Music from Pretty Little Liars Season 3, Episode 24: “A dAngerous gAme”

Ezra and Aria kiss in "A dAngerous gAme"The Pretty Little Liars Season 3 finale was out of control! Aria and Ezra broke up. Spencer and Toby met up in a motel room where they indulged in a lot of shirtless smooching. Mona found herself being betrayed by her black hoodie teammates. Emily and her friends were saved from a fire at the Hastings family lodge by Alison (?!) who was wearing a red coat. Oh, and remember that cop car Hanna and Aria pushed into a lake? Well, it reemerged from murky waters and was waiting for the Liars with a little surprise in its trunk. Moreover, besides all the drama, the terrifying evening was filled with heart-thumping good music!

It’s true. “A dAngerous gAme” provided viewers with a new playlist full of excellent tracks! Tune in to below and prepare to recreate the feelings of the love, shock, and total horror you experienced while watching the finale on ABC Family!

  1. Devil’s Love Song” by Howl Baby Howl: Plays when Mona climbs into the A-mobile, grabs a “Is It Friday Yet” mug and Spencer’s party invitation, and tells Big A that Spencer is happy with the plan and is looking forward to meeting him/her on Friday.
  2. Invisible” by Plumb: Plays while Spencer is wearing her black hoodie and waiting to meet someone. A mysterious guy walks in and the waitress calls him Pretty Eyes…it’s Toby!
  3. Ride” by Lana Del Rey: Plays when Spencer and Toby are at the motel. He’s sitting shirtless on the bed and she emerges from the bathroom in a gray t-shirt and they begin kissing passionately.
  4. Begin Again” by Measure: Plays when Ezra bumps into Aria in the school hallway and the two of them keep say goodbye and share one last kiss, but the longing and pain between them is still strong.
  5. Big Bad Wolf” by The Heavy: Plays while Spencer chases Red Coat throughout campus and corners her in the bathroom. It turns out to be Hanna and she’s pretending in order to see how deep Spencer is with the A team. Aria and Emily emerge from the bathroom stalls.
  6. No Application” by Silverclub: Plays when Hanna, Aria & Emily are chatting about A in her kitchen and she turns on the radio to prevent any eavesdroppers from listening in on their conversation.

What was your favorite song from Pretty Little Liars Season 3, Episode 24?


  1. Oscar Wilson Said:

    LANA DEL REY “RIDE” ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  2. Lionel Vargas Said:

    Plumb – Invisible

  3. hannah Said:

    ahh!i was so excited when they played lana’s ‘ride’ during the spoby scene. I was watching it online and paused the episode like four times just to double check that i wasnt just hearing it through Spotify (i was listening to it earlier through there)or another tab on my computer. Lana and PLL = two of my favorite things ever!

  4. katiii Said:

    What is the song that we can hear before Just ride by Lana del rey??? :D

  5. dunja Said:


  6. sharlee Said:

    heres wat i think
    there r 2 ‘a’ teams (mona and her crew and jenna shana)
    in wildons truck car thing is a body (dr. sulivan? ashley?
    ‘ali’ (courtney) Ali has a twin courntney and she metal and she escaped from metal hospital and real ali found out and was gona try kil courtney but courtney gt 2 ali 1st
    i think aria was part of A team but quit and esra was helping her
    jason is relly dodgy and so is melissa and wren
    hannah, spencer, aria, emily r gona join mona a team 2 figure out who is a team 2!

  7. Mackenzie Said:

    ride is the best song for the spoby scene. for some weird reason whenever I see a spoby moment I cry. now everytime I hear ride I cry , lol

  8. Spoby Said:

    OMG Spoby scene and that song!!! <3 <3 <3

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