Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Spoiler: Will Wren Return To Rosewood?

Wren from Pretty Little LiarsAs much as we heart Ezra, Caleb, Jason, Lucas, and Toby (yes, evil as he is) and enjoy marveling at their oh-so-stellar faces/arms/hair/abs IQ on Pretty Little Liars, we can’t help but notice that one hottie in particular has been MIA — Wren! Hello? Paging Dr. Sexypants!

We haven’t laid eyes on Rosewood’s swoon-worthy physician (which is worrisome since he seems to be the only medical expert in town) ever since he assisted Mona in escaping the hell-hole that was Radley Sanitarium — and then removing a huge-ass shard of glass from Hanna’s leg and stitching her pretty limb back up. However, because despite the fact that Julian Morris —  the actor who plays Wren — is busy filming fairy tale scenes for Once Upon A Time, he plans on returning to the show to reprise his role and tend to Spencer in her darkest hour (which will probably be a super intense time in her life since she’s going to find out that her one true love is a member of the A team).

Here’s the scoop, thanks to E! Online:

Score one for people who like hot docs because Wren will be returning later in the season, but will his return factor into Hanna’s storyline or the Spencer and Toby of it all? “Spencer and Toby, I’d say, because of his time with Mona at Radley,” executive producer Oliver Goldstick says. “She had access to him and he had access to her. He’ll be very interesting. He’s complex.” Executive producer Marlene King adds, “He may be there for Spencer in her hour of need.”

Are you hoping that Wren and Spencer (WRENCER!) become a couple in Pretty Little Liars Season 3B? Or do you think that Wren is just as untrustworthy as A-team member and official heartbreaker, Toby Cavanaugh? Post your feedback in the comments!

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