jenna are the only two people we’ve seen with typewriters but it seems as though Ezra’s gets more screen time.

Ezra's typewriter on Pretty Little Liars

Photo Credit: Pretty Little Liars

3. In the pilot episode, Ezra acts as though he’s never met or seen Aria before. However, in the flashback Halloween special, “The First Secret,” we get a glimpse of Ezra checking out Aria when she visits her dad in between lectures and accidentally bumps into Ezra in the hallway.We don’t think it’s a coincidence that he brought up Iceland…

4. Aria and Ezra made out in the bathroom there was a poster frame honoring “Hollis College” as though to reiterate the fact that these two have met before. They are also smooching in front of a mirror and Ezra’s reflection stares back at him but Aria has her back to it the entire time. Symbolic much?

Ezra and Aria first kiss

Photo Credit: Pretty Little Liars

5. Let’s just clear the elephant in the room: Ezra Fitz loves dating younger girls. Thus, we wouldn’t be surprised to learn that he once courted Ali the same way he did Aria. And the people he wants gone? “A” has a habit of forcing the Liars to destroy such fools. *coughJackiecough*

Aria and Ezra kiss - Pretty Little Liars Season 3, Episode 8


6. In episode 3×05, Ezra purchased Aria a rather luxurious gift: a professional camera. That same night, Aria found a stack of Benjamins tucked away in one of Ezra’s drawers but he insisted he earned that from selling his car. We also know that Ezra refuses to leech off his family’s wealth. In the episode before that, Jason was seen writing out a check for $50,000. Could Ezra have blackmailed Jason in true “A” form?

money from pretty little liars

Photo Credit: Pretty Little LIars

7. Just like a beehive, Ezra’s English classroom blackboard is swarming with clues and suggestive literary quotes that hint at the possibility of him being Rosewood’s biggest sociopath. In a Season 1 episode we spot the following quote from the Great Gatsby: “I couldn’t forgive him or like him, but I saw what he had done was, to him, entirely justified. It was all very careless and confused. They were careless people, Tom and Daisy – they smashed up things and creatures and then retreated back into their money or their vast carelessness, or whatever it was that kept them together and let other people clean up the mess they had made.” Um, can anyone say “The Jenna Thing”?! Moreover, we are all too familiar with the viral photo from episode 1×12 below featuring Ezra’s penchant for CAPITAL LETTERS!

ezra fitz  - but i was a

Photo Credit: PLL Tumblr

8. At the end of the Rosewood hoedown in PLL episode 4×11, Aria stops by Ezra’s apartment to console him about losing Malcolm. And if you do a slow sweep of the background, you’ll spot on the counter a mug with the letter “A” on it. Unless that cup belongs to Aria and she forgot to reclaim it, it’s a bit weird for someone named Ezra to have an “A” mug.

ezra's mug

Photo Credit: Pretty Little Liars

9. Why the bleep is Ezra always showing up to the funerals of people he doesn’t know? He is spotted at Alison’s first burial (at which Spencer received a text from A saying he/she was watching “just like Tom Sawyer” which is definitely the sort of thing a literature teacher would reference). He also attends Ian Thomas’. Perhaps we’re overthinking it but Ezra might be graveyard-hopping to make sure that people he wants dead stay dead. Creepy! Update: Ezra courted Ali for a while, as we found out in PLL Season 4B.

