Pretty Little Liars Recap – “It’s Alive”: Season 2, Episode 1

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS – “It’s Alive” – With all eyes in Rosewood looking at Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer, the girls are forced to seek help. (ABC FAMILY/DANNY FELD) TROIAN BELLISARIO, LUCY HALE, SHAY MITCHELL, ASHLEY BENSON

*Spoiler Alert: Avoid reading this detailed recap until you’ve watched the PLL Season 2 premiere, “It’s Alive”!*

We watched, we screamed, we L-O-Led! Tonight’s Pretty Little Liars Season 2 premiere was anything but an uneventful experience. The Liars’ return to Rosewood was marked by romantic predicaments, creepy stalking, and uncomfortable group therapy sessions (ya gotta love those). Are you ready to recap all the OMG moments from “It’s Alive”? Let’s get to it! 

5 OMG Moments and The Big Ta-da from PLL Episode 201:

  1. While escorting the Liars from the church to the police station, Officer Garrett takes a detour…into a dark alley. Hanna, Emily, Aria and Spencer immediately freak out and are hesitant about clambering out of the vehicle. Thankfully though, Officer Garrett’s motives don’t seem malicious. He simply requests that they leave out some itty bitty details when they’re questioned at the police station, including that he helped them blackmail Ian and that a Jenna & Toby, Inc. sex tape exists. The Liars don’t want to get Garrett in trouble and agree. However, as he’s backing out of the alley, the camera flashes to Jenna, standing in the dark, looking very pleased. (Seriously, are her parents? She’s blind and under-aged for crying out loud!)
  2. The Liars’ parentals are typically pretty lenient, but when their impressionable teens start making up zombie stories about dead men walking in Rosewood, they decide to intervene. The main parental consensus? These girls are living the vida loca—send them to a shrink, stat. The Liars have no choice but to attend a few sessions. However,  just as they’re getting ready to make nice with the therapist and let her in on all their A drama, Spencer spots a little something on the wall–Ezra Fitz’s Hollis college dipolma. Turns out A knows about the group sessions and doesn’t want any valuable secrets spilling out. Hence, the (terrifying) hint on the wall. (Umm…how utterly mafia boss-ish of A. Every time the Liars think they’re out, A drags them back in!)
  3. Garret and Jenna have a late-night rendezvous (of the non-sexy variety, sadly) and are talking about a mystery person who’s returned to Rosewood.  They don’t seem too thrilled by this news. (We’re guessing they won’t be planning a “Welcome Home” shindig any time soon.) Luckily, Garrett opens his big mouth long enough (before Jenna shushes him) to utter one take-away clue–Jason. (Alison’s weirdo of a brother who suspected Spencer was the killer? Gee, glad to have an insane DiLaurentis back in town.) As they pull away, the camera pans into a brightly lit window and we spy someone’s slow-moving silhouette behind it. Dun dun dun!
  4. Hold up though–Jason isn’t the only one who’s returned to Rosewood, land of the sketchy. Noel Kahn saunters into Mr. Fitz’s English classroom and offers to help him erase the blackboard (which has a malicious “hangman” game sketched upon it) and sits smack next to Aria. He turns to her and flashes a pretty and predatory smile. “Miss me?” Aria looks horrified! (News flash: Noel scares us. Though he’s certainly easy on the eyes, we suspect it won’t be long before he’s back to his old blackmailing tricks.)
  5. Nearly being murdered by her own brother-in-law has truly done a number on poor Spencer’s mental health. While home alone, she hears an outside branch snapping and immediately goes into Fright Night mode. She races to lock all the doors in her kitchen and grabs a butcher knife so large it’d make Halloween’s serial killer, Michael Myers, do a happy dance. She hears footsteps. She looks up and spots…Toby? She falls into his open arms and cries her heart out. However, it turns out that Spencer is right to be scared because Ian ain’t dead and he verifies his resurrection with one bone-chilling word: “Taylor.” (Unfortunately, this was not followed by a “Lautner.”)

The Big Ta-Da: At the end of the episode, Mr. Mendez, Pam Field’s realtor, is showing someone around Emily’s room. Wait a sec…black gloves, black leather coat? Oh, hell naw! It’s A! (Seriously, does the bitch have nothing better to do than shop for real estate?) When the realtor is clearly out of the way, A deletes the perverted videos on Alison’s flash drive. (Goodbye, “we have hard evidence.”  Hello, “no one will believe you now.“)

Do you think that Ian is still alive or does someone else also know the name of Melissa’s baby? Share your favorite OMG moment from PLL ep 201, “It’s Alive” in the comments.


  1. Bee Said:

    A is really irritating @_@

  2. Lucy Said:

    A makes me mad! I thought spencer and toby were really cute tonight!

