Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Halloween: Whose Hand Was in The Dirt?

Warning: Please note that this article explores a major event that occurred in the thirteenth episodes of Pretty Little Liars Season 3 and contains specific descriptions and spoilers. Read at your own risk.

Alison DiLaurentis - This Is A Dark Ride
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The Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Halloween special — “This Is A Dark Ride” was full of mind-blowing twists and screams. However, nothing shocked viewers more than the final harrowing scene which depicted a mysterious human hand digging its way out through fresh soil in the DiLaurentis’ backyard. Clearly, some poor unfortunate soul had been buried alive, but the question was — whose hand was it?

Many fans immediately pegged the hand as belonging to Paige McCullers, since she foiled A’s plan to eliminate Spencer Hastings when she intervened during a fight between the two. Also, nothing is ever what it seems in Rosewood and the episode included some unsettling flashback footage so other viewers claimed the hand belonged to Alison DiLaurentis.

Luckily though, we won’t have to spend the next few months fretting over this crazy mystery until PLL Season 3B returns with all new episodes on January 8, 2013. Why? Because the show’s marvelous showrunner, Marlene King, revealed the truth in a recent interview with

“This was never intended to confuse people,” she says. “That is from the past and was never meant to be present-day Halloween. That [setting was] the gazebo’s perimeter.”

The good news is now we know: That it for sure isn’t Paige’s hand. (Yeahy, Pailey!) That it’s a person from the flashback. And let’s be real — the only person in the flashback scenes during the Halloween episode who anyone would want dead was Alison!

Do note that Marlene didn’t exactly say 100% for sure that it was Alison. However, there’s a lot of evidence to indicate that it was, in our humble opinion — unless of course it was You-Know-Who from the PLL book series by Sara Shepard. Ahh!) The bad news though is that Alison DiLaurentis was most likely killed a “second” time. Remember the autopsy report from PLL Season 2 — dirt had been found in her lungs, but doctors confirmed that she actually died from a bludgeon to the head (either by the shovel or field-hockey stick). It all suddenly makes sense!

Moreover, personally, we immediately suspected that the hand belongs to poor Alison mainly because of the friendship bracelet that she was wearing.

Alison DiLaurentis' friendship bracelet
Alison DiLaurentis’ friendship bracelet

Nevertheless, this is Rosewood we’re talking about, and anything can happen! Anyone can be A. Anyone can be a killer. Anyone can be a victim. Thus, it’s not too far-fetched to assume that Alison being buried alive was part of a premeditated ruse with Garrett Reynolds for whatever reason. (It was awfully suspicious when he whacked the tree and pretended he had killed her during episode 3.13).

PLL Halloween Season 3 - hand emerging from dirt
Heeeeeeeeey! Heeeeeeeey! Can anyone lend me a hand?

So tell us, lovelies: Did you immediately know while watching the Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Halloween special that the hand was Alison’s? Or did you have another theory?


  1. Kristy Said:

    It’s not Paige’s hand, if you look carefully at the end scene when they discover the body bag where the drinks are, Paige is standing in the background.

    I say it’s Ali or Courtney.

  2. Naomi Said:

    I knew it! I always thought it was Alison’s hand!

  3. courtney18 Said:

    I definitely think its Ali’s hand. Since it was a flash back, it has to be hers. Think about it, she went missing, they didn’t find her till a year later. She could have buried anyone, maybe a twin, and she could be in hiding. They couldn’t really identify the body all that well considering within a year, the body would be disintegrated by then. I think Ali is alive, I think she has a twin, I think she is the main A. I also think there are a lot more people involved then we think. I can’t wait!

  4. Plllover Said:

    Me and my sis thought it was Ali straight aways or her twin Courtney but who nos if she is in the book

  5. Ladya3000 Said:

    I think the hand was Courtney. She could have gotten Alison’s bracelet to make people believe she was Alison. But if you go by the books Alison never did give them bracelets. It was Courtney the whold time prending to be Alison. If Alison came back to get Courtney for stealing her life she may have not died but lived and got Alison and killed her. This would mean that Alison is dead but that Courtney is alive and maybe in hiding.

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  7. brisa esteban Said:

    i knew it but the main is either alison or cece drake cuz there are a lot theories that might be true!

  8. Hannah Said:

    On what site can I find Alison’s autopsy?

  9. Alison Said:

    You can get your very own Pretty Little Liars Bracelet too! Same place the show got them from!

  10. Andrea Ayala Said:

    That. can be anyones hand rememberthe copy of the braclet the girls didnt keep it in the woods

  11. Cindy Said:

    First I think it was Courtney’s hand because I remember that alli buried Courtney because she was pretending to be her so she buried her alive and at the end of season 3 alli grab Courtney’s hand at the very end

  12. kara Said:

    The twin is who’s hand that is. Ali never became friends with them. Ali did buried her twin alive and someone knew and pulled it out of the ground.

  13. cody Said:

    i think it was courtney’s hand ali’s twin sister because she did get buried alive not dead!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. BLOCKED ID Said:

    I’m still here bitches -A

  15. Alex Said:

    Remember the show about when Alison was still alive in the Halloween show in the begging it showed the twins playing doll and one of the twins killed the other twin I think that twin was Alison

  16. Evelyn rose Said:

    There was an episode where the lady found Ali’s hand and said Ali was trying to hide and she helped dig Ali up from that she said that she saw Ali’s hand waving around and she saved her.

  17. liza Said:

    I think its ali’s hand cuz she always wears that friendship bracelet

  18. Randon Said:

    It CAN’T be Ali. In the season 4 finale it shows Ali is red coat the WHOLE time. I believe it might of been Maya, even though it looked like a white hand, anything is possible right? Well we all miss Maya, and it would be an excellent twist!

  19. Devyn Said:

    There is a grand chance that it is Alison I mean she’s obviously alive . What I’m saying is she’s the mysterious red coat.

  20. Aanyah Said:

    The hand was Courtney’s.Alisons sister.Alision tried to kill Courtney because she tried to be like Alison so after she thought she had killed Courtney she left and ran away

  21. Secret of pll Said:

    The hand was in fact Courtney Dilaurentis In the season4 finale Ali tells everything well almost Ali’s mother burried her in return of Courtney stealing Alison’s life she burried Courtney alive but what she doesn’t know is courtney can hold her breath for a very long time.So Courtney sticks her hand out to let people know she needs to be pulled out now and spencer pulls her out not knowing where she is and what she’s doing Courtney is the one who hit Ali in the back of the head with the rock

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