Aria and Ezra at a funeral

Photo Credit: Pretty Little Liars

10. Oh hey, everyone. Remember the time when in Season 1 Noel Kahn tried to blackmail Ezra and then, out of the blue, test answer sheets were planted in his locker and he was suspend? Or how about in episode 4×11 when Ezra lost his cool and unloaded all his fury onto poor Emily whose jaw dropped to the floor at how mean her teacher could be? #neverforget

Ezra gets angry with Emily on PLL

Photo Credit: Pretty Little Liars

11. In episode PLL episode 1×02, as Aria leaves a cozy coffee shop and steps out into the rain, a store is shown in the background called “Hardware Keyes.” The K in the second word is cut off by a pole so it ends up looking like a pair of eyes. The song playing during this moment is called “Fresh Pair of Eyes.” Ezra cruises around the corner in that instant and offers Aria a ride. When Spencer finds out that A stole her sister’s engagement ring from the local pawn shop, she glances up to discover a pair of bespectacled eyes frowning down at her and her friends as though to say, “I’m always watching you.” (Fun fact: This was yet another Great Gatsby reference. And who wrote this timeless classic? F.Scott Fitzgerald.) Moreover, Aria sent Ezra a text in Season 1, Episode 20 about his beautiful peepers (it accidentally went to her mom though – awkward). Ezra and his watchful eyes seem to be a common theme in PLL. Are they symbolic of his constant surveillance over Ravenswood?

Photo Credit: PLL Episode 2.04, “Blind Dates,” ABC Family

12. At the homecoming dance in PLL episode 1×06, Spencer and her date Alex drop by the fortune teller tent to get their futures read. However, the fortune teller places down five Tarot cards (one for each of her friends including Alison) and explains them to her. The fourth card is especially alarming: “The lovers is a joyful card, but when paired with judgment, it means there’s something wrong with this couple. It’s a bad match. There’s darkness in him, maybe even violence. Or vengeance.” Meanwhile, as Spencer is being spooked by a soothsayer, the scenes flash to Aria running after Ezra. Could the mad man the fortune-teller had been referring to none other than ol’ Fitzy?

tarot cards from PLL Season 1

Photo Credit: Pretty Little Liars

13. “A” owns a record player. Ezra Fitz owns records, including one by Supertramp. It’s hard to jump to conclusions when you make such connections.

A's record player

Photo Credit: Pretty Little Liars

14. In the Pretty Little Liars Season 2 premiere, Ezra enters the classroom to find a game of hangman going on with his class. Interestingly enough, the mystery word seems to be “Liars.” He acts like he doesn’t know anything about but it seems awfully fishy that it’s on his blackboard as opposed to another teacher’s. Even more interesting, Ian Thomas had just been hung by A from the chapel bell and his disappearance was the talk of the town.

Ezra Fitz plays hang man

Photo Credit: Pretty Little Liars

15. Ezra has an impressive collection of French posters (one of them even depicts a plane) back at his bachelor pad. He’s also a very cultured individual and, often, a college professor (which Ezra was at one point) is required to be fluent in a few languages in order to translate sources. It was indicated numerous times throughout the season “A” loves the French language and even tried to master it. Coincidence?

Ezra Fitz shirtless

Photo Credit: Pretty Little Liars

16. In Pretty Little Liars Season 3, Episode 24 Ezra tells Aria to leave his lime alone. At the end of the episode we see A enjoying a cocktail with a lime in it. Clearly, this is someone who enjoys citrus flavoring and is over 21. Hmm. Hmm. Hmm.

A's lime

Photo Credit: Pretty Little Liars

17. In PLL Season 3, Episode 16 (“The Remains of the A”), Ezra continues his job search in the Want Ads. At the end of the ep, we spy A with a newspaper in hand, circling details about a room that’s available for rent. Could “A” have been Ezra in search of a lair?

rooms for rent

Photo Credit: Pretty Little Liars

18. In Season 1, Episode 17 Hanna’s mom stole a whole lot of cash from one of her bank customers (Esther Marie Potter). That customer later died and we saw A approaching her grave. The epitaph on her stone read, “To sleep, per chance to dream.” This is a Shakespearean quote and Aria soon after mentions that they are studying Shakespeare in English class.

