Pretty Little Liars Fashion: How To Get Aria Montgomery’s Look

Aria Montgomery's style - Pretty Little Liars Season 2Why do we love the Pretty Little Liars TV series? Let us count the ways: 1. The Drama 2. The Suspense 3. The Well-Developed Characters. Oh, and let’s not forget the absolutely divine outfits! Luckily for all you fashionistas out there, ClevverStyle invited ABC Family stylists Saba Salehi and Laura Schuffmann to their studio to break down two of Aria Montgomery’s top looks from PLL Season 2! Watch the video below!

First up, we have the gorgeous outfit Aria wore on “The Naked Truth“! Although her Anthropologie dress is a bit on the neutral side, Aria successfully manages to add a pop of color with her Jeffrey Campbell “Darian” Sandals and Marc by Marc Jacobs ’Save the Birds’ Resin Necklace. Moreover, according to Laura, this bold move on Aria’s part was very trendsetting. “The neon trend is something that’s going to be huge — HUGE — for spring carrying into the fall,” she explains. “We’ve seen it on accessories, shoes, bags, clothes…everything! So to see it months ahead on Aria is just so fitting.”

Saba loves the way the burst of yellow was subtly incorporated into Aria’s overall look. “We love the way they tied it in. You might think it’s a bit much but the belt with the shoes? I mean, talk about wow factor!” she gushes. “It looks great and we love the subtle touches of yellow in the dress. So, together, it’s just a really really great story.”

Aria Montgomery's style - Pretty Little Liars Season 2

Photo Credit: Pretty Little Liars / ABC Family

Another outfit both television stylists adored? The chambray dress Aria wore on “Breaking The Code” (when Ella gave her and Ezra the parental stamp of approval). Saba loved the daring yet conservative nature of the dress…especially the fierce spikes! “Studs are to die for,” she remarked. “The dress is by Genetic Denim and it’s such a great texture and totally unexpected.” As for Laura, she appreciated the belt Aria slipped around her waist since it drew attention to her flattering figure! Throw in a pair of Vince Camuto boots and you’ve got yourself a winning ensemble!

Check out ClevverStyle for more exciting fashion tips and “What Is She Wearing” features!

Which of Aria Montgomery’s outfits from Pretty Little Liars Season 2 did you find most inspiring? Tell us in the comments!


  1. Morrrigan Said:

    Don’t know who is in charge with the dressed and clothing items on season 3.. but it makes all the season painful to watch.. Aria went from this sophisticated well dressed teenager to a chavy looking girl. It just looks so kitsch !!

  2. Tyonna Said:

    I like the first outfit wore in “The Naked Truth” it’s really cute and something I would totally wear. It’s really unique and has lots of spikes.

  3. Sean! Said:


  4. A Said:

    What about my outfits?

  5. Beatrice Idol Said:

    I am sooo in love with Aria wears! If it were up to me, I’d buy all her clothing! :)

  6. zahara kylie Said:

    am a good fun of this serie
    l love aria and ezra couple

  7. -A Said:

    Please, Aria’s Fashion Is so Cliche… My style matters most


  8. A Said:

    Dont be afraid. I’m still here. AND YOU’LL NEVER BE FREE WITHOUT ME, BITCHES.

  9. destinie Said:

    i love LUV lucy’s and Ashley’s style. they r so adorable. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  10. kimain Said:

    Well, I looooooooooove Aria.
    For me, she is the one who look always different, and well, beautiful.
    But in season 3, I think they should dress her as on Season 1 and 2.
    Or alike… I don’t really like too much how she looks..

  11. -A Said:

    Aria, Aria. We both know black is the new trendsetter. You’ll be wearing a body bag soon enough.



  12. Lucy Santos Said:

    Shut up Mona!

  13. -A Said:

    Aria, did you know black is in now? It’s always been. Maybe you can suggest it to Hanna. Everyone knows black is slimming.


  14. A Said:

    Aria, love the outfit! I can make you look gorgeous! Everyone knows blood is the new black.


  15. Justin Said:

    I love you so much, marry me?<3

  16. Justin Said:

    I did not want to fall in love with you, but you slipped under my skin, invaded my blood, and seized my heart. I love you. Roses are red, Violets are blue, you are cool, and I suck at poems.

  17. Desiree Hernandez Said:

    aria is really cute i doesn’t matter what she wears she will always look cute! and A black is always in but in cute clothes not in ugly scraps like u always wear honey boo boo!!!

  18. Destiny Rodriguez Said:

    aria looks beautiful and the 1 who will be leaving in a body bag is u A U’R theatning the 4 braviest grls in rosewood !!!!

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  20. #PLL#Ezria Said:

    I love Aria’s style it so unique and different. She wears really dark colours but then she also wear bright colours like that neon yellow and even lucy hale she has here own style instead of copying off people. For me I just love all the girls, they all have there own individual style.

  21. Amy Said:

    What the heck?! Why can there not be a post on here without faux -A’s coming up and being like “get ready to die… IN STYLE! Kisses -A”? It’s actually pretty funny. But I will say they’re all clever, haha.

  22. Aria m. Said:

    Yes my name is really Aria, and -A IS REALLY CREEPY.

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