Recap for Pretty Little Liars Season 3, Episode 4: “Birds of A Feather”

"Birds of A Feather" - Pretty Little Liars

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We watched in awe, we gripped onto our seats in anticipation, we L-O-Led at all those witty Spencer lines! Pretty Little Liars Season 3, Episode 4 featured a series of unforgettable events — including finding out Melissa Hastings’ deepest secrets and witness the end of a romantic affair — and ended on a very unsettling note no thanks to Jason DiLaurentis. Are you ready to recap all the OMG moments from “Bird of A Feather”? Join the flock below!

Top 5 OMG Moments and The Big Ta-da from PLL Episode 3.04:

  1. Haleb Love Go Boom: Unfortunately for Hanna, “A” is still dead set on not only forcing her to live in fear but meddling in her love life too! When Hanna discovers that Caleb is the reason Mona is no longer allowed visitors at Radley, she sort of freaks and not even 10th row tickets to a Bon Iver concert can butter her up. Caleb in turn expresses his disapproval of Hanna’s lingering “courtship” of crazy Mona and feels that she’s hiding a big secret from him. (Surprise surprise!) You’d think they’d kiss and make up as usual but nope — A texts Hanna a picture of a car accident along with a note “I’m everywhere, Hanna.” Hannakins then finds out Caleb’s birth mom was in a bad car accident during which some lunatic tried to run her off the road. So, in an attempt to protect Caleb from A’s wrath, Hanna keeps mum which leads to Caleb getting upset which leads to a painful breakup. (Quick! Turn up the volume on those Adele tracks and bring us some Godiva chocolates asap. We need to wallow in our Haleb heartbreak.)
  2. A St. Germain Family Reunion: Maya St. Germain may be long gone but her memory still lingers…and so do her blood relatives. While training as a waitress at the new local coffee shop, Emily receives a visit from Maya’s cousin Nathan, who’s enrolled in courses at Hollis and comes bearing consolation and gifts from Maya. (Morbid much?) He hands Em something Maya had planned on giving her (an  “I Walked With A Zombie” T-shirt inspired by their first date in Pretty Little Liars Season 1) a while ago, share some stories about swimming with the homies back in the day, and informs her that Maya always referred to her as her first love. (Stop making us cry, Nate, you damn Nicholas Sparks protege!) Later on in the episode, Nathan and Em meet up again and this time he tells her he can’t take the pressure of living a town where all the people can talk about is murder (particularly his beloved cousin’s), but Emily convinces him to stay and he in turn tells her she needs to let go of Maya slowly. (Um, handing a girl gifts from her dead lover doesn’t exactly help the situation, dude!) Plus, she hands him a letter to give to Maya’s parents (although we have this sinking feeling Nathan has a darker agenda and that letter will never make it to Mr. and Mrs. Germain’s hands)!
  3. HotMama Blues: Byron and Ella are undergoing a divorce but Papa Montgomery is back on the dating scene and already getting cozy with his former student Meredith (who apparently smells like baby wipes). So what does this mean for Mama Bear? Aria feels bad for her mom and wants to inform her of Byron’s new Facebook status in a tactful way — but then she gets Hanna involved and they end up creating Ella an online dating profile without her consent. Granted, the profile is full of hilarious and priceless nuggets of exaggerated truths but poor Ella has enough to endure in this town without having to bear the username “HotMama.” (Good grief — are Hanna and Aria trying to get Ella the hookup with one of the biker dudes from Sons of Anarchy?!) Luckily, Ella already knows what Byron is up to so her exchange with her daughter is much less awkward than we anticipate. Also, she meets up with fellow divorcee Ashley Marin and the two sizzling ladies (unofficially) form Rosewood’s very own First Wives Club. Holler!
  4. The Reveal of The Black Swan: It’s Melissa, bitches! Viewers worldwide already suspected her but the proof was all in the feather at the bottom of her costume bag (which is conveniently uncovered by Aria, Hanna and Emily when they sneak into her apartment and began rifling through Mel’s belongings). Oh — but wait! There’s more. When Spencer accuses her big sis of being the mysterious black swan, she also tells her she knows all about the “baby.” That’s when Melissa breaks down and confesses that she faked the pregnancy because it was all too much to handle — but right before the dance, she received the swan costume and an anonymous note from someone threatening to spill her baby secret if she didn’t distract Jenna that night. Ay yi yi! This Hastings family needs to go on Dr. Phil asap!
  5. Jason D is A Troublemaker: Leave it to a member of the DiLaurentis family to initiate chaos and mayhem! Jason is back in Rosewood but that doesn’t mean he plans on keeping a low profile. In just one episode, he managed to accuse Melissa Hastings of hiding some sinister secret and protecting Garrett Reynolds facing from true justice, and Veronica Hastings for defending his sister’s (supposed) killer. (Dear Jason, Remember: Innocent until proven guilty, buddy!) Well, Jason is not one to back off when the going gets tough so he takes initiative and jump-starts an investigation by posting reward signs all around town. Whoever can lead him to Alison’s missing remains is going to be $50,000 richer. Sadly, he receives more bogus calls then authentic ones which he reveals to Spencer during one of her late night strolls around the neighborhood. He tells her he’s gotten rid of the reward because Rosewood is full of phonies (and liars, obviously). However, just as we begin to feel sorry for the guy, a look of vengeance crosses his face and he whips out a check book as Spencer walks away and scribbles out a check to cash for 50k. What the hell?!

The Big Ta-da: Office Wilden spots Spencer walking about the town at night by her lonesome (oh when will these Liars learn) so he drives by and asks her the one question that leaves her breathless and scared beyond words: How far is your lake house, girl? Uh oh! Does he know more than he’s letting on? Only time (and more episodes) will tell! Also, spotted: A at the airport while waiting for a flight to Philadelphia and working some magic on Mona Vanderwaal’s visitor status!

Which scene or twist in Pretty Little Liars Season 3, Episode 4 was the most shocking? Fess up below!


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