esther marie potter

Photo Credit: Pretty Little Liars

19. One word: whiskey. In PLL Season 2, Episode 7 (“Surface Tension) when Bryon invited Ezra over to his house for a dinner with their colleagues, he brings over a bottle of whiskey as a gift. This is the same brand of whiskey A uses when littering Jason’s porch with empty bottles in “Dead to Me” and then when playing spin the bottle with the Liars’ faces taped on in PLL episode 3×19. (Also important to note is that Ezra has reason to hate Jason DiLaurentis — he kissed Aria and is Alison’s brother. He looked especially angry to see Jason at the dinner party which was weird but it makes a bit of sense now.)

whiskey bottles

Photo Credit: Pretty Little Liars

20. We are probably stretching it with this one but in the Season 2 finale, Ezra surprises Aria at the dance and he removes his masquerade mask in public. The episode is titled “unmAsked.” While the big twist at the end of the night is that Mona is working for the A-team, Ezra did literally remove his disguise to go along with evening’s theme. Double entendre much?

Ezra is unmasked

Photo Credit: Pretty Little Liars

21. Ezra is SO clean-cut he’s not even listed on the suspects board for Detective Wilden’s murder, even though it’s literally a cat’s cradle directory of Who’s Who in Rosewood. He’s very good at evading unwanted attention — he avoids his family, lives modestly, and even altered his surname!

Holbrook's board on PLL

Photo Credit: Pretty Little Liars

Is ABC Family trying to create a diversion to keep us from uncovering the truth about the REAL A? Or is Ezra Fitz the lunatic who has been tormenting Aria, Spencer, Emily, and Hanna for the past four seasons of PLL? Or he just your run-of-the-mill stalker? If you have any new clues to share, feel free to post them in the comments. (There are so many more still left that we may have to write up a Part B.)

Click here to check out Part TWO of why Ezra might be A. The clues just keep on coming!

About the Author: Theo is a television enthusiast/digital editor at Alloy Entertainment. A conspiracy theorist at heart, this Greek gal is constantly on the look-out for horcruxes and is still trying to make sense of Lost Season 6. All in all, she enjoys freshly brewed iced tea, ancient poetry, and Whedonverse. Follow her musings on entertainment at @theodorag13.


  1. Mark Said:

    I HATE THE FACT THAT ERZA COULD EVEN POSSIBLY BE A. Now that I have vented in caps I can think clearly. It all makes sense and everything points to him, but I’m hoping it’s all just to throw us off. I can’t take the thought of Ezra being A. He’s my favorite character and I was so invested emotionally in him and Aria’s relationship throughout the first three seasons. I have hope that things could change, but I’m not so sure…

  2. Jordan Said:

    If you look at the bone structure and eyes of the magic mime in S4E12 and compare them to Ezra there is an remarkable similarity. Not to mention how fascinated the mime was with Aria.

  3. Ezria4EVA Said:

    I think Aria is A! All these ‘clues’ can be linked to Aria as well!

  4. Rida Said:

    I LOVE THE FACT THAT EZRA IS A. I called this so long ago, and I am crazy pleased. I mean this is only the middle part, then they have to finish off season 4, and then a whole new series. Obviously Ezra is not solid A. But he is for sure apart of the A team. That much I’m sure of, and hella happy about. My guess till the very end is that Aria is head A, the one who started all this ( next the the whole Courtney theory ). Loved this episode, after all the bullshit dead ends, something good.

  5. Molly Said:

    Also, you forgot the fact that in the Halloween train episode (Season 3 episode 13) Ezra just happens to be able to find Aria at the end of the train after she had almost been killed. How would he have known that something had happened to her? Or was he involved in that something? That’s when I first has suspicion that “A” could be Ezra. Very interesting but disappointing too.

  6. piwi10 Said:

    Clue: last halloween episode, This Is a Dark Ride, Ezra appeared out of nowhere at the end of the episode, everyone was on the train and he looked suspicious

  7. Jane Doe Said:

    If Ezra is all seeing and all knowing then why would he not have known about Malcolm and him not being his son? Aside from that, i always had a feeling he was A but there is too many clues pointing to him. in the last scrne of the finale, he probably just followed them there and was upset because someone is still out to hurt Aria and her friends.

