Recap for Pretty Little Liars Season 4, Episode 1: “A is for A-L-I-V-E”

Back at the lodge, Toby is wide awake after having been knocked unconscious and he’s holding the lighter that the A team placed by his side. He observes as a fireman rummages through the burned rubble and retrieves a singed red coat.

The girls are also pondering the mystery behind who red coat is. Back at Mona’s lair, Spencer asks, “If Red Coat is A then why did she save us from the fire?” Mona of course has a fitting explanation: “So that she can set us up to take the fall for Wilden’s murder.” Spencer’s response? “A cat plays with a mouse for hours before she actually eats it. Once it’s dead, the fun’s over.” They then debate whether or not Alison is alive.

The discussion is interrupted when Hanna spies a phantom mask. She puts two and two together and reasons that Mona was on the Halloween train pretending to be Caleb. “To think we were thisclose to our first kiss,” Mona reminisces as a little drool slips down from the corner of her plump pout. Aria bugs out though and accuses Mona of trying to kill her on the A train but au contraire. Twas not Mona and she can prove it. She conveniently plays footage of Wilden, dressed as the Queen of Hearts, talking to another Queen of Hearts. Mona claims the mystery person is Melissa but when she goes to pull off her mask the footage changes. “Oh well that’s convenient!” Spencer yells. “Right before you can actually prove it.”

However, Mona is not at fault. Someone has tapped onto her computer and is deleting all the footage! They don’t have enough time to properly freak out because they hear a little girl call out, “Alison! Come out come out wherever you are!” They follow the small voice outside and stumble upon a group of little girls playing Hide & Seek. They are each holding a doll that represents the Liars and Mona. Apparently, they were a “present” from Alison who started playing with the children after Mona moved her A-trailer into the lots. (It’s like American Girls: The Super Chiller Edition. Mona’s has glasses, Hanna’s has a pillow in its belly, and Spencer’s doll looks like a 1980s corporate working gal. Seriously, all her doll was missing was shoulder pads and Reebok sneakers to wear on the way to the office!)

Afterward, Hanna and Em hang out at the Fields home. Hanna is on the phone with someone while Emily is surfing the web. When she hangs up, Emily asks her if that was Caleb and if he’s back in town. Hanna confesses, “No it was Mona.” Suddenly, Emily’s face clouds with worry and she demands to know what exactly Mona wanted. She points out that on the night the girls found Detective Wilden’s car waiting for them, Mona slipped on gloves before touching it even though everyone else’s prints were already on the vehicle. (To be fair, that’s just called being practical. Hasn’t Em learned anything?) Hanna tries to console her comparing Mona to an infamous cannibal serial killer: “She’s like Hannibal Lecter smart. She’s been doing this for a really long time.” Before Emily can freak out about being turned into catnip for A, Pam appears at the doorway and updates them on Wilden’s murder case saying that there were witness. She also adds that Jessica DiLaurentis, Alison’s mom, stopped by the police station and is moving back to town.

Spencer and Toby (SPOBY! OMG! YES!) team up to snoop around the Lodge at Thornhill for clues about what happened the night A tried to burn all the pretty people of Rosewood alive. The scene is a devastating one: everything — furniture, photos, and ceiling beams — has been burned to a crisp! Spencer tries to make sense of the whole Red Coat debacle and needs evidence to back up her theories. Toby joins her for moral support and for protection because he’s a teenage construction worker with arson on his juvie record. (Have his arms grown even more muscular from the last time we saw him?)

What if it was Ali?” Spencer wonders aloud. “What if she brought us here because she’s ready to come home?” Toby chimes in, “She just pulls everyone out and then takes off because she knows it isn’t safe?” Spencer nods in agreement. “It’s possible,” she gasps, her voice trembling. Before she can freak out though, they spot a shadow. It’s just like that Michael Jackson song ‘You Are Not Alone” but way scarier!


  1. Alex Said:

    The bit about the phone is a little mixed up here- the cell in the casket was Ashley Marin’s, and “kisses” was Hanna’s number. Hanna was confused because Spencer was calling her from her mom’s number.

  2. Ellie Said:

    Creepy! The premiere was pretty good, but honestly, after waiting so so so long for it, I kinda expected more. I mean, really? A dead pig. And we didn’t really get enough answers, at least for me… although I kinda always want to know more.

    In any case, I can’t wait until next Tuesday for the next episode! So many things still don’t make sense. And I don’t want Emily to leave Rosewood with Paige. And there’s got to be more for Ezria! And I sense a Spoby fight over his mom. But sigh. Yeah.

  3. Theo Said:

    @Alex Thanks so much, Alex! I was taking down notes for content this week and the last few mintues got cut off on my DVR so I couldn’t rewatch it. I made the edit. Much appreciated! :)

  4. Brittany Said:

    If you look at the calll long on Ashleys phone a blocked number Has called her so I wonder what she said. ?

  5. Racheal Said:

    @ellie i so agree i was excepting more from it but it was still great tho

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