Pretty Little Liars Recap – “The Blond Leading The Blind”: Season 2, Episode 17

Aria, Spencer and Emily worriedly peer out a winder on Pretty Little Liars season 2 episode 17.

Photo Credit: Pretty Little Liars / ABC Family

SPOILER ALERT: Don’t read this post or the comments until you’ve watched Pretty Little Liars Season 2 episode 17, “The Blond Leading the Blind.”

The drama on Pretty Little Liars Season 2 continues to grow and PLL episode 2.17 was no exception! From a incriminating video footage to a sweet kiss in the rain, “The Blond Leading the Blind” was chock full of heartbreaking slash bone-chilling scenarios. And even more unforgettable? ‘A’ poking around in the Liars’ romantic affairs. (Sigh.) So let’s get on to all the moments that made us gasp with delight…and utter horror!

Five OMG Moments from Pretty Little Liars Season 2 episode 17!

  1. N.A.T. Club Field Trip: The Liars are gathered outside the greenhouse (surprise, surprise) and are checking out the files Caleb was able to recover from A’s phone. After the usual eerie greeting (“I know you want to kiss me”) the video jumps to a never-before-seen moment filmed inside Alison DiLaurentis’ bedroom. Ian is setting up a creeper cam and, soon after, Garrett and Jenna enter the queen bee’s private chambers. What the bleepity bleep? It’s okay because Jenna cuts to the chase. “What the dilleyo, Ian?!” Ian admits that he tried to get Alison to fork over their sketchy little tapes but she was all like “nah, bro.” Jenna makes a perverted joke (which isn’t too out of character for a girl who blackmails her stepbrother into sleeping with her) but Garret gets all freak-a-leak on Ian: “This is your fault, Ian. I knew you’d go too far and those videos would come back to bite us. That’s why I bailed on this messed up club!” They scavenge the room for the videos and, suddenly, the future cop stumbles upon the treasure box Jason gave Aria in “Touched by an A’ngel“! Dun dun dun…End scene.
  2. Toby gets a broken arm AND heart on Pretty Little Liars season 2 episode 17.

    Photo Credit: Pretty Little Liars / ABC Family

  3. There’s No Such Thing as a Clean Break: For some reason, ahem ahem, ‘A’ has it out for Spencer and Toby. Every week it seems that he/she is all up in their biznatch: “Break up now, bitches, or suffer the consequences!” Well, ‘A’ finally puts the pedal to the metal (or more like the wrench to the nail) and went after Toby. Why? Because he and Spencer were caught mid-smoochies during their pick-up truck stakeout. So ‘A’ sends Spencer yet another menacing message (“I warned you”) just to let her know who’s really boss. Flash forward to Toby climbing the scaffolding that crazy A loosened in “Let the Water Hold Me Down”: The entire thing begins swaying then shaking. The structure gives way, lurches forward, and pretty soon all of Spoby’s hopes and dreams come crashing down (along with Toby unfortunately). Fret not though! Tobs lives to tell the tale—and gets a souvenir cast for his now broken arm in the process (let’s hope A doesn’t sign this one). Luckily for him, Spencer’s former lover (aka the much too old doctor who was once her sister’s fiance not to long ago) is taking good care of his medical needs. Unluckily for him, Spencer ends their steamy romance in an attempt to protect him from further murder attempts by A. After all, a broken heart heels much quicker than, oh say, death! Poor six-pack ab stud fella.
  4. A Big, “Wet” Kiss: The parentals forbid Aria from ever seeing her literary boo again, so what does she do? She devilishly plots away with Holden. (A Liar’s gotta get her kicks somehow, ya know?) Her paste-loving pal has secrets of his own (apparently, he’s not gay like the rest her friends suspected) and wouldn’t mind scratching her back if she wouldn’t mind scratching his in return (otherwise known as covering up for each other so that they can enjoy their clandestine booty calls rendezvous). So Aria, tightly wrapped in a gorgeous trench coat, trades in Rosewood for Philadelphia and waits around for Ezra to accept her invite and make his move. Unfortunately, she waits around for a really long time (damn she’s optimistic). Fortunately for her, one of Ezra’s students moonlights as a part-time love doctor and prescribes the following: “Be bold. The mighty forces will come to your aid.” Soooo effin’ random…but downright necessary! Because right then and there Ezra finally listens to Aria’s voicemail and drops everything now, meets her in the pouring rain, kisses her in the middle of a busy street on the sidewalk, takes away her pain! (Basically, after this week’s “Sparks Fly” inspired moment, we’re firm believers that someone on the Pretty Little Liars writing team is a die-hard Taylor Swift fan.) The good news—at least there’s one happy couple left in Rosewood!
  5. Caleb tries to hack his way through A's phone on Pretty Little Liars Season 2 episode 17.