  8. Ingrid Said:

    Let’s not forget about when he suddenly appeared at the Halloween train to comfort Aria..

  9. katie Said:

    I think even though he is a he may have a soft spot for aria because I think he is one who vandalized that guys car who was spreading rumors about aria

  10. Stepahnie Said:

    Okay so Ive soon this theory before A TEAM
    A- Allison
    T- Toby

  11. Stphh Said:

    This is so sad, I know that it gives a whole new perspective to the show, and also makes it more interesting but, I love Ezra, that is one of my favorite characters, and realizing that he is A it makes me feel sad, I hope that it’s just a coincidence. But let’s be realistics, if Ezra got to A’s lair by coincidence, then he would’ve stayed much longer in there, seeing all the things and the photos of Aria and the girls, but instead, he saw the door was open, he only took a few steps and went mad.

  12. Em Said:

    I. Marlene King once tweeted:

    ‘All will be revealed in 3B’

    I think she meant Ezra’s appartment by that.
    Damn, I really don’t want him to be a part of this, but it sure seems like he is..

  13. Kk Said:

    still think they are messing with us.I say Ezra was there because he followed aria. When he realized they came upon the lair he was angry because he realized aria – who he still loves – is still being haunted by a and she’s still dangerously hunting! Also, number 14 is so misleading. It’s not as if fitz was playing hangman, it was written on the board! He walked in and simply erased it. But u must admit, the gatsby references are uncanny. The writers are toying. It’s not Ezra!

  14. Tabatha Said:

    I think Ezra followed them because he is worried about Aria and is mad because he found out A is messing with them again. He may know who A is though and that could be why he is so angry at the end?

  15. rebekah Said:

    for number 6, Jason was offering a reward for information about Alison, maybe Ezra told him something and Jason paid up and Ezra bribed him not to tell Aria

  16. crystal Said:

    for some reason im kinda excited for Ezra to be A a whole new side of him which is kinda scary and the clues led to him way more then they do Aria cant wait to see what happens next

  17. Liv Said:

    Obviously Ezra did not just go to the lair to follow the girls and then get angry because he saw A was back. When he walked in he was wearing the same clothes that were in A’s closet!

  18. frey Said:

    i feel bad now because id always tell people they were stupid for thinking ezra was a just because of a blackboard or a typewriter hehe but obviously they were right :)

  19. Nicole Said:

    There are almost 2 things happening. We always assumed the A team was protecting the Head A.

    Jenna, cece, shawna, Toby, Mona, wren — could have all been working to PROTECT Alison from Head A.

    If Head A is Ezra. The girls could have been getting threats from the A Team AND Head A. Not working together. But which is which…..the lair had info about all of them and secrets that the girls have uncovered but head A hasn’t.

    Also– Ezra had his diploma stolen and put in the Drs office.

  20. Ashley Said:

    I really hope that ezra is not A!!! I have been so invested in the Aria Ezra relationship and it will just break my heart if none of it was real!!! CANNOT WAIT UNTIL OCTOBER!

  21. Mandy Said:

    How about n the Halloween episode aboard the train, the train stopped and somehow Ezra was on it? It didnt stop at its intended destination, it stopped right when they found Garretts dead body. How quickly he got there is very suspicious. Also although she has had some things happen to her Aria remains the one in the group that has been picked on the least by A. Very interesting twist! I can believe it!

  22. Alice Said:

    Whou, I was shocked, although deep inside I sometimes thought of Ezra being A, because he is so away from it all, very modest and he is never involved in any A’s games. Series never get him into any big trouble, so we don’t get a chance to even suspect him, because he doesn’t have reason for it. But definitely that is the oddest thing, when you think about it.

