Pretty Little Liars Recap – “The Devil You Know”: Season 2, Episode 5


We watched in awe, we screamed in terror, we L-O-Led at all those snappy Hanna moments! Last night’s Pretty Little Liars episode featured a series of unforgettable events and ended with a terrifying reveal. Are you ready to recap all the OMG moments from “The Devil You Know”? Let’s get to it!

Top OMG Moments and The Big Ta-da from PLL Episode 2.05:

1. While the rest of the Liars go about this business, Emily’s obsessed with Ian’s suicide note. Something about it just doesn’t sit right with her. (Such a smart girl that Em!) She explores her hunch further and discovers that the letter contains exact copy from A’s past messages. Usually, it’s Spencer who calls the A shots but this time Emily did her own thing and stumbled upon a huge secret. (So, did A kill Ian? Color us scared!)

2. Melissa and Spencer are bonding after Ian’s funeral and Melissa’s about to reveal something MAJOR! Of course, A decides that this is an opportune moment to give Ian’s phone a buzz, and when Mel hears her dead hubby’s phone ringing in Spencer’s purse she loses it. She grabs the phone, smashes it against the wall and screeches that she will never ever forgive Spencer. (BTW: Ian’s phone must have the most magical, everlasting battery power of all time. Just sayin’…)

3. No offense to Emily but we literally groaned when she opened her big mouth and yapped all her pretty little discoveries to Officer Garrett. (Did she really have to tell him about Logan and the mystery woman’s voice?) And then, because Officer Garrett plays dirty, he pays off Logan and calls Jenna to tell her that everything’s been taken of. (We already knew that Garrett and Jenna were in cahoots but we didn’t know it was to such a creepy extent!)

The Big Ta-da: Ian didn’t kill Ali. They were just hooking up/playing kinky games at the kissing rock. Either Ali is still alive or someone else is responsible for her murder.

Because we heart ABC Family Tuesdays, we’ve listed the Top OMG moments from episode 1.05 of The Nine Lives of Chloe King as well! (If you haven’t had a chance to watch Chloe King yet, you can download the premiere episode HERE for FREE.


  1. Looking all sorts of fierce in H-O-T  D-A-M-N outfits, Chloe, Jasmine and Amy meet up with the new Mai vixens in town (Nikki and Lilah) and hit up the happenin’ San Fran club scene. They break it down on the dance floor, tossing their hair and arms from side to side. Everyone’s having a fun time–some a little too much fun though. Nikki heads to the bathroom with a total stud and they start going at it all hot and heavy. Unfortunately, the steam runs out when her lethal Mai kisses end up killing the poor guy and all she does afterward is reapply her lip gloss.
  2. Unfortunately, Paul has spent too many hours perusing comic books and not enough time jotting down love advice from Glamour magazine. When Chloe hints that he should shower his girlfriend Amy with a little extra attention, he interprets that as “show up butt-naked in her bed.” (Awkward!) And if Amy wasn’t annoyed with him before than she surely is now…
  3. The Mai sisters demand that Chloe return to Brazil with them A-S-A-P but Chloe’s like, “Sorry, chicas, I don’t speak Portuguese. Adeus.” WELL, her cattiness pisses them and they chase Chloe and Jasmine into an abandoned warehouse with the intention of killing them. Thankfully, Jasmine and Chloe survive but Nikki isn’t so lucky—she literally gets electrocuted when she accidentally rams a rod into a circuit box. (Apparently, karma’s a bitch and then you fry.)

The Big Ta-Da: Paul’s 100% correct—not all Mai warriors are good. Some are evil and way too keen on total world domination. Oooooh shit.

(Recap the rest of “Girls Night Out” HERE.)

Two back-to-back shows, two awesome hours of non-stop chills and suspense. What were your favorite OMG moments from last night’s episodes of Pretty Little Liars and The Nine Lives of Chloe King? Tell us in the comments!


  1. Poop Said:

    Biggest moment was when I found out I was so EFFING RIGHT ABOUT EVERYTHING!!! HAHAHA!!!

    Emily’s moving up on my favorite Liar chart cuz she is so smart.

    I feel bad for Spencer. Right when the truth was about to come out. I really wish she’d just tell Melissa about A. Only Melissa. Just so Melissa knows what the phones about but that obviously won’t happen. I don’t care if I got hurt by telling on A, but there is a certain line. And when my sister starts screaming at me, that crosses it.

    Lol I get it now. “You’ll get that ring when you least expect it” and she did get the ring. THE PHONE RING!!