  3. Anna Said:

    I think that the block msg. sender was in the garden place with them. She should’ve said the name aloud. Dumb move. I think Ian is dead. And the guy who was in Emily room was def. Garrett. He wanted the files deleted so he did it. Don’t know who A is yet. But this show keeps my heart pounding.

  4. cause I said so Said:

    Spencer shouldn’t of said the name out loud la duh ……….Ians dead and A is screwing with them i thought Melissa was A and Ian was covering for her cause he loves her …….but then again hes dead so … im soooooo lost ill be on the edge of my seat until next Tuesday.

  5. Jacob229 Said:

    So is Caleb gone for good!?

  6. mia Said:

    I don’t think Caleb is gone for good just have to make it look like it for Hanna’s sake but I think they’ll be back together,sometimes I don’t believe Jenna is blind because how in the hell can she have heard or have known they were gonna be there with garett? and e was whispering… thirdly why is JASON back??? seems kind of odd, love love love toby&spencer “spoby” ^_^ and it’s just like the books but they changed it a bit. when “Ian” messages melissa in the books he sends an IM and Spencer asked what his middle name was,he gave the correct answer so that’s why she thought he was alive… in the show it was the baby’s name so of course they’re going to think he isn’t dead…. and A planted his car with the money to make it seem like he left town…. Melissa is sketchy in the show like she was in the first couple of books but the Melissa from the show is really getting on my nerves and she has something to hide… Ian didn’t kill Ali but we all know who actually did…..

  7. spENCerROCks Said:

    A is Garret————I think——he wanted those videos GONE so he looked at em’s house and deleted the files.he was wereing the normal a outfit-BLACK. jenna isnt blind but couldnt be A herself cuz everyone thinks shes blind-except officer garret- GARRET + JENNA=A.

  8. spENCerROCks Said:

    in the show at least-im guess for the non readers :-)

  9. Rita Said:

    still think it’s Sean Ackerd

  10. Sarah Said:

    If you read the books you should know what really happened. But, the books are different. I still do think Ian is dead and that someone, probably A, was texting the Liars. It happened in the books.

  11. girliemom Said:

    I think that Melissa might have killed Allie and Ian is trying to protect her. I definitely think that Garrett is involved and he is the one who was in Emily’s house and erased the files on the computer. I felt sorry for Caleb and I hope that Hanna will take him back.

  12. littlecassie1 Said:

    I completely agree with girlirmom.

  13. daizyann Said:

    and i compleatly agree with girliemom and littlecassie1, hanna better take caleb back soon! i’m sick of all there fighting!!!
    lovelove spoby! and em and toby are friends again yay!

  14. cassie Said:

    I think A was txting them and Ian is dead. Garrett is A i think. Jenna isnt really blind. I also think Melissa has something to do with it. Ugh i cant wait till nxt tuesday!!!:)

  15. Poop Said:

    A is a creepy creep. Thats all there is to it. Why does eevryone in Rosewood have to be messed up in some way. I don’t think Garret is A. he just came in the 2nd half of first season, so he couldbe half A but I doubt it. Maybe they’re making it so obvious that its jenna, so everyone thinks its not Jenna, but it really is Jenna… So many theories, so little time.

    A is obvious though.

    *** SPOILER ALERT ***

    A is a bitch

  16. mia Said:

    did anyone else catch when Ian was trying to kill Spencer and A showed up he asked him/her “What are you doing here?” I’m watching it over&i just caught it… he knows who A IS

  17. OhhYeahh Said:

    Now that Noel is back and dating Mona , he is going to use Mona to be mischievous. Melissa is hiding something and i think she’s the one texting the girls trying to scare them. why is it that every time some one knocks on the Cavanaugh’s door someone is always looking through the window and then Jenna happens to get the door. That just gives away the fact that jenna is not really blind. They keep mentioning the Cavanaugh’s parents but we’ve never seen them. i think that one night when the girls were at a college party with allison and that girl died … i think allison pushed her and made Ian look guilty to the girls . then melissa caught them in the woods the day the video was made and she killed Allison. Caleb will come back and help Hanna in some kind of way and Hanna will take him back. i think A is Garret and Jenna. Jenna sends the texts and mails and Garrett does the stalking and killing.

  18. OhhYeahh Said:

    jenna pushed ian and garrett moved the body .

  19. ryangirl18 Said:

    I think A is the one who said “Taylor.”

  20. ME Said:

    ya i agree with @ryangirl18 and anyone else who says this:
    I think A txted “Taylor” cuz A knows like everything. Melissa mite think that shes talking to Ian but she most likely isnt… This was the “OMG” moment. (when “Ian” txted “Taylor”)

  21. Supahgirl Said:

    i flipped out during that episode Caleb better get his ass back on that show some how! lol but yea and i think that A is either jenna garrett or jason. melissa does seem like she has something to hide. ian def. noes who A is. And i really wanna noe who A is and who Really killed ali who noes mayb it’s the most ovious person…… or it could be someone yoou never even thought of as a suspect…. PS plzzzzzzzzzzzz dont let the girl be split up!!!!!!

