Pretty Little Liars Recap – “My Name is Trouble”: Season 2, Episode 3

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS - "My Name Is Trouble" - (ABC FAMILY/ADAM ROSE) Troian Bellisario, Keegan Allen

We watched, we gasped, we L-O-Led! Last night’s Pretty Little Liars episode was anything but an uneventful experience. The drama was punctuated by a creepy new job, a surprise return and an awkward art class run-in. Are you ready to recap all the OMG moments from “My Name is Trouble”? Let’s get to it!

Top OMG Moments and The Big Ta-da from PLL Episode 203:

  1. Toby has a new job but it means working for Jason DiLaurentis. (Oh, no. This can’t be good!) Spencer ain’t feeling his gig either because she temporarily pawns Melissa’s wedding ring and uses the cash to buy her man a used pickup truck (that he can use to start his own construction business). Everything seems fine and dandy but, because there’s no such thing as a happy ending in Rosewood, A ends up buying the ring before Spencer can repurchase it.
  2. Aria enrolls herself in a pottery class at Hollis College and she’s ready for a fresh, drama-free time…until she spots Jenna Cavanaugh! (Damn yo. This chick’s everywhere!) Not only does Aria have to assume a fake identity (Anita) to avoid having a confrontational conversation with Jenna, but she has to put up with a harsh reality…that a blind girl throws clay better than she does. (We gotta give credit where it’s due: Jenna’s votive is stunning!)
  3. Spencer has a flashback to a night when Alison crashed at her house. Jason was having a big party and Alison seemed deeply bothered by something. We then witness Alison shedding a few tears by the Hastings’ sink. She tried to cover-up her crying by insulting Spencer’s red apples, but we now know she was part human after all.
  4. Ezra and Aria are all la-di-da now, holding hands and locking lips throughout the Hollis campus. Ezra thinks ahead though and reminds Aria that her dad works on campus, so they aren’t free birds just yet. Too late! Although Byron doesn’t catch them mid-smooch, someone else does…freakin Jackie, Ezra’s ex. One word: shit!
  5. Emily doesn’t want to move to Texas. She wants to remain in Rosewood with her besties and kick-ass swim team. However, Pam won’t hear of it and Em’s desperate. Thus, Em forges a scholarship letter from Danby University, intending to use it to hoodwink her mom. Thankfully, she experiences a change of heart and rips the letter up. Not-so-thankfully, A rewrites the letter and leaves it on her doorstep. Pam finds it, reads it, and does a happy dance. (Uhh…don’t rush to tell your mom the truth now, Em.)

The Big Ta-da: Wren Kim returns to meet up with his ex, Melissa. late at night. He hands her a large, brown bag. What could be in it? Hmm…

And because we heart ABC Family Tuesdays, we’ve listed the Top OMG moments from episode 2.03 of The Nine Lives of Chloe King as well! (If you haven’t had a chance to watch Chloe King yet, you can download the premiere episode  HERE for FREE.)

  1. Alek creeps up on Chloe in her bedroom and ends up lingering around. (Chloe’s lucky! We wouldn’t mind having a hot guy sprawled across our beds offering to help us “relax.”) However, Chloe’s mom Meredith catches them mid-conversation and awkwardness ensues. (Teen daughter+strange hottie on her bed= jumping to conclusions.)
  2. Valentina, the leader of the San Francisco Mai, is Jasmine’s mom. Damn! No wonder Jasmine is so disciplined and fierce–she gets it from her momma!
  3. Amy performs an original song at the used bookstore cafe and Paul tears up. Whoever claimed boys don’t cry obviously hasn’t serenaded one with a heartfelt ballad yet.
  4. Chloe has an amazing guy in her life, but duty calls and she has to suck it up and let him go. Thus, she ends things with Brian and the poor guy’s rattled. After all, he just purchased a pair of music festival tickets for their third date. (Don’t worry, Bri! We’re totally available if you need somebody to go with.)
  5. The Rogue, aka the psycho that keeps trying to kill Chloe, discovers a surefire method to eliminate Chloe once and for all…drowning! He lures her to an abandoned warehouse, ties her up with heavy chains, and then shoves her to the bottom of a pool. Luckily, Jasmine shows up, kicks ass, and rescues Chloe from a horrific demise.

The Big Ta-Da: Just when the Rogue whips out a gun and Chloe and Jasmine consider themselves done for, Valentina comes through and literally stabs the Rogue in the back. (Ouch! That’s gotta sting.) That scar-faced bitch is finally dead. Phew…for now.