    Hanna and Caleb :D I am so happy that Hanna did that for Caleb and :D:D:D

    Mike’s a sketchball. One minute he doesn’t care about his parents fighting then he does.

    Jason killed Ali? Nah. I think he did something else bad that night. Maybe hit her or something. But I don’t think he killed her.

    But anyways OH HAHA I WAS RIGHT!!! WOOOO!!! IM SO PUMPED!!! Maybe now people will believe my theories HAAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Poop Said:

    Dang I got first comment >:(

  3. pll Said:


  4. Poop Said:

    Ali was still alive at the end of the video. Her and Ian were being gross…

  5. Spencergurl Said:

    guys if Ali was still alive that means someone elses body is in the hole. The show gasnt even hinted any of that (we don’t know of anyone who died around the same time as Ali) and I think it’s unlikely for them to do the twin switch like in the books.
    And yeah, the more episodes go by, the more I hate spencer. She’s soo stupid, annoying, nosy, and she always says the most obvious things. At least Emily stepped it up this episode and actually did something for once. Now THAT was unexpected. I love Spencer in the books but she actually sucks in the show.

  6. Spencergurl Said:

    Also is anyone getting tired of these Chloe king posts? Like ookay, this is Pretty little liars, not ABC family. So @Theo please stop posting things about the Chloe nine lives king.

  7. Poop Said:


    Yeah, but I think Ian left and someone came along and killed Ali after cuz it never showed Ali leave. Also, A cut the video short before, who’s to say that that wasn’t the whole video. Maybe theres more to see.

    And FINALLY! Someone else starts to understand why I hate Spencer! Maybe you will begin to dislike her as much as me and I can have someone who doesn’t hate me for hating Spencer.

    Emily is moving up on my favorite Liar list. I used to be indifferent about her but now I kind of like her.

  8. Poop Said:

    @Spencergurl again


    Now the Chloe posts are interfering with the top 5 moments and making them the top 3.

    I’m sure Chloe has its own site, and people like me don’t watch the nine live of Chole King. So its kind of pointless to fuse 2 completely different shows together.

  9. Spencergurl Said:

    @Poop yeah it’s not even on in Canada anyways so even if I want to watch it I can’t.
    I really hope there’s more to that video, that would be awesome. Like I think that’s probably what they’re going to do in the last episode, and we’ll see who actually killed her.

    Yeah I still dislike Emily, but if she keeps doing what she did this episode then i might start to like her more. She’s always just so boring and her ‘love interests’ are annoying (especially Samara and Paige..).

  10. Poop Said:


    I saw the first one and trust me you’re not missing anything.

    I bet there is more to the video. Then again…whos camara was it? If it was Ali’s there proabbly is but if it was Ians there probably isnt…I think it was Ali’s cuz Ian walked away from it.

    I like Samara cuz she seems nice but Paige was gross. I only liked Maya cuz she was sketchy and interesting, but not her relationship with Emily.

  11. Spencergurl Said:

    @Poop yeah I’m pretty sure it was ali’s camera. And I wonder when mayas coming back.

  12. Theo Said:

    @Spencergurl Maya’s return will most likely be in an OMG worthy moment. Ahh..the suspense is killing us!

  13. Poop Said:


    Idk. Apparently she had to leave because she was guest starring in the vampire diaries or something.

  14. Naomi Said:

    I got scared when that “kissing rock” video showed that Ian didn’t really kill Ali, they were just fooling around (sick), even when I saw the first episode, I always thought that Ali was A. But either she’s alive or someone else killed her, I have no idea.

  15. Theo Said:

    @Poop @Spencergurl Yea! Bianca Lawson is EVERYWHERE on every show. I swear. She was Kendra (another slayer) on Buffy, Emily on Vampire Diaries, Maya on PLL, the mean ex-girlfriend in Save the Last Dance. She’s been around for a long time and is really good in each role :)

  16. Theo Said:

    @Naomi Omg. When that video began playing we screamed. We were like WTF is going on?!

  17. Poop Said:


    Maybe shes the younger version of Betty White. Now she needs to be on SNL and she’ll be like a clone!


    Lol ikr. Like Ians 23 or something and she was 15. I’m pretty sure that qualifies as rape. When I saw the 2nd version of the video when they thought she died, I thought of the part where she and Ian were doing…things (vomit)…and now that my suspicions are comfirmed it makes it even more digusting.

  18. Sparkles Said:

    this episode was amazing. who do u guys think is the killer? and who is -A-? please comment with supported information :) i love to hear your theories

  19. luvcheer13 Said:

    can you stop posting about chloe king… its realyy sutpid i mean this is not

  20. anna Said:

    this episod was amazing… but i want to know the name of the song at ian’s funeral because i really like it.

