Preview Trailer for Pretty Little Liars Season 4, Episode 2

In the Pretty Little Liars episode titled "Turn of the Shoe," the line between friends and enemies is crossed.

The Liars and Monva visit a creepy shed in "Turn of the Shoe."We know all about the craziness that ensued when A set the girls up during the Pretty Little Liars Season 4 premiere — but what the hell is going to happen in PLL Season 4, Episode 2?

Well, in the “Turn of the Shoe,” Mrs. DiLaurentis gives Hanna a parrot, Aria signs up for a self-defense class, Toby reveals a heartbreaking secret, and A tries to murder Mona Vanderwaal. (What else is new?) However, while all that sounds totally creepy, we’re too busy freaking out over the following news: A not only continues to torture the Liars but makes poor Emily Fields his/her pet project. In fact, A makes a move that is so drastic that it leads to potentially devastating circumstances for Emily. Will the Liar formerly known as the weakest link pay the ultimate price for interfering in A’s devilish schemes? Ay yi yi!

Preview the mayhem below. Then drop us a comment telling us if you feel worse for Emily or Mona now that they’re BOTH A’s targets!


  1. Destiny Poracky Said:

    I believe Emily Fields is either going to be drowned or Paige is going to drown, Poor Em, has already gotten 1 love taken away from her (Maya St. Germane,) But for real? If i was Mona… i would feel so betrayed. Mona did Her fair share to be apart of the A-team, In 2×24 Mona said to Spencer “you have to earn it, to be apart of the A-team” also in the season Finally UnMAsked, She risked so much and did everything “Red coat” said and she ended up In Radly Sanitarium.

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