Pretty Little Liars Recap – “Surface Tension”: Season 2, Episode 7


Last night’s Pretty Little Liars episode was like a twisted PSA for awkward moments. Whether we were watching new roomies struggling to co-exist, guys vying for a pretty girl’s attention, or a dad cornering his daughter’s boyfriend, we felt great discomfort. (And, naturally, a refreshing sense of fear!) Ready to recap the OMG moments from “Surface Tension”?

Top OMG Moments and The Big Ta-da from PLL Episode 2.07:

  1. Now that Pam has temporarily relocated to Texas, Emily moves into the Marin home. However, it isn’t easy living with a gal who enjoys impromptu karaoke performances and endless chit-chat. Emily cherishes Hanna’s friendship but she’s starting to realize that there’s no room for friends when it comes to schoolwork. Worse yet, A knows that Em’s moved in and sent her and Hanna a “thank you for making it easier for me, bitches” gift basket. (Shucks, A, you shouldn’t have!)
  2. Toby Cavanaugh finally lands a job! And, to avoid the whole “getting fired on the day he’s hired” scenario, he gets cracking on his tasks. While clearing the Hastings’ property, Toby expects to develop blisters, encounter some pesky insects, and to do plenty of heavy lifting. However, what he didn’t expect was to unearth a potential murder weapon (aka broken field hockey stick) on his very first day. (Oh, and to have Mr. Hastings pop out of nowhere and nervously whisk it away? Toby definitely wasn’t expecting that!)
  3. The Montgomery fam hosts what will probably go down in PLL history as the most awkward dinner party ever. Not only did Ella unknowingly cause quite the dilemma by inviting two of Aria’s love interests (Ezra Fitz and Jason DiLaurentis) to the get-together, but the party was also cut short by the Rosewood PD. Nope–Aria’s parents and the Hollis professors weren’t acting rambunctious or disrupting the neighborhood peace. Rather, young Mike decided to skip dessert and polish the day off with some breaking and entering.  (Damn. They didn’t even get to serve the main course–whatta waste!)

The Big Ta-da: It was a cross between (apparently) poisoning Emily and Aria discovering that Officer Garrett is in cahoots with JennaAy caramba!

And because we heart ABC Family Tuesdays, we’re listing the Top OMG moments from episode 1.07 of The Nine Lives of Chloe King as well!


  1. A mysterious guy is lurking around Varese Vintage. Chloe mistakes him for a homeless teen and offers him a cookie and coffee. Before he can bite right into all that oatmeal raisin yumminess, Alek and Jasmine burst through the door and begin chasing him. Turns out, he’s not so helpless –unless you consider Jackals, with razor sharp fangs (and rank stench according to Alek), innocent creatures.
  2. Chloe promises to help Kai safely return to his clan of Jackals. But, upon leading him back home, Chloe walks her friends and herself straight into a trap. Immediately, it becomes apparent that Kai has double-crossed them and, while trying to save Paul and Amy, beastly Jackals corner Chloe and try to kill her. Fortunately, Alek springs out of nowhere and comes to the rescue. Bad move. The largest member of the jackal pack begins beating on poor Alek, pounding his face in mercilessly and tossing him against concrete walls. Just as Alek nears the brink of death, Chloe drops the scared girl act and goes all Mai vixen on the Jackal’s ass–but ultimately shows him compassion and spares his life. You go girl!
  3. The biggest shocker for us though from “Dogs of War,” was Chloe and Alek’s kiss. It was so perfect and felt so right to have these two Mai leaders uniting forces romantically. (We totally swooned!)

(Recap the rest of “Dogs of War” HERE.)

Two amazing, back-to-back hours of non-stop suspense. What were your favorite OMG moments from last night’s episodes of Pretty Little Liars and/or The Nine Lives of Chloe King? Tell us in the comments!


  1. Immadancer Said:

    1st COMMENT!

  2. Sophie Said:

    2nd 1!!

  3. me Said:

    no one cares

  4. gigi Said:

    yesterday’s episode was good but not as thrilling as ever starting with the whole toby hockey stick thing i was really hoping for more excitment and i was hoping toby would take off his shirt this time but sadly no but its sweet to know that toby is the kind of guy that wouldnt let his GF embrace him while sweaty and about mike breaking and entering again he must need some extra cash for somthing whos knows what it is drugs *cough steroids jk* or maybe he is saving up for a one way trip to iceland is that where they moved to for a couple months years whatever
    and i thought it was pretty akward having both ezra and jason in the same house with aria hey if jason wasnt there they could have had some steamy alone time

  5. gigi Said:

    oh and when i saw colton whatevr his last name is on PLL i watched teen wolf hehe i almost spelled teen mom i hate that show

  6. Kat Said:

    Oh A poisoned Emily! I was wondering what that was all about lol.