  23. Bria Said:

    I am just so surprised…. it was right there all along and no one was paying attention!!!!!

  24. kali Said:

    I can’t even handle the fact that he could actually be A. But one question, why would cece always be looking in Ezra’s room and try to hear what they are saying?

  25. cole Said:

    What if A is ezra’s brother?

  26. Nila Said:

    This ezra thing is not so shocking to me because I have been suspecting Ezra for two seasons now.I loved his and aria’s relationship but no one is to be trusted and mrs.grunwald made that known last night when hanna said Ali can trust us, she knows that” and Grunwald looked right at her and said… hmm maybe not. Hanna didnt say anything a I love hanna but she could be apart of the ateam.lets thijk about how suspicious hanna and aria look in the theme song of every episode. Aria may be A as well

  27. court Said:

    I think aria is a and she set ezra up and that’s why he was so mad because he figured it out

  28. bestrevealever Said:

    So happy he’s A! I’ve been hoping for this for a long, long time. EzrA forever.

  29. Nila Said:

    Aria could be working with ezra as A remember when conner lied on aris and ezra got mad? Aria said “you cann’ot be the one who always helps me anymore” then ezra black mailed the principal.allison told aria you know why I picked you right?” Suspect much maybe aria us just keeping a big secret for ali.Also remember the halloween A train aria wrote her name on the window and the last A was like the signatures A.And in season 2 Mona called Aria the big A random or truth ? She looks guilty too.

  30. Hanna Said:

    Ezra is NOT A. This is because when Aria was looking at the board of pictures in A’s lair at the end of the episode, she said “Wren isn’t A, he’s being watched too.” While the camera goes to that picture of Wren and Spencer, it passes a picture of Ezra and Aria kissing. So, Ezra was being watched too! I think Ezra was angry when finding out that the girls were still being watched and were in danger. As to why he was there in the first place, I’m sure we will be given an explanation.

  31. Gianna Said:

    I do no think Ezra is A. One reason because in one of the notes to the girls that A had sent said something like ” Im back and I know everything kisses -A ” truth is, Ezra was never gone. If never went anywhere he was always here. Your clues may make sense but there all a bunch of other people. And in A’s lair on one of the posters eyes were following the girls so the girls were even being watched in A’s lair. Hope I helped!!

  32. Tony Said:

    i think Aria is A and Ezra is trying to help her out!

  33. Blair Said:

    I also think that Aria is A. She may have some condition causing her to do things she is unaware of. Some of the clues can also be linked to Aria and Ezra may be helping her because and helping her to keep cover. Though I may be overthinking this, but I do think it’s another twist the writers put in.

  34. Michelle Said:

    Melissa is A, she doesn’t appear on the clues at the room. Where is Melissa ? … She is A, Ezra is trying to protect Aria.

  35. Sarahfarkle Said:

    I think a lot of people are leading to Aria being part of the A team along with Ezra, and they might have a point along with Cece protecting Allison. This leads me to the scene where Cece was fighting Aria maybe not because Cece is A but Aria is! Allison was leading them there to show them. Also why was Aria the only one looking at the boards?

  36. Destiny Said:

    Maybe there’s more to the store!!!!! Ezra noo!!! :(

  37. Megan Said:

    Aria and Ezra’s anniversary also happens to be on the day of Ali’s dissapearance.

  38. Emma Said:

    How can we know to trust anything in the show? I mean they said toby was dead. and guess what? Toby isn’t dead. So therefore, how can we know for sure if Erza is A? I think the writers of the show just want to keep us guessing. Plus, they say Alison is dead but according to that story by Mrs. Grenwald, she isn’t. How do we know what to believe?? Also, when they were in the lair is the summer finale., the eye that was spying on them didn’t look like a boy’s eye… So who’s eye was that? Ali’s?

  39. Sydney Said:

    1. Ezra did not play hangman with his class, he came in to teach and it was on the board.
    2. He was at Ian’s funeral because he wanted to be there for Aria
    3. If Ezra was A then why would Cece be listening outside his door while he was talking to Aria?