    Photo Credit: Pretty Little Liars / ABC Family

  6. Flash Drive Smoothie: There’s much to tell with this moment aside from the fact that Hanna allowed her feelings for Caleb to cloud her judgment. Instead of being happy that her boyfriend hacked his way into some super juicy footage filmed the night Alison was murdered, Hannakins freaks out. (Understandably, she’s worried about his well-being and safety.) She freaks out even more when Caleb mentions that Garrett may or may not be obsessed with him (shut the bleep up, dude) and that he shows up wherever Caleb is trying to initiate passive aggressive chit-chat about forgetfulness and run-of-the-mill amnesia (seriously homie, pipe it down). However, Hanna’s heard too much. She grabs the flash drive from Caleb’s hand and plops in right into the blender. CLUNKITY CLUNK CLUNK CRUNCH ZZZZ SCREECH. That’s the nails-scratching-against-chalkboard sound the poor blender emits. Brilliant move, Hanna…not! Caleb doesn’t say anything but he’s probably thinking, “Damn, this chick is cray cray. Just keep smiling and back away slowly. Plus, don’t tell her you have a copy safely tucked away.”
  7. The Odd Couple: Mona’s completely distraught over her ugly breakup with Noel (who proves how much of a jerk-wad he is by throwing the necklace he bought her in the trash). We’ve never seen Mona so completely defenseless and vulnerable…and it’s actually kind of refreshing to see her acting so….so…what’s that word? Ah, yes—human! Thankfully, Hanna finally decides to be a good friend and whips out all the stops to cheer up Rosewood’s very own Glamping queen. What does Hanna do? She listens, nods sympathetically, says  “amen, girl” numerous times, and gives Miss Mona a “there there, child” pat on the shoulder. (What—no ice-cream?!) She then suggests the best breakup cure of all…shopping! (We’re guessing Spencer didn’t fill Hanna in on that whole ugly cashmere sweater set ordeal.) So Mona and Hanna head out for a night out on the town (fake I.D.s and credit cards in tow) and they’re having a jolly good time…until, that is, they spot Noel and Jenna wining and dining (and most likely scheming and dreaming up big diabolical plans). Pssh! Mona, if it makes you feel better, Jenna’s what they call the “Rebound” chick. Boo ya!

The Big Ta-Da: Emily getting sassy with Jenna or being Spencer’s own personal liar? Toby skipping town? Nope. It was A. Burning Photos. Of Aria and Ezra kissing in Philly. And of Spoby. Ay yi yi. And sheer creepiness aside, there’s now even more evidence that someone in the PLL world seriously loves some Taylor Swift beats. (Pardon us but does “Picture to Burn” ring any bells?)

What was your top OMG moment from “The Blond Leading the Blind”? Tell us in the comments, and tune in for all new episodes of Pretty Little Liars Season 2 every Monday at 8/7 c on ABC Family!



    My OMG moment from this episode is when Mona started to cry infront of Noel…never thought that she could cry…

  2. savanni13 Said:

    My OMG moment was when Ezria kissed, it was so sweet!!!

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