Music from Pretty Little Liars Season 3, Episode 15: “Mona-Mania!”

Mona Vanderwaal - "Mona-Mania!" episodeRaise your hand if Pretty Little Liars Season 3, Episode 15 exceeded all your wildest expectations! Not only did viewers get to drool over a super intense quiz-off showdown between Spencer and Mona — and not only did Toby give Paige and Emily the ultimate scare by slashing their tires in the middle of an abandoned road (but, seriously, why were they even there?!)  — but we also finally got a chance to peek into Lucas’ room. (Yeahy — bunk beds forever!) And another noteworthy aspect of PLL episode 3.15? All the songs bursting with emotion and rock and roll flavor!

Tune in to a playlist featuring tracks from “Mona-Mania!” below!

  1. Losing Ground” by Trent Dabbs: Plays when the Liars assemble at the Brew to chat about Mona’s return and what secrets creepy Harold has stashed away in his office.
  2. Grow” by Neulore: Plays when Aria & Meredith talk at the Brew about Byron snooping and the night Alison was murdered.
  3. I Can Feel the Pain” by Ryland Thompson: Plays when Hanna confronts Mona at the Brew and tells her that she’s onto her little schemes.
  4. Down The Drain” by James Cappra Jr: Plays when Hanna confronts Mona.
  5. “Tightrope” by Felicia Barton: Plays while Emily and Paige decide to have live it up by taking a spooky ride through the woods late at night.
  6. Scared of Me” by Fedde le Grand: Plays when Spencer and Mona face off during a quiz-off showdown at Rosewood High.

What was your favorite song from Pretty Little Liars Season 3, Episode 15? Cast your vote in the comments!


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