When is the Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Premiere?

Pretty Little Liars Season 3B Cast Photo - Shay, Ashley, Troian, Lucy


What will happen when the identity of the mysterious red coat lurker is revealed? How will Aria, Spencer, Hanna, and Emily be affected by the shocking revelation? The third season of Pretty Little Liars is not even finished yet and already we’re anxious about Season 4. We’re that obsessed with our Rosewood girls and all their dark and scandalous secrets!

Luckily, ABC Family understands how eager fans are for new PLL news so not only have they revealed the title of episode 4.01 (“‘A’ Is for A-l-i-v-e”), but they have also officially announced the air date for the Season 4 premiere of the most wicked and satisfying show around. That way, it will be much easier to countdown the days and mark each one off on our calendars until the series makes its triumphant return in June 2013!

ABC 2013 Summer Lineup
8:00 Switched at Birth (June 10th)
9:00 The Fosters (June 3rd)

8:00 Pretty Little Liars (June 11th)
9:00 Twisted (June 11th)

8:00 Melissa & Joey (May 29th)
8:30 Baby Daddy (May 29th)
9:00 Dancing Fools (May 29th)
9:00 The Vineyard (July 24th)

Pretty Little Liars will return June 11th and will be followed by the debut of the cah-reepy yet intriguing new show, Twisted! That leaves approximately 11 weeks between the Season 3 finale (which airs on March 19th) and the start of the fourth chapter. It might seem like a loooooong and dreaaaary wait but there’s so much accomplish until then, including re-visiting Sara Shepard’s juicy novels and hosting marathons for you and your friends and using these as an opportunity to spot new clues and well-hidden details!

So tell us, lovelies: How do you survive a Pretty Little Liars hiatus? Share your tips in the comments!


  1. Kamrynnn Said:

    WEll i just watch the following season of course!Try and spot new thing to think about, and just make sure i know EXACTLY whats going on!:)

  2. Brianna Said:

    When is season three DVD coming out?

  3. Neenah Said:

    @Brianna I read a week ago somewhere that the Season 3 DVD is coming out June 4th… exactly one week before the Season 4 premiere

  4. Kim Said:

    Yay perfect birthday present to me!

  5. Gabby Said:

    grab my remote, some friends and a few bags of chips!

  6. Nia Said:

    I rewatch every season starting from ONE!

  7. Aria Said:

    I read the book and the read cote is Alisons twin sister :O :D

  8. Sabrina Said:


    Yeah,but they said in an interview that what happens on the show will not be based off the book,so thats not really a spoiler.

  9. uttyu Said:

    i luv PLL
    theres 2 red coats one is alison and one is her twin sister courtney alisons still alive!!!!

  10. cuteex Said:

    I just really want season 4 to start im so obessed right now…any advice on how to cope. Ive got sooooo much unanswered questions its like all i think about all day everyday and yet i live in new zealand so where only up to season 3 episode 16…kill me now i want to watch it but cant on abc family cause i dont live in usa sucks so i have to watch it on putlocker.

  11. Robyn Said:

    In 3 weeks watch every episode. I’m addicted and season 4 must start soon before I loose me mind on how it left off. My question is, Why would Alison fake her own death and disguise herself without telling her friends?

  12. yasmin Said:

    i seen the new trailer for season 4 cant wait til it comes out on june 11th!!! ilove pll i think season 4 is the last season :(

  13. jonae Said:

    i really hate that they have these long breaks between the seasons…play it all ready

  14. Tyler Blacburn is sexy Said:

    Where can you watch the official trailor?

  15. KayKay Said:

    Does anybody know the name of the actor that plays the mini me of aria in A is for alive?

  16. Hali Said:


  17. Angel Said:

    I want to find out what that ghost-like girl in that one Halloween episode had to do with anything! I really hope Spencer isn’t A :/

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