Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 21: Watch the Official Promo for “She’s Come Undone” (VIDEO)

Watch the extended preview trailer from ABC Family for PLL episode 4x21!

Aria Montgomery in "She's Come Undone' - Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 21 promo“She loved him completely and gave him her heart, but Tuesday, the betrayal becomes overwhelming.” OMG. Get ready, gentle viewers, because Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 21 is going to show a side to Aria Montgomery (Lucy Hale) that you’ve never seen her before. She’s broken, enraged, and after spending time moping around her room, she’s thirsty for some good old-fashioned VENGEANCE.

In fact, in a new promo for “She’s Come Undone,” Aria is spotted not only burning each beautiful diary passage about how Ezra Fitz (Ian Harding) is a modern day Romeo, but also trashing his entire apartment — the same way she wrecked her dad’s office when she found out he was cheating on her mom with Meredith. More shockingly, it appears as though she plans on visiting the local authorities and reporting her student-teacher relationship with Ezra. Hanna even tries to talk some sense into her before she does something she’ll regret. “Ezra’s not just going to suffer — he’s going to go to jail!” she pleads but Aria doesn’t care. She’s all, ‘Move aside! It’s paypack time, Emily Thorne-style!’

And you know what? Aria has every right to be an angry, man-hater —  especially with what happened in PLL episode 4×20! Here’s a quick rundown: After Ezra tried to use Spencer’s drug addiction as a diversion tactic in “Free Fall“, a suspicious Aria dropped by his cabin to snoop around. Upon discovering a manuscript about Alison Dilaurentis that incriminated Ezra and his devious ways, Aria found herself being chased through the deep, dark woods by her traitorous beau. Then, after her Ezra cornered poor Aria on a ski lift, he revealed the gut-wrenching truth about their relationship: he’s been using her this entire time to write an award-winning, best-selling crime novel about Ali and the mystery surrounding her disappearance. So what’s next after all those screams and tears? Well, Aria’s entire world implodes in PLL episode 4×21: “She’s Come Undone” and Spencer, Emily, and Hanna are at a complete loss as how to rescue her from the abyss of emotional turmoil.

Watch the Pretty Little Liars #4.21 preview trailer below to see how Aria copes with the fact that Ezra is a total backstabber. Then, drop us a comment telling us how you’d personally help out this poor girl in her desperate time of need?

Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 21: “She’s Come Undone” airs Tuesday, February 25th at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family. Be sure to tune in to see what happens in the aftermath of Aria finding out that Ezra was just using her!


  1. lanette Said:

    Now i think why alison told the other girls last week that spencer was tyring to kill her she was taking pills. to night spencer mom said last time when you were taking them you did not even know what you are doing. and that time alison came in specers house she picked up the pill bottle and spencer was thinking it was a dream but it was not.So that is what i think.

  2. Ja Said:

    I seriously don’t think anything anymore…
    This episode was bizar, but how are they planning a fifth season?
    I mean everything you wanted to know is out now.
    And the most exiting thing the last 5 episodes was not knowing if they and how they find out that Ezra is A.
    Pfffff waiting a week is making me crazy…

  3. Akasha O'Brien Said:

    I that Allison is trying to turn them against each other because she is working with “A.” Remember when she told Emily she only trust her and not the rest is because she knows Emily loves her and will do anything for her. It’s like when she had them like her little puppets. Allison had Mona as her puppet too.

  4. kaat Said:

    honestly… i just don’t know who the hell ‘A’ is… i mean if ezra isn’t ‘A’ than who is…? and if ezra really is not ‘A’ why would he take pictures of the girls and spy on them? ‘just for a book’ he said but i don’t really believe that, he was just trying to convince aria that he had nothing to do with the day Ali dissapeard. but still.. i’m sure ezra did not pick up the papers of his work that aria had dropped when they were on the ski-lift. so who is A? this is sooo confusing… :/

  5. trisha Said:

    honestly. you guys have to give it up on this show and end it already. EVERY episode always says its gunna be a mind blowing episode and we are gunna get soooo many answer. well we dont get anything but two steps behind. i used to be addicted to this show and now i have no desire to watch it every tues night ill watch it next day or after because we dont get anywhere in the episodes. They told us we would see alot more of alison this season and we have seen her maybe twice, like its ridiculous.

  6. bugalugagus Said:

    Oh my gosh. I’ve been a PLL fan since day one, but I’m SO tired of all of the runaround! If they try to drag this on for a whole other season, I’m going to stop watching. Seriously. This is ridiculous! For every one question they answer, three more pop up. It’s getting to the point where I can’t even remember half the mysterious things that need answering. There is really only one solid question in my mind; WHO IS TORTURING ALISON/GIRLS AND WHY? Just answer it people, no more mysteries please.

  7. Lee Said:

    PPL fan from day 1 and will always be,i dont think ezra is A but I think its sameone they know,so I dont care if u dragg the season coz I just love watching cum on people lets not argue about wu Aa is lets leav it for Season 5.Mwah love Pll kisses L

  8. Fifi.wik Said:

    have no idea whos A anymore,its frustrating.perhaps in their close family + friends group like the real A whoever that might be may have people in their family+friends group working for him her A for example Aria+Ezra.always thought he had thing with Ali looking at his past girlfriend Jackie B!Ch .Oh and Mona watch over for hanna and the other girls.and Spencer sister Melissa who hated Ali.but not emily all the people in her fam+friends do not have a grudge against Ali,so tht y ali trust emil

  9. EK Said:

    I don’t know who to believe. I want to believe Ezra but I also feel for Aria because she has given up so much to be with him and to find out that all of the struggle and love was just for Ali and his stupid novel must seriously break her hear

  10. antonella Said:

    Aria es Aria secetos Alison emily Spencer hanna Aria x6 ezra trabaja Aria A creo es Aria mato una persona

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