  21. Poop Said:


    I think it was from Dolly Parton. I hope so, cuz I love her music.

  22. ILuvEzandAria Said:

    I totally agree that Ali’s relationship with Ian is disgusssstiiiiing!!!!,and in the books it’s even more repulsive.Ali’s like in 7th grade and Ian’s a senior.

  23. ILuvEzandAria Said:

    I thinnk there is an A organization.But I didn’t come up with the idea. Here are the people who I think are the A mafia.
    Mike:He sneaks into people’s houses and steals people’s stuff.I think he’s the one that re-typed emily’s note and sent it to her mom.
    Jason:Even though I hate to say this(cause he’s totallyyy hot!),but i think Jason is part of the A mafia because those bloody rags that Spencer saw in his yard.I think the Dilaurentis’ house is the meeting place for the A mafia.I also think Jason is hiding Courtney D and that the girl in the kissing rock vid was Courtney and that Ali actually died.
    Jenna:I am starting to think that Jenna isnt blind @ all she appears in the randomest places.

  24. ME Said:

    I loved these eps!!!

  25. ME Said:

    That Ali-Ian video was freaky! And i dont feel sorry for Nikki. BYE!

  26. Sparkles Said:

    @ ILuvEzraandAria

    I agree about Jenna. however for some reason i think -A- is one person and somebody the girls never even knew.-A- in my opinion, i think is the killer.

  27. ILuvEzandAria Said:

    I don’t think A is the killer because she gives hints about who the killer is.But..Now that i think about it all of A’s hints turn out to be bogus.

  28. Poop Said:


    Ikr. I would say Ian is a certified petaphile.

    I don’t think Courtney would be in the show. And I would be mad if A is someone we don’t meet until the end because then I can’t make any guesses and have them be right.

  29. SpencerRox Said:

    @Spencergurl and Poop
    Why do you hate Spencer?!!!! She’s AWESOME,and I didn’t even like her that much in the books! I find it hard to choose,but definitely:
    5.Alison (stupid beeyotch)
    If you hate Spencer so much,change your name from Spencergurl to Emilygurl.I don’t hate you,I’m just making a point.
    I don’t hate you either,in fact I find you hilarious.LOL

  30. Poop Said:


    I started hating her for really no reason except for the fact that she bugged me. Then she gave me more and more reasons to hate her as the show went on.

    As for the thing about finding me hilarious, well thanks, I try :3

  31. Poop Said:

    And I used to hate Alison, but I don’t anymore because the more I think of it the more she reminds me of myself.

  32. SpencerRox Said:

    Well,I suppose some people might find Spencer annoying,I understand that. But am I the ONLY ONE who gets bugged by Emily?!!! I feel like she has NO personality,in fact I find her the most boring of the liars. I have nothing against Shay Mitchell,who is stunning and an amazing actress,I just don’t get why the show portrays Emily as SOOOOO FRICKIN’ BORING!!!

    Also,the whole thing with the suicide note and Emily figuring it out:
    The only reason she did is because A texted her and basically showed her the trail. Even Hanna (no offence intended) would have figured it out had she been sent the text,and Spencer certainly would have.

  33. pllobsessed Said:

    Emily is so much interesting than Spencer. Spencer is the kinda boring one. Everything about her is Ian, affairs, and her lame-ass sister. She is kinda slut in the 9th book… just saying…

  34. Poop Said:


    I actually feel that lately she’s been getting more exciting. I mean sure she was boring through the majority of season 1. But now I think she’s getting interesting. Hanna is tied for my first favorite character right now along with Aria. They flip flop. Which is weird cuz they are pretty much opposites. And Spencer was too busy saying how she didn’t want to dwell on Ian and Ali anymore to figure anything else.

    Besides, the only thing that really interests me about Spencer is when she fights with Melissa, and used to fight with Ian. I only like her then because my hatred for Melissa burns so intense that my dislike for Spencer is forgotten and I have to laugh hysterically when they get in fights because Melissa over reacts to everythings and is a total bitch.

    Sorry got kind of carried away there.

  35. SpencerRox Said:

    How is Spencer a slut in the 9th book? I haven’t read it yet but I don’t care about spoilers I JUST WANT TO KNOW WHAT THE JAMAICA THING IS!!!!!!!!! Did the liars kill that blonde-I-look-like-Ali girl, thinking she was Ali?!!!!!!!!!!

    That’s okay,and ya it’s funny when Spence and Melissa are fighting,but I FEEL SO SORRY FOR MELISSA!!!!! Poor girl…………………….

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