Pretty Little Liars Halloween Recap – “The First Secret”: Season 2, Episode 13

Alison DiLaurentis whips up some scares on the Pretty Little Liars Halloween special.

Sasha Pieterse as Alison on Pretty Little Liars Halloween / ABC Family

SPOILER ALERT: Don’t read this post or the comments until you’ve watched the Pretty Little Liars Halloween special, “The First Secret.”

And the “Most Terrifying Pretty Little Liars Halloween Moment” Award Goes To…

The Pretty Little Liars Halloween episode was full of non-stop screams and thrills. From all the over-the-top, fabulous costumes to Alison’s witchy comments to the eeriest haunted house ever, Pretty Little Liars ep 2.13, “The First Secret,” kept viewers spellbound found beginning to end!

Although, each scary scene (as well as every startling secret) kept us glued to our seats, we have to admit that the biggest OMG moment goes to the frightening story from the opening. During this unforgettable scene, Alison DiLaurentis was telling the little boy that Hanna Marin was babysitting a very bloody tale. (Fun fact: That’s Marlene King’s adorable little boy, Atticus!)

What was the story about? Well, it just so conveniently happened that Alison, out of the Halloween tales she could recount, chose to terrorize the poor child with a story about a psychopathic girl who murders her twin in cold blood.

To a Pretty Little Liars Halloween passerby, this story might be just that…a scary story. But to a fan of both the television series and books by Sara Shepard, the scary tale seems to be loaded with more fact than fiction!

We don’t know for sure of course. It could just be a teaser to lure us off the path to discovering A’s identity. (Such as when we discovered that Ian Thomas wasn’t A even though he had attempted to shove Spencer Hastings to her death in the bell tower Reverend Ackard’s church….) However, Alison’s story actually could have been more than just pure coincidence. Could she have been recounting true details — was there once an additional DiLaurentis sibling who was killed off by her very own twin?

Hopefully some answers are revealed when season two resumes in January 2011 but, until then, the Pretty Little Liars Halloween episode satisfied our cravings by providing viewers with more clues about who is A and Alison’s mysterious past!

In regards to Alison’s special story time at the beginning of the Pretty Little Liars Halloween special — do you think she was telling a true story or just trying to whip up some scares?

Leave your thoughts below and/or chat about all the juicy moments from the Pretty Little Liars Halloween episode in the viewers lounge!


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  2. loveprettylittleliars Said:

    I think she was trying to whip up some scares. It is proved later when Ali ask Noel if it was him and he denies it.

  3. Lucy Hale Said:

    Wow! Thank you evreybody for your kind help in enjoying and make pretty little liars a big hit all over the world just right now in the show i am glad Alison is back but very scard of Ezra because here a theory what if Ezra or any of the -A team kidnapped Alison the night she “disappeared”. Because remember Alison Dilaurentis was geting the text before Spencer,Aria,Hannah or Emily. So maby just maby” The -A team” might of “killed” Alison!

  4. Morgan Luna Said:

    I agree with Lucy because if you think about it she actually has a great theory so…. btw Lucy watch your back A could be watching you right now!!

  5. Morgan Luna Said:

    if u could be a pretty little liar which one would u be?

    just curious

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