  40. sophia Said:

    I really don’t think ezra is A. You all are missing a fact THE fact that A watches them all the time, ezra is a school teacher and a father, well at least was. How can he possibily get time to watch there every move, and for the typewriter thing, we also know that A is very good with all the gadgets, so who knows caleb could also be A.

  41. Christina Said:

    Remember Alison has an identical twin named Courtney….

  42. le Said:

    It may be that part of the Ezra team. But he is not-A, remembers when Mrs. Grunwald says that Ali wanted someone I could trust and girls say that she could trust them, then she leaves a doubt if the girls are really trustworthy?

  43. fruit Said:

    I don’t think Ezra is the head A, i still think it’s alison, and that she’s not dead, because who else would have known EVERYTHING about the girls and their lives… also Aria, she’s too sweet to be A. Aria didn’t know that Emily was gay, that spencer had a half brother and sister, and hannah’s bulmia and money troubles… same for Ezra, he only came in to teach and wouldn;t have known anythign about the girls, if you remember he said “holy crap” when he saw aria in the class

  44. Sam Said:

    I definitely believe that Ezra is A. It makes a lot of sense now. But even throughout the seasons he didn’t ask much about Allison at all… I think Hanna is in on it. She took the diary and his it automatically when the girls found Ezra’s lair. She might know he’s A and is trying to protect him

  45. Karina Said:

    All of those “The Great Gatsby” references just HAS to mean that he’s a huge part of the A team and possibly even means that if he isn’t A, he MUST know who A is. The other A team members have all said that they’ve never seen A’s face. My guess about Ezra according to the book’s references is that he’s Jay Gatsby (always abandoning himself from society, hiding a mysterious past, hopelessly in love with a girl, #16&19 w/ the alcohol!)and Aria is his Daisy (beautiful, completely clueless!).

  46. Sarah Said:

    I dont think ezra is A… What does he really have against the girls? I think he might be working with A so he can protect aria :)

  47. Horses284 Said:

    In the Last Halloween special Aria went on the train and Ezra said he wouldn’t be able to make it and later shes drugged by A and locked in a box to die. and then when the investigation happens at the end and Aria turns out safe Ezra shows up at the last minute saying he followed her on the tracks to see her but maybe he was there the whole time and hes the one that locked her in the box with garrett to die. t the end Ezra looks shocked but maybe hes shocked she made it out alive

  48. Sophie Said:

    In the last episode, when the girls got the four 8 balls and each one had something written on it, Aria’s had “A”. Before Mona called her “Big A”. Also, the fact that she was a part of the magic trick and then later she was the only one that didn’t believe what Mrs. Grunwald said about Allison being scared of someone.Maybe Cece was fighting Aria to protect Allison and then Allison showed the girls to A’s lair. Ezra was helping Aria and that’s why he got mad. Because everyone knew about the lair.

  49. Meghan Said:

    I don’t want to think that Ezra is A, but wouldn’t that explain how A has money for all these things? The high tech equipment, the hoodies for everyone, the coats, the gloves, the mobile home, the apartments and everything else that A buys? A is everywhere…. So when does A work??? A has to have money! And Ezra is from a rich family. Makes since. Although I would be devastated if A was Ezra. I think that the writers of the show are pulling us in the wrong direction to keep us in suspense!

  50. Cassandra Said:

    I do agree that alot of things point to Ezra and my heart stopped when he turned around in the finale last night. Last night was supposed to be the biggest reveAl yet, but who’s to say that it meant Ezra? Maybe the reveAl had nothing to do with Ezra and had everything to do with the story Mrs. Grunwald had told the girls about Alison, her being alive and pulled out of the grave and all. I love Ezria! I’m sure there’s some kind of explanation why Ezra was at the lair, but its not becuz he’s A!

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