Two back-to-back shows, two awesome hours of non-stop chills and suspense. What were your favorite OMG moments from last night’s episodes of Pretty Little Liars and The Nine Lives of Chloe King? Tell us in the comments!


  1. Immadancer Said:

    1st comment!!! Wow Theo this is a long post!

  2. Immadancer Said:

    1. I know Spencer is so sweet! She was willing to risk getting bet up by her sister to get Toby that truck that she knew he really wanted! I was freaking out when A bought the ring! I was seriously yelling “NO DON’T SELL IT!!!!”
    2. I held my breath for about 2 minutes when Jenna and Aria where with the candle thing. And I almost started crying when I heard what Jenna was saying and to think that Aria knows she did that to Jenna, I can’t imagine how hard it was for her. My friends thought I was having an asthma attack after Jenna yelled at Aria.
    3. I was really confused at this part. I didn’t understand what Ali was crying about. Was she scared or sorry? So confusing!
    4. I wonder what Jackie is going to do to Ezria!? This is so leading up to some major suspense in the Aria Ezra relationship! Which is good because to me it has been a little boring for a while.
    5. I was really happy when Emily ripped up the letter because if you can’t be honest with your family, who can you be honest with? I think Emily should have told her mom right away that the letter was a fake. She didn’t have to say she wrote it because technically she didn’t write ‘that’ letter but, big mistake Em.
    6. And I didn’t watch Chloe King last night so yeah…

  3. gigi Said:

    2nd comment yay! damnit immadancer i wanted to be 1st

  4. Immadancer Said:

    @Gigi I’m first a lot. It’s probably kind of annoying huh? Haha. I’m just on whenever they put on a new post. It’s all luck.

  5. gigi Said:

    i didnt see the part where she had the flash back or the thing with ezra and aria but i knew at some point jenna would kno it was aria becuz of her voice

  6. gigi Said:

    oh and did ezra and aria see jackie or were they too busy sucking face

  7. Immadancer Said:

    @gigi I thought the same thing. At first Aria wasn’t talking because she didn’t want Jenna to recognize her voice. But, then Jenna told her sad story that brought tears to Aria’s eyes and she forget and the rest went downhill and quickly too.

  8. Poop Said:

    Ok new theory!

    Ian’s dead and Jason is hiding Wren in his house. Melissa has been sneaking out to see him instead.

    Farfecthed part:

    Its not Ians baby, but its Wrens. So Melissa was showing him the picture.


  9. Kat Said:

    OK, so i found it pretty weird when Spencer saw Jason and said “i thought you were the only one living here,” and he said, “I am.” THAT WAS SO FREAKY! Cuz clearly there was someone watching Spencer from the window.

    Also, maybe Ali was crying because they abuse her, physically and sexually. :/

  10. ME Said:

    Ok since wen did this become Well i dnt mind. I actually like the show so!
    PLL OMG MOMENT: Wen Jenna started acting all creepy and yells, “Blow. It. OUT!”
    TNLOCK OMG MOMENT: Wen the Rogue got stabbed! AW YEAH! :D

  11. Poop Said:

    At first I felt bad for Jenna. Then she went all creepy and I was…I take it back, bitch.
    Now I feel bad for Ali. I wanna know what they did to make her sad. And I hate Ali, so this is a big deal.

  12. Immadancer Said:

    @Poop I pretty much think the same things except I still feel bad for her. I mean you try getting blinded and still be the happiest person on earth. I like your theory about Wren but, why would Jason hide Wren? Can you explain it more??? Cause it seems like a good theory.

  13. Theo Said:

    @POOP ROFL “I take it back, bitch.” Yea–she makes us cry then she gets mean. She needs to make up her mind!

  14. binz Said:

    omg yeah I was thinking the same thing that it could be wrens baby. and maybe melissa just convinced ian that it was his, but wren is like helping her by like giving her meds or whatever to deal with the pregnancy? but I agree with @Immadancer cause I would like to hear more of this theory!
    and yeah wtf i thought this was not the chloe king site -.-

  15. Naomi Said:

    PLL OMG Moment: When Jackie saw Ezra and Aria kissing.

  16. Poop Said:


    Well, still, you can be unhappy without being a total jerk toi the people trying to be nice to you.
    And Jason would be hiding Wren because, he cheated on Melissa with her sister. He’s obviously not going to be welcome back in the Hastings house. Also, technically, shes still married to Ian.


    Ikr?!? I am starting to think she has multiple personality disorder.