  22. Supahgirl Said:

    lol typo girls aka HANNA EMILY ARIA SPENCER

  23. toshiwoshi Said:

    wow, they’re actually starting to follow the storyline

  24. Aleasha Said:

    She said the name of the baby before the person text it back to her whoever is texting them is listening to them while they text the bang at the end shows someone is there.

  25. Angel Said:

    I dont get why the heck spencer said Taylor out loud! EVER HEARD OF ‘TELL YOU AFTER’?????

  26. BrainyChild=ME! Said:

    1)Spencer’s a fool for saying Taylor outloud… uh! But we’ve already established that
    3) I’m pissed I dont know what the “jason” thing is… ANY IDEAS!?
    4) @Theo, Do you know more than us? Like do you get told the deets ahead of time, because you are a memeber of the PLL team? Do you atleast get to preview the episodesb efore, because you cant possibly post these RIGHT after the primier is over… :D Just wonderinggg

    xoxo BrainyChild xD

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  28. Theo Said:

    @Supahgirl Some people have mentioned Sean or Caleb even. I don’t think it’s Caleb but who knows. Rosewood is one crazy town!


    I luv the show and all but it kinda irks mee that its soooo different from the book. They alredy changed the killer! I just hope they dnt change ‘A’ too. :/

  30. Brittney Said:

    I think Ian is dead..and A knows EvErThiNG so im sure He/ShE knows the name of the baby!! ReAdy For TueSdAy!

  31. Danielle Said:

    I think Ian is dead, and the only reason that whoever was sending Melissa texts as Ian, “A”, knew the baby’s name was because Spencer said it out loud. If she hadn’t said it out loud, “Ian” wouldn’t know the name, being proof that he was dead, but in the books A did the saame thing to Spencer but in the books it was a little more confusing, you really questioned if ian was alive, but the show made it kinda obvious. that was my only problem, but otherwise, i loved the first episode, and can’t wait for next week.

  32. McKenna Said:

    I have mixed feelings about Ians death. First of all, HE KNOWS WHO A IS. When he was being pushed, he let that slip. Also, Melissa is hiding something. Something BIG. Not the baby, duh, but something else. Did she kill Alison? Maybe. But now she has Ian, or really HAD Ian so if she was A, the texting would’ve stopped. Most people think that Ian is A, but I’m almost positive that him and A are different and Ian knows who A is, but he doesnt know that “A” is blackmailing the girls. He just knows he/she/it doesn’t like the Liars either. Now another topic. Noel. My God, did they just bring him back to confuse us? Is he A? I thought so, he’s cute and everything but there IS a sinister quality about him… and I think he knows it too. Remember when Hannah’s mom hid money in the pasta box and Hanna had a party? I think he took the money then and was working FOR A. He’s back now dating Mona and I think he’s going to use her somehow. Also, he was there when Hanna was hit by the car last season. Thats some incriminating evidence. Now one of my favorite topics: Hanna and Caleb. OMG Hanna take the guy back!! He said he loved you and after you confronted Mona, you KNEW you loved him too! What Mona did was SO wrong, and you could have still been with Caleb! Your Mom likes him too!!!!!

  33. McKenna Said:

    Almost forgot. I think A was with the Liars in the greenhouse (?) when Melissa got a text from who they thought was Ian. She should’ve said, Alex or something – works for a boy or girl- and that would have showed up instead of Taylor. -POSITIVE-

  34. ashelybenson101 Said:

    I thought it was it was really freaky at the end and i think spencer should have kept her mouth shut but i luv spoby :)

  35. ashelybenson101 Said:

    @McKenna I think ur totally right !

  36. i luv Noel Said:


  37. Kelsey Said:

    If the real Estate agent saw who A is, then can Emily ask him who was looking in her room?

  38. Theo Said:

    Aww. Hope Caleb gets Hanna back too, @girliemom!

  39. SPOBY4ever Said:

    My thoughts,,,
    A is Garret and Jenna. Jenna isn’t really blind, and she pushed Ian. Ian knew who his killer was cuz he said “What are you doing here?” Ian and Jenna know each other, they proved that in previous episodes. After Jenna pushed Ian, Garret moved the body. He’s a cop, so no-one was suspicious of him being there.
    The only reason I even started watching PLL is cuz of Spoby <3

  40. paula Said:

    Hey who can tell me how to find out what the girls will be wearing for the halloween event ?! I need coustume ideas! THANKS <3 note to all fans : like my page on facebook ; Pretty Little Liars Fan Page / News …… thanks !!!!!

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