Pretty Little Liars Recap – “I Must Confess”: Season 2, Episode 11


SPOILER ALERT: Don’t read this post or the comments until you’ve watched “I Must Confess.”

Once upon a time, in a beautiful land called Rosewood, there lived a brainy psychotherapist who enjoyed helping patients work through their troubles and woes. She listened to them and offered responsible advice and her expert opinions.

One fateful day, the doctor–Dr. Ann Sullivan, received a call from a powerful lawyer in town named Mrs. Hastings. Mrs. Hastings announced that she had four new patients for the doc. These patients were 16-year-old girls who got caught up in a frightening murder investigation involving a missing person and a dead best friend name Alison DiLaurentis.

Dr. Sullivan, despite her years of successful treatments, had a hard time getting through to her new patients. Aria Montgomery, Emily Fields, Spencer Hastings and Hanna Marin refused to speak up but the Doc knew that something was wrong and sense an ominous force sucking the life out of four vibrant girls.

Unfortunately, Dr. Sullivan’s various attempts to get them to talk failed. Not only that, but a total lunatic broke into her office (using a damn key), vandalized the place, and smeared advice on the wall for the advice giver: “Nosey Bitches Die.” Soon after, the rattled “pretty little liars” (a nickname pegged by the Rosewood Observer) mysteriously dropped out of therapy and Dr. Sullivan figured she’d never hear from these well-groomed community princesses again.

BUT, the shrink was mistaken. After one of these pretties, the competitive swimmer, experienced a meltdown and reached a breaking point, her friends intervened and they finally revealed their scary, dark secret: Someone’s been hurting them for a long time.

Dr. Sullivan is outraged by the news and, like any valiant knight, she charged forth into the crowded, strange hallways of Rosewood Day High with a full cavalry of words about cowards, cyberbullying, and crime and punishment. But the perpetrator–the evil texter in disguise–sees all. He/she didn’t like what the brave healer has to say and infiltrated her phone with creepy recordings of her private session with the Liars.

Apparently, D stands for not only “doctor” but “danger seeker” as well. A’s taunts only motivated the brilliant psychotherapist to continue probing through her old files, trying to find answers and figure out who the sinister “A” villain is. She journeyed further and further into the past until, all of a sudden, she stumbled something utterly alarming about one of her “former” patients. And, just like that, Dr. Sullivan won the first battle round of “Who is A.”

Sadly though, there was no happily ever after to this tale of horror. A caught up with the poor doctor before she had a chance to reveal his/her/their identity. The moral of the story? Again, as A quips, “Nosey Bitches Die.” Sometimes, some cases are best left unsolved.

So, is Dr. Sullivan as dead as Ian Thomas or has A stashed her away to save her for a rainy day? Leave your theories in the comments!

The End? Not when A’s just begun having fun…


  1. lauren Said:

    don’t get too hung up on what the file implies, Dr Sullivan could be wrong

  2. Dunja Said:

    @lauren I agree, I think that file is fake… And one more thing.. Why would A run over Hanna if A isn’t Noel.. I mean, A said ‘she knew too much’ and obviously Hanna didn’t know anything… And why would Noel write ‘I see you’ on Ezras car window, I mean, that is so something what A would do…

  3. Brianna Said:

    @Dunja Noel isnt A because always -A at the ends of his/her messages…And A ran over Hanna because he/she THOUGHT Hanna Knew…

  4. Feellikearia Said:

    I dont think Noel is an -A. He’s not that smart

  5. Colleen Said:

    I think its the we see all club. And jenna has her sight back she is just pretending so that she isnt a suspect.

  6. P.L.L.ocd Said:


    in the last episode of pretty little liars, the girls finally tell dr. sullivan all about A. Somehow, A is always 2 steps ahead of them and places a tiny microphone under

  7. P.L.L.ocd Said:


    in the last episode of pretty little liars, the girls finally tell dr. sullivan all about A. Somehow, A is always 2 steps ahead of them and places a tiny microphone under a trophy in the Dr.’s office. The girls or dr. sullivan didn’t know that A had planted it. so as they were talking A heard EVERTYTHING. Later in the show, dr. sullivan looks through her old client’s papers and see’s a similarity between the girls’ file and the client’s file. Then she looks at quotes that the client said, one example was “Nosey Bitches die” – she remembered it from the time she was broken into. Then she realizes who A is and calls emily to tell the girls to meet at her office immediately! when all the girls get to her office, they get a text from, A saying, “THE DOCTOR IS OUT.”

    THen afterward, it shows a black glove throwing files into a black bag and then leaving, but then, walks over to the trophy and removes the microphone and closes the door.



  8. emily Said:

    noel is sooooo not A! hannah was hit by a car because A thought hannah saw her! and noel was pissed at aria when he saw her with ezra thats why he wrote i see you! jenna is not faking but she is involved some how……

  9. Sadia Said:

    So will we know who “A” is by the end of this episode?!

  10. Dunja Said:

    Emily and Brianna: good point.. I didn’t think of that -A signature… I didn’t think it’s Noel eather, but I was confused with ‘she knew too much’… thanks…

  11. Nellie Renwick Said:

    I know who A is. I think it is Jenna. Because Jenna is dating Garrett and in Dr. Sullivan’s notes says A likes to “police” things around.

