Music from Pretty Little Liars Season 2, Episode 25: “unmAsked”

Aria and Hanna at the masquerade ball - Pretty Little Liars Season 2, Episode 25We don’t know about you but the Pretty Little Liars Season 2 finale exceeded our wildest expectations! Not only did viewers finally find out who creepy A’s identity (coughMonacough) — and not only did Spencer and Toby rekindle their passionate relationship (woohoo) — but the girls also attended a grand masquerade ball during which they observed lot and lots of suspicious activity! From Spencer almost getting killed (wouldn’t be a proper PLL finale without her screaming for dear life) to Emily’s heartbreaking breakdown over the possibility that Maya might actually be dead, “unmAsked” delivered!. Another noteworthy aspect of episode 25? All the heart-aching and romantic songs streaming through Rosewood’s crisp night air!

Tune into a brand new playlist featuring music from Pretty Little Liars Season 2, Episode 25 below!

  1. Magical” by Girls Love Shoes: Plays when the girls hang out with Aria at Ezra’s apartment.
  2. Better In Time” by Leona Lewis: Plays when the Liars arrive to the masquerade ball and Caleb surprises Hanna (commenting that Mona helped him) and Spencer figures out that Alison was actually spying on ‘A’!
  3. August” by Bear Attack: Plays when Hanna notices the Rosewood ball attendee in a Black Swan dress.
  4. “Out To Kill” by Wherewolves: Plays when Emily, Hanna and Aria decide to spy on Jenna, Lucas, and the mysterious woman in the Black Swan attire!
  5. Always” by Peter Bradley Adams: Plays when Ezra tells Aria he can’t stay away from her and when Caleb and Hanna dance together.
  6. Just a Kiss” by Lady Antebellum: Plays while Ezra spins Aria around on the dance floor and when they kiss in front of the whole school. It also plays when Paige arrives to see Emily.
  7. Days I Regret” by Allie Moss: Plays when Paige confesses to Emily that she wishes she had fought for her and supported her through tough times.
  8. Suggestions” by Orelia Has Orchestra: Plays at the end of the episode when the girls find out that a body has been found at Maya’s house. Emily, assuming the body is Maya’s, breaks down sobbing.

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Which track from “unmAsked” did you absolutely love? Post the name of your favorite song from Pretty Little Liars Season 2, Episode 25 in the comments!


  1. Yasmine Said:

    August by Bear Attack is great ♥

  2. Anonymous Said:

    “In part, his success comes from his willingness to engage with readers.”

  3. spencer hastings Said:

    suggestions by orelia has orchestra is simply awesome……..I love it

  4. Maggie Said:

    umm i like a 2 songs buttttttt i dont know what they r 1 is when spence loses toby and it says “love… come out where ever u r…looooooooovee, come out and it will change ur heart… and the other is when jason is gone in 3b…

  5. Monica Said:

    I liked just a kiss. What a beautiful song.

  6. tash Said:

    I loved the song by lady antebellum..just a kiss and also and always by Peter Bradley …..tx suj so romantic…the scenes they are so swt

  7. Bria Said:

    I love the song suggestions it really speaks to me

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