Match the Quotes from Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 15: “Love ShAck, Baby”

Spencer Hastings in "Love ShAck, Baby" - Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 15 quotes

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As far as Pretty Little Liars episodes go, “Love ShAck, Baby” had a bit of everything that we love about the show: creepy scenes, plenty of “A” action, Alison DiLaurentis flashbacks, and amazing tunes. Best of all? It was packed with a mix of LOL-worthy and tear-inducing comments made by Spencer Hastings, Hanna Marin, Aria Montgomery, Emily Fields, Ezra Fitz, and way more characters. That being said,  please join us below for another round of “Match The Quote”!

Which Rosewood resident said each of the following quotes from Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 15? Post your answers in the comments!

  1. “You like Jake, you love Ezra.”
  2. “Actually, it’s so Pam Fields of me. I’m becoming my mother.”
  3. “No matter what happened, what you had was real. I know it was. Nothing changes that.”
  4. “I saved your life — twice. I risked everything for you.”
  5. “Are you afraid I’m going to steal your uncle’s light bulbs or something?”
  6. “It’s no fun lying to them, is it? “
  7. “Despite her freakish pink hair dye, I’ve always admired Suzie for her awesome sense of style.”
  8. “There are plenty of other lawyers in this town, find one you haven’t slept with and keep my family out of it!”
  9. “You know you do not get to throw up on me, right?”
    “You always saw the best version of me — the person I want to be.”
  10. “I don’t know what she’s talking about, but it rhymes, okay?”
  11. “Someday someone will love you for exactly who you are. It just might take you longer than the rest of us.”
  12. “When I said I could use a pit stop, I didn’t mean in an actual pit.”
  13.  “Wow. That is so me of you.”
  14. “This isn’t spring break.”
  15. “It’s fine. Really. I can entertain myself.”

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  1. Chloe Said:

    1. spencer
    2. emily
    3. hanna’s mom
    4. alison
    5. spencer
    6. emily
    7. aria
    8. spencer
    9. aria
    10. hanna
    11. alison
    12. hanna
    13. spencer
    14. emily
    15. ezra

  2. Amanda Porter Said:

    1. Spencer
    2. Emily
    3. Ashley
    4. Alison
    5. Spencer
    6. Ezra
    7. Alison
    8. Spencer
    9. Alison
    10. Hanna
    11. Alison
    12. Hanna
    13. Spencer
    14. Emily
    15. Aria

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