Happy Birthday Wishes for Pretty Little Liars Star Sasha Pieterse

Sasha Pieterse - Sweet 16 BirthdaySasha Pieterse is perhaps best known for playing Rosewood’s ultimate mean girl slash queen bee Alison DiLaurentis. However, in real life, this Pretty Little Liars star is as sweet as apple pie a la mode! Obviously, she’s an excellent actress which is why she captures Alison’s conniving personality so well but she also L-O-V-E-S playing such an intense character (which can’t hurt): “Alison is kind of like my guilty pleasure; I don’t have to do much to become her. It’s the typical mean girl, everyone has their own idea of what that is.”

Another reason we adore Sasha? She’s constantly reaching out to her fans via twitter, always showing up to red carpet events with a bright, genuine smile on her face and — to boot — she’s a style star on the rise! And today, February 17th marks a very special day in Sasha’s life — her birthday! So in honor of this exciting event, we’re celebrating with a round of stunning pictures of Sasha and seventeen fun facts about her!

Join Sasha Pieterse’s festivities below!

Got any artwork or cards you’d like to share? Leave your birthday wishes for Sasha Pieterse in the comments below and/or in the Pretty Little Liars fan lounge!



  1. Zali Said:

    i wish that you have a wonderful 16th birthday x

  2. Kiera Said:

    OMG, i wish you a happy birthday. you are the best actress in the world, you play Alison so well! you play her like you know her as a sister! YOU ROCK!

  3. lyingame22 Said:

    Happy birthday sorry I wed it so late

  4. Naomi Said:

    Happy birthday Sasha! Sorry I read it late too, but it’s great your good friends with Boo Boo Stewart and Taylor Lautner, because I love both PLL and Twilight! I hope you had a great birthday! :)

  5. Angie gracia Said:

    Happy birth day sasha…p.l.l rocks! lots of love to you guyz especially mitchel shay…

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