    As for Alek and Chloe’s kiss, I completely freaked out and jumped for joy. It’s about time alek did something about his feelings!

  7. BrainyChild=ME! Said:

    I liked it. Especially when Ezra was jealous! Hehe

  8. Kat Said:

    Oh and as i was watching PLL last night, I came up with a thought that maybe jason never had a hangover, but was hit with the broken field hockey stick. Although a hangover makes sense, getting a blow to the head from a field hockey stick makes even more sense! They even showed the flashback of ali trying to wack jason, so maybe she hit jason that night and was killed soon after. I don’t know, just a theory.

  9. Theo Said:

    @Kat OMG…it sounds like you’re onto something. I didn’t even consider that!

  10. Theo Said:

    @gigi Cracked up over your “waiting for Toby to take off his shirt” comment and now Colton. I’m not going to lie…jackal teeth and all he was looking pretty darn good ;)

  11. Kat Said:

    I love Ezria and all, but I feel like Jason may be somehow better for Aria, I just have this feeling. Lol.

    @BrainyChild=ME! Agree! I was laughing my arse off during those scenes. Watching Ezra getting all suspicious and jealous, and having Jason being all chill and just. LOL!

  12. maddygirl4ever Said:

    @Kat that makes so much sense! but if he wasnt, isnt it possible to have long blackout periods when youre drunk or something? because i had a speaker at my school telling us like 20 different stories about people who wake up and cant remember anything at all. but everyone on the show is all, “well thats awfully convenient. maybe its stored in the back of his mind”

  13. Stupid Said:

    Mr. Hastings knows something!!!!
    I wonder why Mike is breaking into so many houses…

    Omg, Chloe and Alek’s kiss was so cute. eep, I can’t wait for the next episode of Chloe King!!

  14. ME Said:

    1. @BrainyChild=ME! Ikr! I was laughing so hard watching Ezra get all fidgity and mad when Aria went over to talk to him!
    2. How is Alek and Chloe’s kiss an OMG moment? I knew that was gonna happen!!!
    3. Was A putting that stuff in Emilys water bottle or her cream stuff?

  15. Kat Said:

    @maddygirl4ever. Well maybe when ali hit jason in the head, he woke up the next morning with a small case of amnesia, which could explain why he claims he doesn’t remember anything from the night ali died.

  16. BrainyChild=ME! Said:

    Lmfao. Yess!

    @ME & @Kat
    Wow. LOL. when Jason first came to the door, and Ezra’s lip twitched and his right eyebrow raised, I started laughing ! Haha and then while speaking I was like,” oooh someones jealous! “

  17. Xoxo!Xoxo Said:

    @Theo Toby actualy finds a broken field hocky stick that has tape on the net and on the tape it says “Hastings”

  18. Naomi Said:

    PLL OMG Moments:
    1. When the cops told Byron and Ella that Mike got arrested.
    2. A putting poisonous medicine in that bottle to poison Emily.

  19. Kristy Said:

    Wait… Emily’s already poisoned? When did that happen… did she eat the chocolates when no one was around?

  20. Immadancer Said:

    Okay so I came up with this theory first. But, the medicine that A was injecting is for Emily’s shoulder medicine. Remember when she hurt her shoulder? I came up with this first…

  21. Theo Said:

    Well we’re not sure that’s why we put apparently in parenthesis. It seems like that right now (just connecting the dots) but just watch next week we find out something really opposite from that theory! :)

  22. GreenDay's#1 Fan Said:

    I think the OMG moment was when Aria found Jenna’s thing she made in pottery class in Mike’s things. It was pretty funny when Jason <3 and Ezra <3 were outside and didn't have really anything to say. And I was confused at the end what was A doing?? And poor Emily she has to deal with Hanna singing loudly. And WOA Caleb and Hanna back together FINALLY!! :)

  23. gigi Said:

    are caleb and her really official becuz id be so happy if they were
    @ kat that makes since but what if both happened he was drunk so he didnt kno what was happening around so for revenge ali comes and whacks him over the head becuz i dont kno he let his friends have their way with her which would explain ali crying that night by spencers sink this show confuses me but i didnt kno that A was poisoning emily’s medical oitment i was like sreaming in my head what is A doing i would of sreamed out loud but i was over someones house so that would be wierd but what kind of stuff was A putting in the cream chloroform that wouldnt make since becuz dont people need to like breath that in to be unconsious unless emily notices a strange smell sniffs and BAM! shes unconsious but anyway while no one is at emily’s house cant A just drop by

  24. SpencerRox Said:

    That is a great theory!!!

  25. Cat Said:

    @Kat wow that makes soooo much sense! The tv series is nothing like the books so I have no idea. I thought the poisin though was injected into Emily’s toothpaste. Just a thought but now I think its her cream that helps with pain. Anyone have any thoughts?

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