  17. gigi Said:

    @ poop true she is still married to ian but does she have the ring to prove it now and where the hell is ian i want some answers

  18. BrainyChild=ME! Said:

    LOL My cousin said “what if one of the liars is A?!” so im like if it WAS a PLL, then its probs spencer and i think that she may have Split personalitiy disorder… im too tired to write out what i wrote in full and discussed bout each of the iars.. but yeahh whatevverr!! im ust anticipating the boooook! :D

    anyways.. im un-lazy now so here goes… I doubt its one of the 4 girls, but if it IS one of them.. this is the order it could be and why:

    1. Spencer – she’s a VERY smart girl who remmeber nothing really of that night after a certain point, she knows how to use a blocked number (when txting ian cuz they thought he was A/ when he was blackmailing them…) She has amotive, which isnt really strong, but the strongest of them all i guess which is compition to be perfet and to get what she wants that Ali got… :P

    If it is spencer, it could be likely that she has split personality disorder becuase that would explain why she doesnt rememebr certain phases and parts of her life. E.g. the robbery and whatever … when hs was little.. but im guessing that was cuz of shock.

    2. Hanna would make a good A.. but shes WAAAYY to sweet and innocent.. although, maybe thats a ploy? i doubt it.. shes probs the last person i could tink to be A, but shes also VERY smart (e.g. stalking jackie on facebook with aria.. suggesting a blocked number… not listing her new iphone… :P) but personally, i dont think she is A because even though he has a motive (Ali teasig her and whatever.. What does she have against the girls? then again, A might nhot even be Ali’s killer, infact im sure he/she isnt. Hanna is deffs not A but she COULD be Ali’s killer (all of the girls could). Whereas spencer has a possibility of being both… not saying she has anything against the girls, but im suggesting split personality disorder due to he psycological state ;D

    3. Emily seems too dumb to do anything… I mean she even doesnt know if shes bi or gay?! like what the hek? She’s a VERY confusing character and thats probs why i dont like her other than the fact that she cant do ANYTHING right :/ anyways.. she’d make a good A if she was smart. But only if her stupidity is an act ;P her motive could be that Ali teased her.. and that Ali didnt love her back … so nobody but her could have Ali. but im pretty sure again., that Emily, Aria and hanna deffs didnt kill Ali because they were together.. maybe they teamed up and killed her? IDK… it’d be hilarious if it all trurned out that Ali was still hypnoizing them and they reamed all this and life went back to the way it was after Ali un hypnotihem. ?????? thats what i used to think… then again… im getting off topic once more.. :P

    Lastly, 4. Aria

    Her motive is her secret bout her Dad.. but again, nothing againt the girl so :PPPPPPPPPP and she coildnt be A.. sory to say.. shes pretty pretty (LOL) and has an okay personality, but uh i thik shes too old fashioned to be A… i mean Hanna had to get her to stalk Jackie, and etc. etc. So no .. shes like emily.. too old fashioned. to be A deffffss ;) she probs didnt kill Ali cuz she usually takes a while to assess the situations and junk like she not smart enough ;D unless its all an act IDK…

    haha so ther you have it.. my contribution of theories of the onth ! :)
    xoxo BrainyChild

  19. BrainyChild=ME! Said:

    haha to lazzyy to correct all my typos :P but i’ll correct my last sentance ;D

    “Haha so there you have it… My contribution of theories of the month !
    xoxo BrainyChild”

  20. Poop Said:

    Lol. I remember that convo. we had about one of the liars being A a few months ago. I said Spencer too. But thats rly only cuz I dislike Spencer.

  21. Pretty Little Spongebob Said:

    @ brainychild

    OMG thats sooo good ;)

    i feel bad that i cant think of anything to say to what youve said… but i dont think that em is stupid, i just think she makes a lotta wrong choices… i mean she was smart enough to write that letter, but put it in the trash when A can come into it freely….STUPID! but i think em can b smart but she plays to much w whats morally right/wrong and ends up messing up :(


  22. Pretty Little Spongebob Said:

    @ Poop

    y dont u like spence… jw :)

    other than the pawning thing :)

    spence is my fave bc im like her well not for looks bc im indian lol… but my personality is like hers and shes my fave Liar :)

    Luv again ;)

  23. Poop Said:

    I never liked Spencer. Idk why exactly. Like I can name a bunch of reasons why I wouldn’t like her, but I started out not liking her. I guess its because with me certain people just get on my nerves, and Spencer is one of them.

  24. BrainyChild=ME! Said:

    LOL … thts all ima say for now. I’m über busy/VERY LAZY! So yeaahh :P

  25. Poop Said:


  26. Neefoferway Said:

    asdasd213asdsdasd nkz

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