  12. Lexi Said:

    Here is a clue to who A is.
    1.Who was the one who removes the baseball cap from the overcom microphone in the stables?

    At least, that is who A is in the books…

  13. OmgPLL Said:

    i think i know who A is, remember the boots A bought? on the summer final episode when maya was talking to emily in hannas room hanna tells her “are those the fall edition” or something like that and i was looking at the boots maya was wearing and they look the same as the ones A bought!

  14. BeeMR Said:

    I agree that boots may be a clue…didn’t someone have the same boots as Dr. Sullivan in an earlier episode????

  15. koalaaa Said:

    its not maya cause in the first season emily was with maya when she got a txt from ” A “

  16. Ariel Said:

    @lexi but there’s a new A after she dies.

  17. Joanna Said:

    @omgPPL, the boots that A bought used them when the girls were digging the ground where they thought Dr. Sullivan was buried. Hanna commented on her boots the first them they had their therapy session. When they were digging, the first thing they saw were the boots… At least that’s what I think.

  18. katie Said:

    How PLL ends! (in the books)

    Alison has a twin sister named Courtney. Courtney has a history of pretending to be Ali since she has a mental issue, and she stays at a hospital which is why we never hear of Courtney. So one day (the day the girls try to steal Ali’s flag), Courtney is home because she is switching hospitals, and Ali is up in her room. Courtney comes and befriends Aria, Spencer, Emily and Hanna while Alison is in the house. Mrs. Dilaurentis mistakes Ali for Courtney and takes her to the hospital. When Ali tries to tell her mom she is Ali, her mom thinks it’s just Courtney pretending to be Ali again. So, Ali then spends some time in the preserve that Hanna stays at in the series which is how Iris knows Ali who she thinks is Courtney. So, this whole time Courtney is friends with the 4 girls who they think is Alison but it’s not.

    Then at their sleepover, Courtney who is really Ali comes back from the hospital for summer. She is jealous of Courtney’s life and how Courtney took it from her. Meanwhile, Courtney (as Ali) is with the girls having their 7th grade sleepover. When Courtney (as Ali) tries to hypnotize them, Spencer gets mad and orders Courtney (as Ali) to get out. Courtney goes outside to meet up with Ian after that, but in the act, Alison (as Courtney) takes her and pushes her in the hole, killing her. Btw, Alison was the one who was stalking them in the window during the sleepover.

    Then, when Courtney (who everyone thought was Ali) doesn’t return, the family and her friends thinks Alison is missing, but really the REAL Alison who was never friends with the 4 girls as they thought, is still at the preserve. Then in Wanted, Alison (as Courtney) returns and the girls believe all her lies as she tells them she is Alison (who they never really knew…they knew Courtney). Then Alison tells her story acting as if she was their bestfriend.

    On their trip with Alison (acting as their old best friend who was Courtney but they thought she was Alison), Ali tries to kill the 4 girls because she is mad Courtney chose them as her bffs (they were losers). The real Alison also killed Jenna and Ian because she was afraid they would spill her secret. Ali is also the new A and she got all of their secrets just like Mona did, from Courtney (acting as Ali)’s journal.

    So… really the girls never knew Ali. They knew her twin, Courtney who they thought was Ali, but Courtney (as Ali) died and the real Alison killed her. Really, just think of Ali as Courtney and Courtney as Ali. :) I know this kinda confusing but everyone will just have to wait so please dont ruin the secret and tell everyone about this website thanks!! ill write later if i get anymore information.

    Ok well when the girls find out that A is mona and mona’s gone the girls think everything will go back to normal. WRONG! A comes back and this time A is Alison. You see Alison never died. It was her twin sister courtney that died. When the girl met Ali that summer it wasn’t Alison. It was her twin sister courtney pretending to be her while Ali was taking her place at Courtneys metal hospital. So Ali comes back as A. Then Ali gets them all to come to her summer house and locks them in a closet. The girls find that melissa and Ian were there to. Ian was dead. Ali then send them a text message saying the the Ali they knew was Courtney. The girl find a secret passage and find Ali about to escape but Emily pulls her back in they escape with Ali back inside. Thats when the house explodes. The girls tell the police EVERYTHING but when the fireman go to the house they only find Ian’s body. Alison’s body is no where to be found. ;)

    Read more:

  19. Secrets&Liars Said:

    Has anyone else noticed that A’s handwriting has changed about 3 times?? At the start to like when Emily was in hospital, it was a black marker big, curvy writing, at some episodes it looked like it was written by a typewriter (which made me think Ezra had something to do with it cos he was always referencing his typewriter and it was often in shot) and then the way it was written on the suicide note and Jason’s ‘I know what you did’ note. Then the red block letters from A’s therapy file and all the more recent notes.

    Just a slip up or a not-so-coincedence????

  20. heaven Said:

    who is really ‘A’?

