Pretty Little Liars Recap – “Touched By An A-ngel”: Season 2, Episode 10

Photo Credit: Keegan Allen as toby and Troian Bellisario as Spencer / ABC Family

We had quite the spooky time in Rosewood this week, didn’t we? On the one hand we had A, who continued tormenting Emily Fields in the creepiest ways imaginable. On the other hand, we found out that A may actually be a team of stalkers (sort of like the Babysitter’s Club but instead of childcare they specialize in terror). All in all, it was an awesome episode, filled to the brim with shockers!. Now let’s proceed to the OMG moments from “Touched by an A-ngel”! (P.S. Coincidental or not? The only other reputed “bad” angel is the Devil himself. Does this sound like A to you? Muhahaha.)

Top OMG Moments and The Big Ta-da from PLL Episode 2.10:

  1. A may be crazy but the bitch is all about presentation. After all, what’s the point of a terror session if not conducted properly. And, once again, Emily is A’s prime target. Not only did A somehow get into a sealed cereal box and replace all the Alphabits letters with “A” but he/she left Em a toy surprise. (And by “toy,” we mean a bully note calling her the weakest link.) But A didn’t just stop at tampering with Em’s lotions and food (um…at this point Em’s going to have no choice but to survive off leaves and acorns)—A took his/her shenanigans to the Rosewood spa and gave Em a toe-curling massage. (Mmm…a little to the left please!) Naturally, Emily assumes it’s the real masseuse doing her job. However, upon spotting A’s signature scrawled upon a foggy glass of water, Emily realizes that she just received the scariest rub-down ever.
  2. Ella Montgomery spots Spencer Hastings in Ezra Fitz’s car during the college fair and frowns. The scene looks very suspicious! So she does what any worried parent would do and approaches her daughter about it. She straightforwardly asks Aria if Spencer and Ezra are having an affair and admits that she would feel betrayed if that was her own daughter. Aria is speechless…which is a probably a good thing considering she and Ezra wanted to go public with their relationship. Awkward!
  3. Hanna Marin and her stepsister Kate Randall are making an effort to get along but they are clearly walking on eggshells around each other. We know that the Kate in Sara Shepard’s book series is a total jerk but the show’s Kate didn’t initially seem offensive at all. WRONG! This Kate is spiteful too and actually dares to give Hanna a ring and pretty much tells her that she’s going to break her in like a horse and then destroy her. OH HELL TO THE NAW. No one—and we mean no one—speaks to Hannakins like that!

The Big Ta-da: Nos Animadverto Totus = We See All. NAT, as Spencer and Toby concluded, is Ian, Garrett, and Jason’s exclusive society that they established as high schoolers. (Ew. Sinister much?) They are guarding a HUGE secret and the Liars suspect these guys are not only A…but part of an A-team!


Photo Credit: The Nine Lives of Chloe King / ABC Family

And because we heart ABC Family Tuesdays, we’re listing the Top OMG moments from episode 1.10 (“Beautiful Day”) of The Nine Lives of Chloe King as well!

  1. Zane, like the disloyal Trojan Horse he is, weasels his way into Valentina’s home and kills both Valentine and Jasmine! Does he kill Alek too? No way! Zane could never take his own brother’s life…
  2. Brian Rezza’s grandma is not who she claims to be. She’s actually in cahoots with the Order’s go-getter redhead (Simone) and she’s a total witch! Ugh. We gave her too much cred though for her pimp cane. Unfortunately, truth be told, this old broad is no Golden Girl!
  3. After Chloe successfully escapes a dangerous trap, Simone confronts the Uniter with a revolver in hand and shoots her several times. Chloe then suffers another unbearable death. (Hmm. Notice a pattern here?)
The Big Ta-da: Brian Rezza tells Chloe that he loves her, then kisses her and then…dies!

Two amazing, back-to-back hours of non-stop suspense. What were your favorite OMG moments from this week’s episodes of Pretty Little Liars and/or The Nine Lives of Chloe King? Tell us in the comments and remember to tune in next Tuesday for another ALL NEW episode of Pretty Little Liars!


  1. Josée Said:

    @Kristy, aha oh ok I get it now thanks! and @ILuvEzrandAria aha who knows maybe, maybe not lol

  2. Josée Said:

    Has everyone read the PLL books?!

  3. RaNdOmNeSsRuLeZz Said:

    When you type “Nos Animadvertos Totus” into a Latin translator, it translates to “We Notice Whole,” but when you type “We See All,” it translates to “Nos Animadvertos Totus. It’s weird…

    @PLLfan4life: That makes a lot of sense… maybe you’re right!! :-)

  4. Theo Said:

    @RaNdOmNeSsRuLeZz I actually can read Latin and Totus literally does mean whole but the definition changes in different contexts. It’s a bit complicated lol.