  21. ??? Said:


    Do you remember that episode when Spencer is just starting to like Tobi… she teaches him French.. well at the end of that episode it shows “A” listening to a French recording so “A” is learning how to speak French… then in a newer episode.. when hanna and mona go to the horse thingy with Kate and her two friends… Mona speaks French to one of Kates friends…. Therefore Mona is possibly “A”.

  22. Pretty little watcher Said:

    Ok so You know the episode where Emily is getting a massage well a is giving the massage right. So I was looking at a’s body to see if it’s a girl or a boy well I totally think a is a girl because a’s wearing a puffy leather jacket but a’s really skinny because even with the puffy jacket a was still small but tall if you notice a is tall and mona is shrt so it can’t be Mona. It could be her I could be wrong still. WHO IS A!!!!!!!

  23. Pretty little watcher Said:

    A is always wearing leather so who’s the one who wears a lot of leather duh!!!!

  24. lauren Said:

    ??? and Pretty little liars watcher, in the episode when they got to grave yard and that video pops up again of alison supposidly getting murdered but isn’t. And Ian is in it. And when the 4 girls are walking back out of the graveyard to search for the thing taht records it and shows it on the building. You see -A but they dont and -A is wearing a mans hoodie, and loose skinny jeans with some sort of running shoes, and -A looks pretty tall soo, there for i think its Garrett because he is a highly trained officer and can basicly get away with murder or anything because he knoss what police look for. And he really wouldn’t come up as a suspect because he is a police officer.

  25. lauren Said:

    And plus WE SEE ALL Club is in french and Ian,Jason,and Garrett are in those clubs soo I think the have something to do with it.

  26. D Said:

    @lauren- Nos Animadverto Totus is Latin, not French.

  27. peepee Said:

    dr. sullivan is as dead as a doornail

  28. PrettyLittleFairyTalePrincess Said:

    I don’t want to find out who A is. If the writers tell I think ABCfamily would cancel the show. Then on the other hand if they don’t tell people would stop watching. I hate how good shows always disappear.

  29. LovelyLiar Said:

    A is Mona. I mean think about it Mona is bffs with Hanna. A stole those pics of Emily and Maya at noels party which Mona attended. A hit Hanna with a car at Mona’s party( I think Noel is working with Mona, they are the new “it” couple now.) A bought those riding boots and then Mona goes horseback riding with Hanna and Kate. Dr.sullivans notes said something about the year 1994 which would be the year Mona was born in. Mona came to the hospital the day Hanna got that note from a written on her cast. Ther is just so much evidence.

    A is Mona and Noel. Mona is the brains of the operation and Noel is just the one who runs people over and pushes them off of bell towers.

  30. maya Said:

    i know who a is, its alison . alison did not die her twin sister did courtney so she planed revenge on her for stealing her life her identity has been kept secret

  31. ~A Said:


    -A in the books was Alison’s twin sister (WHO WAS NEVER MENTIONED UNTIL THE FINAL BOOK) Courtney . They were living a double life .

  32. statics Said:

    maybe it is mona.. or alison.. the two of them…

  33. danabella Said:

    i have seen the 3 recent episodes BUT i dont rekon the producers of the show would make the show about the book. too many people know about the books now so things would have to change and BTW doesnt Toby commit suicide in the second book? i just rekon they will change if for the show and their has to be more than one A.

  34. pllfan111112 Said:

    You know the way Alison is back in the Halloween special is that actually her twin?:S notice the wee creepy person with a mask on is always behind them in the preview???? :)

  35. majorka Said:

    I think the ending will be the same as was in the book. I mean, Alison had twin Courtney,but her parents took real Ali to hospital,Courtney stayed.
    The point is:
    1. Real Ali killed her twin because she stole her life. But why is she mad at girls and pretending A? She hasnt even known them. They were just her twin sister’s friends. So why…….?
    2. Second thing- Jason. He is hiding something but question is- WHAT. And Spencer’s dad. He is also involved in this case and DiLaurentis family.
    Jenna for sure is not A. She is blind right now,so maybe its a group of people.I’ve seen many of your answers about Mona and journalist. Can you tell me something about this?
    If you want to talk about PLL or another serials, write to me

  36. Briana Said:

    the series is different than the book, you cant give spoilers if its from the book, because alot of things from the book isnt in the series and alot of things in the series isnt in the series! … they changed alot … i honestly think A is Mona! Always have!

  37. Tay Said:

    Omg!! I think it’s Maya the boots comment made
    Me think hownin the last episode when emilly blacked out and Alli kissed hr I think Alli had always liked Emily and Maya it mad and killed Alli!!! And Maya had 2a’s

  38. manju Said:

    i think A is mona…..seriously….i think “A” is mona

  39. 777pllfan Said:

    I just want to know who A is
    Oh and if u only watch the series u should read the books they r real
    Page turners

  40. PLL Said:

    Guys its its Alison, the girls all knew courtney not alison!

  41. Jordan Said:

    Dr.Sullivan isnt dead A paid her off.

  42. Theo Said:

    @Jordan We definitely know :) This post was written a few months back before we found out that the good doctor was still alive. Can’t wait to see how the girls go about finding A! :)

  43. ! Said:

    Does she know that the person that paid her was A?

  44. ! Said:

    Chances are yes but you neeeeever know! ;-)

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