  5. gigi Said:

    @theo latin thats one language im not taking in high school next year so many letters or is that greek anyway you didnt ruin my day im just sad that brian was dead why didnt he just give up on chloe theres actually a boy in my life that just wont give up and its really bothering he even gave me a love letter a couple minutes ago i was gonna tear it up but i wanted to show my friends so we can laugh about am i a bad person for it

  6. gigi Said:

    @poop is it really that easy cuz theres some stuff i wanna open without ppl knowing

  7. ME Said:

    @gigi, nah its ok to laugh at ppl every once in a while! :D

  8. gigi Said:

    @me of course it is laughing is fun but if this guy starts anything out of the ordinary im calling the cops eeryday i come to the library to go to this sit and he is always there so today i came later and he was still there it agravates me and if i come early then i wont be able to read new PLL/TLG stuff but school starts monday so i wont be coming to the library no more
    sorry if i bored you with my personal life

  9. Meredith Said:

    Ohmigosh I feel so bad for Emily! Not only is she having girlfriend problems. (I mean she could have avoided that problem by simply exchanging digits with everybody so it’d seem less personal but you know…) But she also is getting “one-on-one” time with A! So creepy!

  10. nathalie Said:

    mike is A!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!just think about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  11. takeia Said:

    I really love this show, can’t wait till’ next weeks finale!
    I want to know who A is already. :)

  12. Poop Said:


    Its amazingly easy. Its funny too. Once I put a fake black widow spider in my friends cereal and she completely flipped. I got the whole thiong on camera. XD. And about the guy thing, if he doesn’t take the hint, make it obvious. If he still doesn’t leave, throw him the face whenever he tries talking to you. (If you don’t know what the face is look it up on youtube) And after that if he still wants to talk to you, you should probably try talking to him because if he can look past the face, chances are he’s a nice guy.

  13. LoveMyHorse Said:

    YAYY!!! HORSEBACKRIDING ON PLL!!! Haha, well can you guess who my guess of A is? Are you ready… it’s Garrett a.k.a. Bad Cop. Think about it though!

  14. gigi Said:

    @poop but we dont even go to the same school live in the same neighboor hood matter fact he’s 2 years older than me besides if my mother found out she’d kill me anyways i already like someone and he’s been hinting that he does too and we have history i just met this other guy last week and he’s already saying he’s in love with me like he’s ready for commitment

  15. LoveMyHorse Said:

    Oh, and screw Kate for her stupid horse metaphor.

  16. gigi Said:

    @LoveMyHorse tehe i just noticed ur user name is love my horse and you said yay horse back riding but isnt it kinda scary anyway garrett’s official term is dirty cop if he was a bad cop he would be helping criminals but he’s a dirty cop so he maybe helping criminals *cough A unless he is A* but he’s also making out with underaged girls so he’s a dirty cop lol

  17. gigi Said:

    you guys know how ali (well courtney) left her best friends niaomi and riley for the liars in the books does anyone know if they were her friends before the girls becuz maybe that who A is niaomi and/or riley THEORY TIME!!!!! ok so after ali left niaomi and riley for the girls
    they wanted vengence and ali’s death was a great opportunity so they both were stalking ali and the girls before her death then someone not A killed her niaomi/riley through ali’s room when no one was home and then they found her diary with the girls secrets blah blah so one of them is doing all the pyhsicall A stuff and the other does braniac stuff they kept stalking them throughout the year then so on next weeks episode SPOILER I GUESS after taking dr.sullivan hostage they make the girls do horrible stuff and they will also make emily tell aria’s mom about ezra or her results come out basically you know the rest

  18. Poop Said:


    You say that, but even still. Try the face. Everytime he walks up to you do the face, the trick is to give the creepiest face, hold completely still and don’t laugh talk or say anything and hold your face until he walks away. Keep this up for a week any time he talks to you. If after a week of seeing nothing but the face he still wants to talk to you, something isn’t going to keep this kid away, so at least be his friend.

    Naomi and Riley were in one episode. But they didn’t say anything. I don’t think they were friends. You never know maybe itll come to play later.

  19. Poop Said:

    Oh and I think the song “If I Die Young by The Band Perry would be a good song to play on PLL, depite the fact I hate that song it sort of fits perfectly and I like the lyrics.

    Especailly the part where it goes “Funny when your dead how people start listening.”

    So true!

  20. ME Said:

    Wow i think i looked totally awful up there, cheering over Brians death. I didnt hate him that much, just something about him irked me. Im sorta sad hes dead. He seemed like a main character… :(

  21. Theo Said:

    @ME LOL! No worries there’s a lot of Alek versus Brian tension brewing out there. It’s brutal!

  22. Amy Said:

    Have any of you read the book? Its not mike!

  23. Theo Said:

    @Amy This is more focused on the show. The show’s creator commented that A isn’t the same as the books. Hope that helps in narrowing down. Who’s your guess for the A on the show?

  24. SPOBY4ever Said:

    Jasmine, Chloe, Brian and Valentina all died in the same night. If they kill Alek I’ll prolly stop watching, it would just ruin everything if she lost her entire Mai possie. I’m gunna miss Jasmine D,:

  25. hasawas Said:

    who is A??

  26. LoveMyHorse Said:

    @gigi- Haha, yeah! So Garrett is dirty cop.

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